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  1. Omg....yes Lays in Akron Ive had a guitar worked on there in '92. Great place. I have plans to have another worked on as soon as I free up some cash.
  2. Sharp looking. Ive been thinking about a 350 for sometime cuz the 320 3/4 size neck but there are days I think so what ? Lol
  3. Nice collection. I have a '68 from Germany. Ive had it since '74.
  4. I had one just like it from '77 to '81 then had to sell it to pay rent. I now have a Ric 4000 w added neck pup
  5. Very nice. I have a v64 that I use quite a bit. I had a 620 12 but I traded it years ago . I've been looking for a RM style one. Whats your favorite ?
  6. So far , other than being tired, Im doing ok. I can't do as much yard work or cleaning or other things as I would like. But im doing ok. Thanks for the well wishes
  7. Neat. Its pretty over there . toledo is flat lol
  8. Timflyte

    Gas prices

    You think gas is cheap ? My friend just ran into a hooker and she paid him !!! Business is down I guess all over !!!
  9. Thank you to all for the kind words.
  10. Great Nurk. I currently own a '86 320 ( that I bought in Akron. For $600 used back in '92 ) a 4000 bass which I added a neck pup too. Its a mid 70s. ( you know I've forgotten how to read the serial numbers , Ill have to double check ). Which I traded 2 used Peavey monitors for in '87 ) and a 360v64/12 which I bought for $1k in 1992. Ive had but sold or traded a black 4001, a black 620/12 ( which I traded in for a '68 Epiphone Riveria like Carl Wilson used ) and a 360 6 string , originally FG but someone stripped. Id love to get one like Roger's and a TP model. We seem to like a lot of the same things , maybe someday we'll meet up both being here in ohio. Im in Toledo but my GF lives in Cuyahoga Falls.
  11. Pretty much. I just went out april 3 for most of it. But had to stop on the 6th for lettuce & tomatoes
  12. Ive been recording originals , watching multiple old movies on dvd. Painting toy soldiers and The Beatles figurines. Watching my 3 bunnies run and going for daily radiation treatments and cooking . started yard work on saturday.
  13. Im on my phone.....
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