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  1. Yes, Crawling Back To You (Home Recording) is really amazing. I like it at least as much as the original.
  2. This is the latest edition of the Classic Rock magazine from Germany. I bought it today. 8 pages full of Wildflowers & All The Rest.
  3. In Germany I can only order the 7LP set. And then unfortunately only at the price that the 9 LP set actually costs, namely 249 €. Very annoying. The five CD set is not available either, you can only order the 4 CD set. But I will order both today. 7 LP and 4 CD set, ultimately nothing is too expensive for me for Tom.
  4. @TomFest The next song to be released is „Leave Virginia Alone.“ That was still known and is also on Petty's website.
  5. Confusion Wheel is the second track alongside Somewhere Under Heaven from the All The Rest Archive. Both songs are not necessarily my favorite Tom songs. If the other songs on All The Rest are of similar quality, then I almost have to agree with Jay, saying that he knows why the songs didn't find their way onto the album. Even though Tom planned to release everything as a double album at the time.
  6. It's on Wikipedia about Rod Stewart and the song Leave Virginia Alone. Leave Virginia Alone" was originally meant to be on Tom Petty's studio album Wildflowers, but the track did not make the album.[1] In a Billboard interview with Rod Stewart, Stewart revealed that Petty's manager gave him the song when Petty believed the track was too similar to a previous hit of his. Tom said Leave Virginia Alone was too similar to one of his previous hits, but I'm really looking forward to Tom’s original version. Above all, I have no idea which of his hits this song should be very similar to.
  7. I can only say this much, from the point of view of hardcore fans like us, Tom could probably sing down the phone book, and we'd still think it's awesome. The occasional fan needs hits. I loved all of the songs on the radio show, especially "Something Ain`t Right" If Ryan brings more songs to the radio, maybe from the time of "Full Moon Fever" or "Into The Great Wide Open" ... with songs that are just as brilliant, then it will probably bring tears to our eyes. Especially when you consider that you may never appear on LP or CD.
  8. Thanks again to dylanfree I converted the file to MP3 format and I can now listen to the radio show in the car. "Something Ain`t Right" is an exceptionally good track. Unbelievable how many tracks exist from the Wildflowers time.
  9. It works, I can listen to it 🤠😅😘💋
  10. @dylanfree Unfortunately, I cannot play this, the link does not work for me.
  11. I created the Cap and Hoodie myself, and then had it made.
  12. Walls (No.3) is one of my favorite Petty songs. Very good decision by Ryan Ulyate to record the track. I am totally happy with it. Thanks Ryan. Walls is one of my favorite Petty songs. Very good decision by Ryan Ulyate to record the track. I am totally happy with it. Thanks Ryan. Some of the leftover songs from Wildflowers that landed on She`s the One are also on "All The Rest" like California, Hope You Never, Climb That Hill, that's why "Walls" also finds its place on Wildflowers & All The Rest.
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