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  1. My Husband

    That's great news, Marion!
  2. The Knobs @ Imperial Ball (with Tom Petty Tribute!!)

    Wow, that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Thank you for posting that.....Thank you, Knobs.....thank you, Mike.
  3. Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

  4. My Husband

    So happy your husband is home now and doing okay.
  5. 2017 - Good or Bad?

    No, I don't think I will ever get over this, never.....thank you, Mikey T, Marion, Nel, Mud and wild1forever.
  6. The Knobs Play Again on Jan 27

    I was signed up from the very beginning. But thank you for that link again..
  7. The Knobs Play Again on Jan 27

    I didn't get an email.
  8. 2017 - Good or Bad?

    My husband, Fred, lost his fight against cancer.
  9. Your prized Petty possessions

    Susan, that was beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing that. Well, I did share when this first happened....here at the Farm. But I shared this again on FB so I will share it (again) here. December 13, 2002….Tom and the Heartbreakers were playing MSG with Jackson Browne opening for them. Perfection! I had bought seats through the Fan Club and got floor seats….Row M, Section 4…it was the 13th row. Mmm…Friday the 13th and another 13? Is this a sign of things to come? I was sitting by a friend, J….I had first been sitting by friends, Caroline and Andrea way up in the front….2nd row. I even got to see a few songs of Jackson’s set before the people who bought those tickets finally came. Okay, back to my seat. It was still amazing to be sitting on the floor of MSG!!! I would always have seats way way up…this was heaven to me. So after Jackson’s set…I go up to talk with my friends up there again. (I also got to give a special someone there a pin for Mike…I thank him very much for getting it to him) They said those people who were sitting there left….sooooo….I go back to J and say let’s go up there. Who knows….maybe they will not come back! So there we were in 2nd row…behind C and A. The lights go down….hey, still sitting here! ‘Ohhhhh….babbbbyyyy”…..it’s Tom….and the Heartbreakers! YAY!! So electric…so intense….so much fun!! We were rocking and dancing…singing and swaying….and…what is that shining on Mike’s lapel? Ahhh, it is the pin I gave him….he was wearing it right there and then! That in itself was the best thing in the world to me. But….there would be more this evening. So, fast forward….I got a backstage pass along with my friend, J. Oh, my goodness…..here we go. We peel back the pass and put them on our chests. Reach a doorway and the guy guarding the entrance looks at us……..nods….okay, we’re in! Going backstage is not what you think it is of going back stage. There are different areas to get through. Some…just arrive at the first and that is it. So there we were…some tables and chairs…..forklifts moving…boxes….equipment…..alot of people standing around and talking. There was a table with a a galvanized tub filled with water and other drinks. We were just standing there for a few minutes when Dana came out. She said to follow her and we did! On the way we saw Scott…and Dana introduced us. He shook my hand and said..”Hi, Beth…nice to meet you.’ Okay, very strange I am not shaking yet, lol. There is Belmont…again introduced and shook his hand. He, too, said nice to meet you, Everyone back here is so friendly! She brought us to another smaller room and said she would be right back…..mingle. Mingle? Lol, I think I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. More people in this room….maybe some famous but I was thinking about that person I was going to be meeting soon. Saw Steve in this room….I told him I came to see the Knobs and that you guys rock, too!! Big smile came to his face and he said I need to come back and see more shows. I do. I still do. Dana comes back to us now….we follow her to another room. A bit bigger. There is a table to the left as soon as you go through the doorway. Filled with food….looked like tunafish and some almost gone grapes along with cut up veggies and things. On the opposite wall is a bank of cabinets and a large screen tv. I see two men sitting on the big brown leather couches. Dana says to Tom…’Tom, I want you to meet two of my NY friends.’ Okay, I am from NJ but I let that one go. Tom stands up and puts out his hand to me….shook my hand and looks right in my eyes and says, ‘Hey, Beth, nice to meet you.’ Okay, I will be honest to say I felt completely numb….I saw he had some ice on his hand and I asked him what happened. Ahh, now I KNOW what happened but my mind just was not cooperating! he was very kind to explain it to me……again. J and I stood there and were kind of silent….it just all seemed so surreal. He said some more things and then we started to go. Walking was a little easier…I was floating. We all have people in our lives that make it special…make it tolerable. Life is hard….I do know that….and the moments we get to forget about things even if just for a bit feeds our soul. We need this music….our souls need it. My heart and my prayers go out to Dana….the family…..Tom’s music family…..my family of fellow fans. Life is just too short….and it is getting shorter with each year. How blessed we all are to have heard this man’s songs….his voice…shared in these shows in some pretty cool venues. God bless you, Tom…..thank you for your music. Thank you.
  10. What do you need to do today?

    A lot! I wasn't going to cut it before I go but I cut the whole back of the property...small back yard....pruned the front boxwood hedges.....got gas in my car and the small gas can...I need to eat now...
  11. Your prized Petty possessions

    Susan, yes...I am so glad I wrote everything down, too....even though I remember every second of it. Every second of it.....
  12. Rolling Stone: Remembering Tom Petty

    Thank you for posting this. Nurk!
  13. Your prized Petty possessions

    I do have a few things I treasure.......old newsletters, magazines, framed photographs....signed things. But it was that whole day of December 13, 2002 that I remember so well....and keep to my heart. Getting to meet Tom and shake his hand. Thank you for so many memories, Tom.....thank you....
  14. TPATH Guests

    Bo Diddley Mavis Staples
  15. Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    I loved being able to get up to NYC to see Tom and the boys that 2002. It just was a very special day.