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    GAM reacted to dollardime in Mudcrutch Farm Reviews - Mudcrutch 2   
    Mudcrutch Farmer from the UK signing in with a latest status report on this official Mudcrutch 2 release date.
    PART 1.
    Well off I went to the local friendly non-corporate music store only to find that they didn't have it! So off it was to the local friendly copropate music store which did have it...at least in CD format. Interesting to see the 'New Release Stand layout. Top shelf Bob Dylan, second shelf Eric Clapton, third shelf Richard Ashcroft of former The Verve fame, second last shelf Ariande Grande and bottom shelf under Ariande we have Mudcrutch!
    First price, £9.99 pounds sterling which works out as $14.49 US dollars....I was informed by the guy on the check out that the vinyl would not be in store until next Friday May 27th...vinyl album will be £18.99 pounds sterling which is $27.54 US dollars for comparison purposes... 
    Firstly I have to say that this album sounds absolutely fantastic in terms of how it was recorded, great balance and clarity distinction and a blend that lets all the instruments complement each other in the mix...of course having a band of players who understand that concept and listen to each other is a big help to this....as was clearly evident as a point of importance to them when they were making the album as we learned from the radio exclusive interview that Marion kindly shared earlier.
    The thing that really pleasantly surprised me on first listen to the album in it's sequence is that the two songs that I had bottom of the pile in terms of the songs I liked from the radio show were the two songs that grew the most in my enjoyment of the album....these were 'The Other Side Of The Mountain' and 'Save Your Water'. I 'got it' hearing them in their sequence as part of the album. So thats a great sign of an album when the songs you don't really get upon first listen start to reveal themselves upon second listen.
    So second time around the block.......
    I'm still not digging the new 'Trailer' and i have a feeling that I'll always be set in my ways of going for the 1984 vintage version...a personal preference.
    I see 'Dreams Of Flying' as Heartbreakers territory any day and every day of the week. A CRACKING song. Great that it has seen the light of day with Mudcrutch and it sounds awesome....I see it as a Heartbreakers song and have done since first listen...Mudcrutch do a great version of it! If and when The Heartbreakers tour again, I'll be shouting for this one...and I'm looking forward to hearing Mudcrutch give this one the live treatment....in my mind it's a MUST for the live shows coming up, hope i'm not disappointed. A wider point is that this is the only song that screamed out Heartbreakers on the whole album for me...I know they were very careful in making sure that it was very much a Mudcrutch vibe in making the album and it was a great achievement to actually achieve that. In my personal playlist i'll be putting Dreams of Flying into HE and Red River into Mudcrutch 2! When I sat back listening to this one for some reason Howie, bless him came into my mind, not in terms of the song content necessarly, but in terms of grooving up on stage with this one if he were still around and if The Heartbreakers ever did this one....or from the Wildflowers sessions..............for me at least I get a sense of Howie in this one some how...
    Beautiful Blue.....this one regressed a bit from when first hearing it....a lot of great things in it....still hearing Benmont doing his Melinda solo at the end there!
    Beautiful World.....''I just want to let you know that I will stand, by you, through what ever may come, where ever you run, will you stand by me When The Time Comes'' from 'You're Gonna Get It album'. No escaping the similarities between the two songs in my view...not that you would necessarly need to escape either...but it's an interesting cross reference discussion point if nothing else...
    I Forgive It All....I won't say too much here, as the song speaks splendidly for itself...a beautiful and moving song, if you managed to keep the tears in your eyes from falling down your cheek you did very well...stunning song, one of the best songs Tom has ever done in my view.
    The Other Side Of The Mountain....the most improved song upon second listen on the whole album for me, i must admit when I heard this first on the radio premiere I had visions of line dancing in community halls in suburbia hell....but the penny dropped hearing this on the album...there are hidden layers in this song..lyrics are deceptively simple...a lot going on in this song. It's fast becomming one of my favorite songs on the album! Anyone else think that after about 30 seconds into the song the tempo speed of the song quickens by about 50% from there on in to it's finish? Not sure if that was by conscious design or not...but to me there's a perceptible change..
    PART 2 TO FOLLOW....
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    GAM reacted to MaryJanes2ndLastDance in Mudcrutch 2 Reviews   
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    GAM reacted to MaryJanes2ndLastDance in Mudcrutch 2 Reviews   
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    GAM reacted to SingsInFrench in Mudcrutch tour CD Redemption email   
    Well, I didn't learn much. This is their response when I asked them via email if they would be mailing the CD and when:
    Hello Susan,
    Thank you for contacting Etix.
    The CD will not be mailed. You will receive instructions via email on how to redeem your album. The CD is set to be released 5/20/16. You should be receiving the email soon
    Best regards,
    Support Department Agent | Etix 
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    GAM got a reaction from bonddm in Trailer/Beatiful World RSD Release   
    yeah, I think you need to cut the Mudcrutchers some major slack; the band is completely a part-time gig, and its sort of miracle this is even happening; if you look at the small venues they're doing, it's not built to generate income; it's a really a gift to the fans and themselves
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    GAM reacted to Sweet Little Queen in Photo of the Day Part III   
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    GAM reacted to Sweet Little Queen in Photo of the Day Part III   
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    GAM reacted to Wen in Photo of the Day Part III   
    Hello to all !! I am Wen, I write from Spain and I'm a fan of Tom and all his guys. I love them
    Sorry for my bad English. You know ... XD
    Congratulations to all for this beautiful community. Hugs and kisses!!!
    From: http://www.npr.org/2016/05/04/476793671/first-listen-mudcrutch-2
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    GAM got a reaction from SG in Will Crystal River make the set list?   
    I'd bet Crystal River is played; especially or at the very least at the "jam band" festivals!
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    GAM reacted to Sweet Little Queen in Photo of the Day Part III   
    From http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/tom-petty-mudcrutch-bandmates-talk-edgy-second-lp-20160509

