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  1. Benmont plays on the Jenny Lewis album that came out last week. This track also features Ringo and Don Was:
  2. Eddie Vedder and Scott Thurston covered "Wildflowers," "Room at the Top," and "I Won't Back Down" at the Ohana Music Festival
  3. "The Missing Years" by John Prine. Produced by Howie, and also features Tom, Mike, and Benmont. Mike also co-wrote this song on the album:
  4. https://store.warnermusic.com.au/products/an-american-treasure-limited-4cd-deluxe-with-book
  5. I think they just Googled "full moon" and used the first image as a reference. This one took me a while to figure out. It's the yellow/orange tree on the right side of the album cover: Here's the link to the store page in case anyone's interested: http://store.tompetty.com/new-arrivals/tp-hb-slip-mat-a.html
  6. According to their new slip mat, Damn the Torpedoes came out before You're Gonna Get It....
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