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  1. WildflowerNJ

    Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

    Happy Birthday, Paul!! Nurk, this makes me so happy to see! And, oh, yes,Shelter...he signed things but more important, he talked to each one of us....made me feel like I was the only one in that room. We both have posted about this time on the Farm.....I printed mine out and kept with my photos and signed things...but maybe it is still on here. Not too many people can say they met this man.....I am just so grateful for finally being able to say thank you to him....for the music.
  2. WildflowerNJ

    What do you need to do today?

    Waiting for the septic guy. I dug out where the tank is. Don't take me that long...
  3. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 4/30/18

    RAIN- The Beatles Tribute Band Feb 11th, 2018
  4. WildflowerNJ

    Happy Birthday WildflowerNJ

    Thank you, Nurk. It was hard but I got through it. Hope you are well....
  5. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 3/21/18

    The Beatles
  6. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 3/22/18

    Had them done last month. This is the first time I had to get someone to do them. Fred always did them. And they usually are pretty easy but this time...with everything...and I donated his truck and all....best to get a professional. I asked through the Caregiver Canines program Malaika and I are a part of.....nice people.....
  7. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 3/12/18

    The Royal Albert Hall! Such a special show....Mike walking out put his wrist band in my palm. Treasure that...and treasure that incredible show there!
  8. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 3/13/18

    I think the year I met Tom....2002. I remember going up to NYC , too, to see them perform at The Today Show. Never forget it.
  9. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 3/16/18

    Don't really eat dinner. I have a late lunch. Just do not feel like eating, I guess.
  10. WildflowerNJ

    Question of the day 3/8/18

    My sister and i were both born at the Portsmouth Naval Base Hospital in Portsmouth, VA. My Dad was career Navy...served in WW2 and then came home and served Recruiting Duty. My sister moved the most....I only moved during my first 4 years when we moved to where I grew up in Bayville, NJ. When I got married...Fred found our property in Manchester. It's beautiful.
  11. WildflowerNJ

    My Husband

    That's great news, Marion!
  12. WildflowerNJ

    The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)

    Wow, that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Thank you for posting that.....Thank you, Knobs.....thank you, Mike.
  13. WildflowerNJ

    Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

  14. WildflowerNJ

    My Husband

    So happy your husband is home now and doing okay.
  15. WildflowerNJ

    2017 - Good or Bad?

    No, I don't think I will ever get over this, never.....thank you, Mikey T, Marion, Nel, Mud and wild1forever.