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  1. Going Home documentary/performance (1994): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x29dk4y
  2. Jackson + Scott, "Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate":
  3. Scott with Jackson on Rockpalast 1986:
  4. Scott with Jackson on VH-1 Storytellers 1996:
  5. TPATH Guests

    Chris Whitley (1991)
  6. Question of the day 10/24/17

    At the Fillmore in San Francisco people were openly smoking herb, and after the first song someone passed me some. I had never been in that sort of condition for live music before, and I will never forget the ensuing one-two punch of "Jammin' Me" and "Runnin' Down A Dream." By the end of "County Farm" I had undergone something of a conversion experience.
  7. Question of the day 10/14/17

    9, including twice at the Fillmore in 1997: 1991 - once 1995 - four times 1997 - twice 1999 - once 2006 - once
  8. From the Warren Zanes book one gets the sense that there was tension as far back as Damn The Torpedoes and Long After Dark when they tried other drummers, but the unraveling began in earnest with Stan and Mike's fight during the Europe '87 tour with Bob Dylan. The two of them hardly ever spoke again.
  9. I didn't care for it at first (I do now). Thought Jeff lynne's production was too pop and not enough rock. I came to appreciate it in time.
  10. Full Moon Fever Reissue

    I forgot that the drums weren't added until 1995 (overdubbed by Playback producer George Drakoulis). Maybe the song wouldn't have turned out as well as it did had Full Moon Fever drummer Phil Jones overdubbed the drums in 1988 or 1989. Drakoulis's drumming is right on the money.
  11. Full Moon Fever Reissue

    He should have included "Waiting For Tonight." It would have been yet another hit. The album was short enough to accommodate a 13th song.
  12. Because it would sound like a Petty knockoff and might injure the Hertbreakers brand. Tom knows what he is doing, and Mike trusts him. Mike is more committed to the Heartbreakers than he is to his own material.
  13. Benmont loves acoustic piano. We're lucky for all the acoustic guitar/piano work he did with Johnny Cash on the last four American albums.