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  1. Greetings Mo , My grandparents came from Cornwall , beautiful county ,I`m in Lancashire
  2. Yes I love musicals old and new
  3. I have to let others drive my car now because i can no longer drive myself ,I don`t mind
  4. Congrats Gina!! I love it when it stays daylight until 11pm
  5. Happy Birthday Jessepop , have a lovely day!
  6. Play computer games,read, or watch TV
  7. Thanks ref , I really enjoyed reading that ,I feel so proud of our band
  8. The words are really good , but it`s country so not for me
  9. 1. Last laugh?------A joke my hubby told me 2. What do you love?------Life 3. Gold or silver?--------Gold 4. Who do you hold hands with?------I used to hold hands with my kids and my grandson when they were small 5. Friday fill-in: There's no time to ____.for fussing and fighting
  10. May is cold, windy and rainy, until about the third week when the sun suddenly appears for one and a half weeks. Then there is what the English refer to as a 'heatwave' and we take our jumpers off.We also all fling ourselves outside and lie on the grass and complain about the heat if it goes above 20c
  11. Lol well theres plenty of fat asses here too these days
  12. They look the same as ours but with more water
  13. Well now i`m wondering what is different about American toilets ---google here i come
  14. Yes the second one sounds familiar to me as well , someone from the 60s?
  15. They play ok for me but I don`t know who they are
  16. My 91 yr old M-in -Law--lol I have a rocking chair that was my great great grandparents , ,a Victorian parasol and some jewellery,but the oldest are some Roman coins The newest is a bucket i got yesterday !
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