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  1. Oh you guys I am so sorry. Please, please forgive my rudeness. And thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes. It really does mean so much. The Farm still has a special place in my heart. I just need to get back into the mode of checking in here. Whenever I pop in like this it always reminds me how much I miss it here. And how much I miss all of you. :heart:
  2. Happy Birthday to my very dear friend! I hope you have the most beautiful day! Big hug & kisses!! :heart:
  3. It has definitely dwindled down over the years. Last year I think we had one family come to our door. We use to have so many. I totally understand why this is happening but it's still nonetheless kind of sad.
  4. Fun question, Susan! I have fond memories! Back in the 60's (which is probably the last time I went trick or treating as a kid) it was still fun and relatively safe. I remember those cheap little costumes we would get from stores like JJ Newbury's and Woolworth. There's a blast from the past. The bigger kids took us little ones out for an evening of candy collecting in the neighborhood. It was so much fun! Nowadays there's no way I'd even think of doing that. We usually do things like attend community organized events. Like this year we're taking my granddaughter to "Boo At The Zoo". You get to hang out in the Zoo after hours in your costume with the animals and lots of candy. Great fun!
  5. Happy Birthday, Mark! It's been too long. Hope you're having a great day!
  6. Wow! Toni, it sounds like a fabulous trip and the pictures are spectacular!! Italy is definitely on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing! BTW - Not even one picture for us foodies? Lol!
  7. Sorry I'm late. Nel, I hope you had a fantastic birthday!
  8. Haha! Toni, all my friends have said that exact same thing to me. As soon as they heard HEART, they knew I'd be all over that. Lol! The thing is, other than Heart (and maybe Elvis Costello) I'm not all that jazzed about any of the other acts in that lineup. Plus, I'm seeing Heart this weekend at our casino here. So I decided it's probably not worth all the cost of gas and tickets, also sitting through all those other acts and the two and a half hour weekend traffic jam thru the Bay Area. Ugh! But if you guys decide to go, have a wonderful time!
  9. That is just unbelievably tragic! How much more are the people of that community expected to endure? I'm watching the evening news right now. It's so heartbreaking to see more destruction and devastation heaped upon these poor people.
  10. I never like officially wrote down any lyrics or music but when I was a kid I use to make up silly little songs. It was just dumb little songs I made up mostly to annoy my sisters. Geez! I'd forgotten all about that. Bet my sisters haven't though. Lol!
  11. Sadly, as much as I love Soho's I don't think I can make it to that show. I'm going to have to shoot for The Canyon club. Both venues are are really nice.
  12. Thank you, guys! I'm going to try and come around a little more. I really do miss all the fun and information here at the farm.
  13. I most definitely will be going! I've seen TPATH at Bridgeschool and now HEART! :cool:
  14. Thank you, Marcia! I feel like someone who's been away from their hometown for years. Lol!
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