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  1. Great Nurk.

    I currently own a '86 320 ( that I bought in Akron. For $600 used back in '92 ) a 4000 bass which I added a neck pup too. Its a mid 70s. ( you know I've forgotten how to read the serial numbers , Ill have to double check ).  Which I traded 2 used Peavey monitors for in '87 ) and a 360v64/12 which I bought for $1k in 1992.

    Ive had but sold or traded a black 4001, a black 620/12 ( which I traded in for a '68 Epiphone Riveria like Carl Wilson used ) and a 360 6 string , originally FG but someone stripped. 

    Id love to get one like Roger's and a TP model.

    We seem to like a lot of the same things , maybe someday we'll meet up both being here in ohio. Im in Toledo but my GF lives in Cuyahoga Falls.

  2. I just found my flag holder yesterday and put the flag out but I must've missed that announcement or forgot it. I wondered why my neighbors had theirs out. Good to know thanks

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