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    New Guitar

    Congratulations. I have a sunburst Epi ej200 from when they still had a more gibson looking headstock , with the corners cut off like they on their les Paul series. . I bought it used for $300 back in '98/'99. Great sounding guitar and you're right for the price they are great . I have several vintage Epi's & quite a few modern ones.
  2. Timflyte

    Sad News

    Prayers continue for you.
  3. Timflyte

    Sad News

    Prayers for you. I always enjoy your posts.
  4. Im glad i downloaded this a few months ago from youtube. The missing song ( kings highway ) is by itself . I have the vhs version. Its to bad they don't put the VHS only stuff on one special dvd box set and be done with it. One thing being a TP fan ....the concerts are full and recorded & film well. My son and I were watching The Beatles Live on various videos on YT and there's so much screaming and bad video & sound you can really appreciate the improvement that came later.
  5. It's on YouTube, I just downloaded it. But it's mislabeled as 2018. Anyway I'm wondering does anyone know when it was filmed/broadcast . They're doing songs from Hypnotic Eye so I'm not sure . Thank you Well I just found out . It's Fenway ,2014 ...but someone reposted it and renamed it ugh.
  6. Well I finally found this at the library ,the 4 disc version ,to put on my computer . I listened to it over the weekend on a ride to see my GF ,who lives 2 1/2 hours away , my first over all impression is , to many live songs . I already have the live box , so why not put all these live tracks on a separate CD . And just use this for alternative takes and unreleased songs ? I too ,believe as a earlier person mentioned , think edits shouldn't be consider alternative versions , a person could do that with every song recorded if that was all it is . Overall , I'm glad I finally got this ( and the deluxe set of the Beatles Sgt pepper ). Being retired and on a fixed income I'll probably be getting most of my music from the library nowadays. The only thing bad with that is not having the liner notes . ( Another sore point for me is the size of the print & the small photos ) .
  7. Timflyte

    Sad News

    I haven't been here in awhile but oh no....Nurk. Prayers for you & your family . It's good to hear that you're done with the operation. I will add you to my prayers .
  8. Timflyte


    Cool Bass. Looks like mine with the blade pups. I've had mine since '74.
  9. Well maybe it was nostalgic for Tom to drink and buy Maxwell house , so he could say to himself , I haven't change , I'm still working class , lol. Myself , being the poor soul that I am drink whatever is on sale when I run out. It's usually a store brand and it's $4.99 for a big can....I use 2 and a half scoops to make 2 cups....it's strong and good. My son likes Starbucks as does my daughter , the flavor ones. But that's their generation. I guess I'm old school.. Or at least I've been out of school about 4 times longer than I was in it lol. It's funny though , when I worked and would call off sick it still felt like I was skipping school !! That feeling stays with you a long time after the fact. Now that I've recently retired for health reasons , it's a different feeling . But it's good. Lol.
  10. Very interesting topic. I guess you don't keep a band together that long by not having total control on their outside adventures. Just think if John Lennon would've done the same to the others. Of course in Tom's case it's always been him and his band. He used them on his solo lps , they almost were not even solo ,I mean some of Mike's best guitar solos were on the " Tom Petty " solo songs. I wished Mike would've cut more on his own , I bought the surf CD years ago. In fact when the live anthology came out and friends said you gotta hear how they do " gold finger " I said I have the studio version lol. It's interesting that Tom had a problem with Steve playing with Mike since it was Mike who brought in Steve. In the interviews I've seen with Mike , he is totally humble , a guy into playing guitar and collecting. He continued to record in his studio, and he seemed happy. Being with Tom allowed him to go where he might've never got to as there are tons of great guitar players that never leave the factory. Then again , would've Tom ever went anywhere without Benmont doing that first session with the guys ? We'll never know. But it was certainly a combination of talent that got them to the place they are. One of the best bands ever to come out of America.
  11. Does art have to be PC ? It shouldn't be to be art. From the beginning of time , artists and scuptors have pushed the society by paintings and statements. Is what Tom wrote in the third person as PC uncorrect as alot of rap songs ? To take pride in your heritage isn't condemning or preventing other to take pride in theirs. To say the war between the states was only about slavery is to say you don't know the history of state rights versus a federal government. Even today , with so many states passing the pot law against the federal law , state rights are still in the news. How would you react if the states obeying federal law against pot invaded and the US government enacted martial law in those states since they are clearly in violation of the federal law. Suppose the states who have passed pot smoking as legal succeeded from the union . I think to understand people in history you have to go back to their time , you can't bring them to our time and judge them. And in the end is it only rock n roll ?
  12. I'm enjoying the tunes on YouTube right now , not being able to afford the box set , plus there's tons of other stuff coming out now so I've got to wait. Anyway the one good thing about this box set , and maybe the powers to be are thinking this too , Tom's fans aren't getting any younger. Now the Beatles last year came out with the Sgt.Pepper box set , 50 years later....ok so I was 12 when I got it originally , so I made it , but I know several other Beatle fans that died before the 50 th anniversary. They would've loved it . Same with the coming soon white album box set. Now for Tom , I started to really get into him around the time of FMF...so I had to back track all his older stuff. But say if you were 20 in 76 ...you're up there now and you won't be here for the 50th..of say " wild flowers " , so it's best to get it out to the fans. It's like after Elvis died all these outakes , alt versions , etc came out. There's even a label that just puts out stuff for fans. Maybe that's what will happen with Tom. The Beach Boys have had several archival releases these past few years of digital downloads only. But once again , I know Beach Boys fans who are no longer around that would've loved these releases. In closing in my opinion , bring it on.
  13. There's a song on the Rolling Stones " between the buttons " UK version or the US " flowers" CD/album called " please go home " that has the same groove as " forgotten man ". When I first heard this cd , I figured Tom was reaching back to his youth for inspiration . Check it out on you tube and see what you think. Great review though.
  14. Maybe she should have done " the insider " or " stop draggin .." instead. It would've still shown Tom's talent and her friendship , or even " the apartment song "....but her voice just doesn't sound right on ff....she sounds to low on the verses...
  15. I just heard the radio advertising for FM appearance in Detroit. With FM's hits ( non Buckingham ones ) the announcer says each name...with Mick Fleetwood, etc. , Etc. And then finally Mike Campbell....no mention of heartbreaker guitarist , etc. This may bring his name out more than ever. .there may even be some who don't know he was with Tom Petty....I think this could proove to be a good move for Mike .
  16. There are days I'd love to have a hologram go to work for me !!!!
  17. No that's a gretsch duo jet. Same shape though.
  18. Here comes my girl which is cool cause I just recently sent the link for this song to my gf in Akron. And I'm sort if living the song at this moment in my life .
  19. Great...I use to have FB but deleted it for personal reasons.
  20. I can't wait to see the archives please let us know when you get it going or pm me.
  21. I own 3 ...a 12 string like George Harrison used in a hard days night , a 320 , 3/4 neck like John's but no tremelo , and a Ric bass 4000 dot neck with added neck pup to make it a 4001. I love my Ric's .
  22. In another forum I'm in someone is looking for a picture of Tom holding a Gibson Les Paul....if you have a picture like this please post . Thank you.
  23. In another forum I'm in , someone is trying to find a photo of Tom playing a Gibson Les Paul model. If anyone has seen one please post. Thank you.
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