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  1. GAM

    40th Anniversary YouTube fan made video!

    wow, just about makes you want to cry !!! FANTASTIC JOB !!!!!!
  2. song's called HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED .... haven't heard it yet; it was an unfinished song from Mud 2 recording sessions
  3. that is out-of-control awesome; "how could anybody not like Mike?"
  4. GAM

    1971 and 1972 Mudcrutch newspaper ads

    direct from New York, and in Pa ??? Don't think that's our boys, is it??
  5. TP lets other artists be artists ... Warren Zanes, Sean Penn, Anthony Hopkins ... wouldn't want it any other way
  6. GAM

    Mudcrutch 2016 tour concert clips and footage

    dollardime: lot of good perceptions; you're especially on target with drumming; I still think firing Lynch had permanent impact on Petty's drum-psyche
  7. GAM

    San Diego 6/30/16

    last show, love to be there but can't (nearly lost my job taking time off to go to 3 other Mud gigs); should be heartfelt & poignant; can't blindly assume Mudcrutch will ever record/tour again (lot of factors in mix) so savor this sweet moment!!
  8. GAM

    Fillmore meet up

    maybe that's momma bear on Filmore poster! if TP ever stops making music, he should go on a stand-up comedy tour; he's hilarious!!!
  9. GAM

    Fillmore meet up

    Filmore show sounds great!! As for TP, he looked good to me at 3 shows I saw. I've heard he's got a bum knee/leg so that may be why he doesn't move around a lot.
  10. GAM

    Fillmore meet up

    Thelonious: don't know so I shouldn't talk ... but I'm a firm believer that there's always last-second tickets available from someone if you're physically at show
  11. GAM

    Fillmore meet up

    extended live is STELLAR; Crystal River closing jam is as good as ANYTHING Mike has ever done
  12. been to 3 MUD shows, and they've been signing, smiling, talking, mingling like I've never, ever seen before (although could be getting a little worn out) .. only thing seemingly stopping them is if they're in a hurry to leave town after gig