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    GAM reacted to wild1forever in Mudcrutch Tour Dates Announced   
    Hooray, I'm in on Monday night! It was MUCH easier than I expected.
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    GAM reacted to nurktwin in Classic Rock Video of the Day II   
    Home for a few minutes, here you go.

    The Guess Who

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    GAM reacted to dollardime in Mudcrutch Tour Dates Announced   
    Just saw this!
    ''Mudcrutch and The Midnight Mission are please to announce "From Northridge with Love" a very special two night event at California State University, Northridge on May 23rd and 24th to benefit The Midnight Mission and Los Angeles' Homeless population! All proceeds will go directly to the Mission! Norman's Rare Guitars would like to thank Mudcrutch, Earl Minnis, KCSN, Denise Salazar and the US Bank for helping us put this event together!''
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    GAM reacted to Mudcrutch in Debut of Mudcrutch song "Hungry No More"   
    Hoping @Marion will record! 
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    GAM got a reaction from Marion in Mudcrutch Tracks   
    I Forgive It All ... touch of Springsteen I dare say   And Mike's a rockin on Victim! can't wait to see him singin' that at the shows ...  plenty of smiles I bet!
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    GAM reacted to Shelter in Covers of Tom Petty songs   
    Oh, totally forgot to thank you for compiling that list! It expanded on what I thought I knew with a few titles.

    This one for example, pretty sweet

    Again, thanks!
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    GAM reacted to Babydoll in Mudcrutch Tracks   
    Thanks so much for these Marion!! I love them both! (no surprise)
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    GAM reacted to TomFest in Mudcrutch Tracks   
    Mike does a great vocal on "Victim of Circumstance".  Maybe his best ever.
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    GAM reacted to NightDriver in Mudcrutch Tracks   
    Thanks Marion!!
    I really swore to myself to wait until the album release...but I'm pretty sure I'll have to break that oath. 
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    GAM reacted to Marion in Mudcrutch Tracks   
    For those of you who can't wait for the album, I made some MP3's of the two new tracks they played on Tom Petty Radio last week.
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    GAM reacted to Sweet Little Queen in Photo of the Day Part III   
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    GAM got a reaction from Marion in Road Turkey at the High Dive in Gainesville, FL 4/22/1   
    Marion, I am SOOOOOOO jealous; couldn't make the trip from Wisconsin (was just there at Easter) but that would have been so great; how funny that it's all at the same time as another Mudcrutch reunion; lotta good Karma going on!
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    GAM reacted to Marion in Road Turkey at the High Dive in Gainesville, FL 4/22/1   
    Friday I went to a concert at a little club in Gainesville called The High Dive. Road Turkey was headlining.  It was Stan Lynch's band in Gainesville in the 70's. The original lineup got together to play for this one gig and it was absolutely great, a real treat!  It was so much fun for us and them and I hope they will do it again because for me, the energy was right up there with Dirty Knobs show! They were so good!  This is the first time that I ever saw Stan play live and I loved it so much!  I was able to meet him briefly and shake his hand.  He was so nice and he was very tall and still as handsome as ever!  Man, just watching him play, his facial expressions were so familiar from all of the videos I've watched over the years.  I can't believe I finally got to see him play live!  They played mostly covers but they were GREAT!  Marty Jourard was fantastic on vocals, keyboard and saxophone and their lead guitarist blew us away!  Man, he was so good!!  The show was exciting and got better and better as the night went on.  It was the energy that drove everyone, the fans and band alike.  Really great energy.  I didn't know what to expect when I went there but I'm so happy that is was so great for all!  Please, Please, Please, fingers crossed, I hope they will play again!! 
    Here are a couple of pictures and the one and only video I took.  It was one of the first songs they played.  I hope I will be able to get some of the other videos because I know other people took videos.  I really want them because they were really good! 


    This was the mural on the building at the High Dive.  It  was really, cool!  I really like murals.

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    GAM reacted to NightDriver in Beautiful World   
    Beautiful World is available on Spotify as of now. iTunes as well I suppose. :-)
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    GAM reacted to High Grass Dog in Are Mudcrutch Tour Tickets on sale yet?   
    I've never been to this festival before, but wouldn't it be unusual for a band to play twice at one festival anyway? I have to admit, I had been secretly hoping that, with the extra days between the Denver show and a Sunday headline festival appearance, Mudcrutch would play a regular show somewhere in Chicago.
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