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  1. More Scott with Jackson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sziZkjgyes4
  2. Ben

    On 1993’s Greatest Hits

    "Jammin' Me" is a great song but wasn't engineered well.
  3. right: 1976-93 + Playback = MCA; 1994-present (except Playback) = Warner Bros.
  4. On the real charts he had just one hit after 1993 ("You Don't Know How It Feels") and, strictly speaking, it wasn't even with the Heartbreakers.
  5. Ben

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    After reading in Warren Zanes book about his fight with Mike Campbell on the 1987 Dylan tour, the only question is how he managed to hang on for seven more years. He and Mike never spoke again, and Mike was co-leader of the band. Between that fight and Stan's departure, Petty did five albums: two Wilburys, two solo, one Heartbreakers. Stan participated in exactly one of these projects and, because Jeff Lynne recorded one instrument at a time, even then didn't have to work with Mike directly. Either Mike or Stan had to go, and god knows it wasn't going to be Mike. It's all there in the book.
  6. McGuinn & The Heartbreakers or Stevie & The Heartbreakers are no-brainers. For now, this performance and Mike in FM are the closest we're getting. The Heartbreakers did back McGuinn in 1987. I have a bootleg somewhere.
  7. Ben

    the Southern Accents/Wildflowers Theory

    Wild Flowers and Southern Accents diversify sound and song style, more so than his other albums do. Southern Accents is half great, but has four pretty weak songs. With better material it could have been on par with Wildflowers.
  8. One of my very favorites.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVk6xmJsIYk
  10. http://www.jambands.com/features/2018/03/30/benmont-tench-chris-funk-jamie-drake-and-billy-strings-share-in-the-jubilee/ "The thing is, everyone knows what a unique, inventive, and lyrical guitarist Jerry Garcia was. What excited me [about Jubilee] was the chance to help shine a light on what a great songwriter he was — the songs he wrote with Robert Hunter have a strong kinship with those written and sung by the members of The Band. Same country, maybe just a few county lines or a time zone over. They’re classics of American song. And we’re also showing where all this came from, the roots in songs by Mississippi John Hurt and writers whose names are long unknown. The traditions he learned from, and where they led him, in other words. Fantastic.”–Benmont Tench P.S. Sometime back, I read an interview with Mike Campbell in which he cited Jerry as his favorite guitar player.
  11. Going Home documentary/performance (1994): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x29dk4y
  12. Jackson + Scott, "Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate":
  13. Scott with Jackson on Rockpalast 1986:
  14. Scott with Jackson on VH-1 Storytellers 1996: