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  1. Those are exactly the songs I've always loved Tom for. No other artist could ever create so much emotion in me. 💔
  2. I think Mike is postponing the Dirty Knobs album out of respect for the Wildflowers all the rest release. That said, all the rest will likely be released in September or October. I don't believe in this Tour thing album. There will be no more tours this year.
  3. It's the perfect closing song for a perfect and great forum.
  4. I love the song, especially the part when he sings "So dream away my love" plus the harmonica, it fits perfectly, I love it. ❤️
  5. There are probably so many more songs from Wildflowers, and hopefully it will blow us away when we see the tracklist.
  6. I can't find the song on the invidio website. Can anyone help?
  7. The Steve Hoffman forum says: Just push it forward one week, same time-same station. Next Wednesday [2020-08-05], SiriusXM's "Tom Petty Radio" will be premiering an unreleased Tom Petty song at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT. But it is not at all certain that the song comes from the Wildflowers project.
  8. Joining this forum was one of the best, nicest, funniest and most interesting things I've done in my life. I will miss you all. I'm now in the Steve Hoffman forum, which is far from as good as this one, I only wish you the best. Goodbye. 💔 🎸 ✌️ Peace and Love
  9. Okay, I apologize for this stupid sentence especially because giving birth to Tom and child was a little off. I'm probably just angry that something will be postponed again. Only Mike with his debut album, which was postponed for a good six months, I can certainly wait a week for a song, but it's just annoying.
  10. Sometimes I think Tom would have given birth to two boys instead of these two girls, then maybe we wouldn't have these problems. Dylan Petty may forgive me.
  11. I have to agree with you. I signed up for reddit, but I don't think there are real fans like that. I have the feeling that people at reddit look here and there in various forums and make their comments. I don't think they're real fans. In the Steve Hoffman forum it looks very different, there is something here, namely diehard fans. Incidentally, I'm not a social media person either. I am also happy without social media. What I should have needed to be happy was this forum.
  12. 1. Full Moon Fever 2. Wildflowers 3. Hypnotic Eye 4. Into The Great Wide Open 5. Highway Companion 6. Damn The Torpedoes 7. She's The One 8. Mojo 9. The Last DJ 10. Echo 11. You're Gonna Get It ! 12. Hard Promises 13. Southern Accents 14. Long After Dark 15. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 16. Let Me Up (I´ve Had Enough)
  13. The joy about "You don´t now How It Feels" (Home Recording) is huge, only with the announcement yesterday everyone thought that the release date of Wildflowers all the rest will finally be announced. That's why my enthusiasm is somewhat limited. 5 years ago, "Somewhere under Heaven" was the first and new song of the Wildflowers Project. At that time it was said: "From the soon to be released album release. Therefore, despite all the anticipation, I am a little disappointed that" only "one song is presented to us, and not as expected the album release date.
  14. "Most Things That I Worry `Bout Never Happen Anyways" Is it the worry we had, that "Wildflowers all the rest" never appears? 😆 I'm so excited, can't wait until Friday.
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