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  1. Nashville, and LA, stopping along the way to pick up some friends.
  2. Denise-- I have your Dia de Los Muertos band setting on top of my computer desk. I wish I could think of an equally awesome birthday present for you. Anyway, have a ninjatastic birthday! ~Em
  3. I got a lot in nashville, as well as a full video of Carol, but my camera was stolen. Fabulous.
  4. Oh, man! I wish I could've been in this!
  5. In about 30 minutes, me and my sucky seats are going to be headed to Chicago! So psyched.
  6. Well I'm allllll the way in the back, so all of the above are probably way out of reach, but a girl can dream....
  7. Oh this is going to be amazing. Somewheredowntheroad, I'll only post the photos in which you have the same number or less chins than me, deal?
  8. I'll try to be there around that time! What time does the concert start, again?
  9. Sounds like a plan! For what it's worth, I'll be wearing a blue t-shirt signed by all of the members of the Dirty Knobs, Romeo Delta, and a LOT of Farmers. I'm pretty sure, Marion and SingsInFrench, that you signed it, as well... EDIT: Just looked on the shirt and don't see SIF's signature...must've remembered wrong.
  10. Budweiser Lounge is outside of Section 108, and last time I was there they were playing Tom Petty music before the show, and I met a few Farmers there. Maybe that would be a good place.
  11. I would! I'm going to be with some friends, though, and I'm not sure how they'd like it, but I'll see what I can do. Which restaurant are you thinking about?
  12. Everyone is so touchy around here. All of a sudden the most simple things become complicated as hell.
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