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  1. Now that's a good idea. I'd bring Stanley in and the two from Mudcrutch .
  2. Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Remember that John Lennon release , they took off the over dubs made the basic tracks stand out . ( I think they did it with Menlove Ave., Double Fantasy , and Lennon Acoustic. )
  3. I think that would be interesting. Especially in light of Tom telling Mike not to release his album cause he sounded so much like Tom. I think it would be interesting , with the other two singing too. I'm not sure if Steve sings. But the others do.
  4. Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    The thing is when a artist dies , people look for something to come out . There has to be , more we think. Look at Buddy Holly ( they found old tracks , some when he was fairly young , and over dubbed a band . Same with his Demos.) Elvis ( anybody remember the two albums that came out where they removed the strings and most of the backing vocals to spotlight Elvis more ? Since then tons of stuff ),. John Lennon ( quite a few unreleased stuff , let's not forget the Beatles over dubbing on two demos )....and tons of others that I probably do not know of. Myself I'm hoping to hear some new stuff or alternate versions , but I'm thinking Tom may have tons of stuff for years to come . Good recordings. Now it's only the waiting part , and , as we all know here , especially , the waiting is the hardest part .
  5. Memorable Tom Petty Talk Show Interviews

    I'm not sure . I'll have to listen and compare . But this is the screenshot .
  6. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all
  7. Catherine Tench

    Does anybody know how old his wife is ? I'm curious cause I'm dating a younger woman myself. Benmont is a couple years older than me . So I'm curious. Congratulations to both of them.
  8. Memorable Tom Petty Talk Show Interviews

    There's a great Mike radio interview with Sirius on YouTube ...done shortly after Tom's passing . Mike talks about his future plans. I'm not sure how to link it , but maybe someone else can.
  9. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    I checked and I got it too. I guess if I had seen one of the shows it would be nice .
  10. How was Full Moon Fever initially received by fans?

    My first copy of this was a cassette copy of the CD when it came out. I liked it . Played it quite a bit with headphones. Lots of great songs on this CD , and one of my top 5 TP & HB CDs. Someone mentioned the Stan interviews . I first saw them on the Disney Channel's " going home " series. It came out around the time of the greatest hits CD. Great posts here. On a side note his cover of the Byrd's tune added money into Gene Clark's bank account , which was good for Gene.
  11. When Buddy Holly met his untimely death , his band ( although not currently backing him ) added two guys , and continued to tour and record ( as a three piece they also backed the Everly Brothers ). I'm wondering if the Heartbreakers will consider doing the same . Not right now ,but maybe in a year or so. If course the Crickets were all young guys , under 25 with a long career ahead if them , and the Heartbreakers have had a long career already. I'm just wondering , would they ? Or maybe as " mudcrutch " ? Has anybody else thought about this ? I'm a huge Buddy Holly fan.
  12. Mike's solo album

    I just finished the Zane's bio. Toward the end they talk of Mike's solo CD ,that never came out , cause Mike sounded just like Tom, and Tom said he told Mike he would be " pissed " if Mike released it because people might think it's a petty/hb release . So Mike never released it. I'm wondering if he might release it now ?
  13. The Last Dj---what works what doesn't

    Great thread. I always liked this CD , as far as songs and production goes. The opening song , reminds me of the Hollies " bus stop ". I like " the man who loves women " as I like " when I'm 64 " , it's a fun song. I hear lots of Beatles influence in the CD , and " live at the Olympia " DVD that followed reminds me of how McCartney wanted the " get back " album to end with them doing a concert of all the new songs . The playing throughout the CD is great and I would list it in my top 5 of favorite Petty Cd's. As far as a concept , true ,but like Sgt. Pepper it is lol.
  14. I have it on VHS.. I wish it was on DVD
  15. Responses To Hypnotic Eye

    Thank you for the link. But , there is do much technical stuff going on , you wonder , what's real or patched , etc. What happened to bands just playing , editing. I realize why my home studio could never sound as good as this ( there are words I can't even pronounce lol ). I still like the album though. I wonder what it would've sound like with less technology. Same overdubs , but just less techno stuff.