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  1. Just got back to the Farm and it is so abbreviated......did something happen? (Never mind....I see now......wow
  2. Cool, Nurk! Fred got one, too....I love it!
  3. Hope he is alright...hope everyone is saying safe and staying healthy.
  4. Hey, thank you so much, Nel. ❤️
  5. Hey, Nurk....thank you! And Happy Birthday to you, too, Wildflower.
  6. Happy Easter, Nurk...and everyone here who celebrates it. Malaika always gets a visit from the Easter Bunny. She got a Yoda basket with a rabbit toy and some treats. Me? I used to......I miss him.
  7. Happy Birthday, Christine....we do miss you.
  8. Thank you, Nurk......and I do feel very connected to this World. ❤️
  9. Never had cable....and, yes, I still have one of those phones with the actual cord!
  10. I love watching Happy the Dog.
  11. Prayers continue to come, Nurk......take care, my friend ❤️
  12. I don't think Lisa comes by here anymore but it is her Birthday today. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Lisa, and hope you are having a fun day. Love you 💖
  13. Nurk, just take it easy now and listen to your doc. Play some good music.....we are all here for you. 💖
  14. Oh, Nurk, I am so happy you are home! Kept coming here checking. Take it easy and play some good music.....
  15. Yes, keep coming here. Prayers, my thoughts and love still coming, Nurk....
  16. I am still praying, Nurk....
  17. Nurk, will be thinking and praying for you.....everything will be okay.
  18. (((Nurk))) I am so sorry to hear this news. Sending love and prayers to you......yes, keep us updated. And if you want to talk....I am always here.
  19. Wishing you a very happy Birthday, Nurk......enjoy!!
  20. Nurk, thank you! And thank you, Wildflower....happy birthday.
  21. Never.....ever....paid for tv. Don't watch that much but our antennae brings all the channels I want in. But I guess some people want that....and that is fine.
  22. I remember seeing Ashton....we were sitting so close to him!
  23. YAY!!! Okay....I just have to wait until it loads up!! Nurk, thank you....even though you weren't right here...your post made me want to keep trying. Thank you.
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