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  1. Happy Birthday to you, Christine....you would love hearing about my elephant topiary I will put by my small pond..I am thinking of you and your Mom this day xx

  2. Happy Birthday, Christine. I miss you. Going to see Mark Knopfler tomorrow night. I know you'll be there with us. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you:)

  4. Girl, I appreciate the lyrics. I am Tom Petty fan foerver and I am just listening to Mudcrutch. I play a lot of Petty stuff and "Scare Easy" is my next.

  5. I think one thing we definitely has in common is Mike Campbell. Thanks for the nice pics!! drop me a line if you will now and then.

  6. Mary Jane 49

    Random Thoughts Thread

    My Mum is Brilliant!!!!
  7. Mary Jane 49

    Hi folks!

    Greetings Mo , My grandparents came from Cornwall , beautiful county ,I`m in Lancashire
  8. Mary Jane 49

    of the Day - 06/02/08

    Yes I love musicals old and new
  9. Mary Jane 49

    Question of the Day - 06/02/08

    I have to let others drive my car now because i can no longer drive myself ,I don`t mind
  10. Mary Jane 49

    Poll of the Day--6/1/08

    Congrats Gina!! I love it when it stays daylight until 11pm
  11. Mary Jane 49

    Teenaged Daughter Manual

    Me too !!--lol
  12. Mary Jane 49

    Question of the Day - 06/01/08

    A miracle
  13. Mary Jane 49

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Enjoy yourself Sharon !!
  14. Mary Jane 49

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Phew ---It`s too hot
  15. Mary Jane 49

    Happy Birthday, Jessepop!

    Happy Birthday Jessepop , have a lovely day!