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  1. PayDay is my favorite. When I was a kid I used to eat the peanuts off first then eat the caramel ....ahh heck, I still do, lol.
  2. Ohhh looking forward to 2017 .....c'mon Tom, please play back here in AR
  3. Yes, that is Robbie, Nurk! Also, I saw Nancy Jane LaCouture from Massachusetts
  4. Wow, I haven't been on here in like 'forever' lol and I come to find this :)......thank you so much Beth for posting this, I love you and eventho I'm mostly in FB, I still love this site ...it was the 1st site I ever visited when I first got my computer back in 1999 :). I did post what happened on FB but thought I'd also post it on here. First of all, I want to thank all of you who called, visited us and who sent get well cards with notes in them to us. We are both grateful that God saved us, He was definitely looking down on us and had another plan for us!!.....maybe it was He knew we had the animals and had to take care of them, the house and had to finish remodeling it, or just life and to live it to the fullest! ....I believe it's all the above, but mostly the last one :). What we were doing there when the storage building fell on us was that our friend, the one with the storage building, was wanting to replace it with a metal building, so he said if you come by and help tear it down I'll give you all the wood. It was real good wood and Paul wanted it to maybe build some storage sheds here for hay and feed for the goats. On August 22, 2016....2 days after my birthday :/....we decided to go do it. Paul took a big rope so we could tie the rope around a stud and drive the truck to knock the building over.....we never got to use the rope the building decided to come down on it's own while we all were inside talking about using the rope! Anyway, Paul, our friend, and me started seeing the top falling and started to run.....our friend only got hit on his back and legs with a few brusies and part of the building fell on Paul and the blunt of the building fell on me and trapped me inside. Thank God our friend's sister was there and called 911, and like Marion posted earlier our friend did keep the stud off my hip by using a crowbar until the emt's got there. When they got there some went to Paul and started working on him, then some of them came under the building where I was at, after giving me an IV in my hand.....they then had a pressure lift with rubber things on them that they put between the floor and a stud and started jacking up the building off of me (talk about relief!!!). I then heard one of them say we are gonna have to cut her out.....so then I heard a chainsaw and then they told me they were going to put a board under me and slide me out backwards. Paul and I went to the same hospital, they did CT scans and MRI's as quickly as possible. Paul broke one bone in his left leg, and 2 bones in his right leg, and 3 places in his lower back. They told me I shattered my right hip and broke my right ankle. The doctor then told me that they couldn't fix my hip here at the this hospital and they are going to have to air lift me to Baptist, a hospital in Little Rock, about 65 miles away. I didn't wanna leave Paul, but didn't have much choice. I spent 7 days over there and Paul spent 8 days in the other hospital, and then we both ended up at the Village Springs. We got out October 14th and have been home healing. I'm in physical therapy for my foot and hip and Paul is using knee pads to get around because he can't put much weight on his right leg. His doctor wanted his leg to completely heal before trying to use it....we go to him Nov, 8th :). He has a plate and 4 screws in that leg. I have 3 screws in my right hip and 4 screws in my ankle.....I started off with a wheelchair, then went to a walker, and now I'm using a cane more than any of them I learned all that at Village Springs Well, that's about it.......I still can't do much, house looks awful, but we have family sending food,, taking us shopping and to doctors .......we'll be okay. It is just gonna take time for everything!! Oh, and ALLLLLL our babies are sooo HAPPY we are home....they missed us soooo much. and we missed them just as much.....even the goats!!! Love to all of you! Thank you for the well wishes and prayers!!! P.S. Gonna try and be on here more often now
  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!! It's been a week and I'm still celebrating....think I'll celebrate all year!!
  6. Happy belated Birthday Benny!!! Sounds like you had an awesome one!! So sorry I'm a week late, lol.
  7. I love that I get to go see Motley Crue (their final show) with special guest Alice Cooper!!! Should be a great show!
  8. Yes, 2.....one acoustic and one 12 string electric.
  9. Hubby and I are retired and also where we wanna be. It's quiet and peaceful here where we can enjoy with all our little farm animals and do about anything we want without all the hassle of the city.
  10. I wish all my friends on FB and all of you here to all stay healthy this year! I lost 2 friends last year and lost one just last week and now found out another one is in the hospital . When will it all end!?
  11. Hi Amber and congratulations on your retirement I know what you're saying too, husband just retired 12/2/14 and we are busier now than ever. Beth, Congratulations to Fred also
  12. They look good, I'd go try 'em Benny! A couple of my girlfriends and I have been saying we need to go somewhere and have a lunch date for some time now, just haven't decided 'where', lol. We have an Olive Garden here and after reading all these posts, I think we will go there!
  13. AngelDream

    RIP Mom

    Benny, I haven't been here in like forever. I'm so sorry to hear this...I know how close you were to your mom. May she Rest in Peace.
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