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  1. Here's the version Petty mentions in the Live Anthology liner notes. I'm still going through all the lyrics to all the versions, but this is the only one I've found other than Petty's to say "on the county farm" rather than "to the county farm" or "from the country farm":
  2. Ben

    Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance

    1995 arrangement the best. I was disappointed with the shorter versions thereafter.
  3. I think it's them at their best. They brought an explosive rock arrangement to it. As for the notion that they learned the song by osmosis, you don't get all those words right without a source.
  4. Anyone know how Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers knew of the song? So many versions and yet they couldn't get the title right or find the writing credits for Live Anthology. Googling the lyrics would have solved the issue.
  5. 28:17-35:50 is the part of the interview that covers Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. He says Damn The Torpedoes came out on Shelter, but he must be misremembering because it came out on a Backstreet/MCA: youtube.com/watch?v=UKgaIYd-fk4
  6. In the interview above with Warren Zanes, he says he saved the band by changing the financial split from an even division to one favoring Petty. He said the resentment Petty would have otherwise come to feel would have surely split up the band, and that in the end everyone came out ahead under the new arrangement (which is what he explained to the somewhat disgruntled Heartbreakers at the time).
  7. Perhaps they were searching by the wrong song title ("Country Farm" instead of "Another Man Done Gone"), but considering how many released versions there are it's astounding they couldn't find the writing credits for Live Anthology. Here's Johnny Cash's version. I'll post others version below, but this one is a stunner.
  8. Half-hour interview. What a talent:
  9. King Biscuit Flower Hour,. Howie on bass, Cooder on slide: