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  1. Thank you, Nurk......and I do feel very connected to this World. ❤️
  2. Never had cable....and, yes, I still have one of those phones with the actual cord!
  3. I love watching Happy the Dog.
  4. Prayers continue to come, Nurk......take care, my friend ❤️
  5. I don't think Lisa comes by here anymore but it is her Birthday today. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, Lisa, and hope you are having a fun day. Love you 💖
  6. Nurk, just take it easy now and listen to your doc. Play some good music.....we are all here for you. 💖
  7. Oh, Nurk, I am so happy you are home! Kept coming here checking. Take it easy and play some good music.....
  8. Yes, keep coming here. Prayers, my thoughts and love still coming, Nurk....
  9. I am still praying, Nurk....
  10. Nurk, will be thinking and praying for you.....everything will be okay.
  11. (((Nurk))) I am so sorry to hear this news. Sending love and prayers to you......yes, keep us updated. And if you want to talk....I am always here.
  12. Wishing you a very happy Birthday, Nurk......enjoy!!
  13. Nurk, thank you! And thank you, Wildflower....happy birthday.
  14. Never.....ever....paid for tv. Don't watch that much but our antennae brings all the channels I want in. But I guess some people want that....and that is fine.
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