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  1. So far , other than being tired, Im doing ok. I can't do as much yard work or cleaning or other things as I would like. But im doing ok. Thanks for the well wishes
  2. Neat. Its pretty over there . toledo is flat lol
  3. Timflyte

    Gas prices

    You think gas is cheap ? My friend just ran into a hooker and she paid him !!! Business is down I guess all over !!!
  4. Thank you to all for the kind words.
  5. Great Nurk. I currently own a '86 320 ( that I bought in Akron. For $600 used back in '92 ) a 4000 bass which I added a neck pup too. Its a mid 70s. ( you know I've forgotten how to read the serial numbers , Ill have to double check ). Which I traded 2 used Peavey monitors for in '87 ) and a 360v64/12 which I bought for $1k in 1992. Ive had but sold or traded a black 4001, a black 620/12 ( which I traded in for a '68 Epiphone Riveria like Carl Wilson used ) and a 360 6 string , originally FG but someone stripped. Id love to get one like Roger's and a TP model. We seem to like a lot of the same things , maybe someday we'll meet up both being here in ohio. Im in Toledo but my GF lives in Cuyahoga Falls.
  6. Pretty much. I just went out april 3 for most of it. But had to stop on the 6th for lettuce & tomatoes
  7. Ive been recording originals , watching multiple old movies on dvd. Painting toy soldiers and The Beatles figurines. Watching my 3 bunnies run and going for daily radiation treatments and cooking . started yard work on saturday.
  8. Im on my phone.....
  9. Timflyte

    Meet Tom

    Very nice. Ive been wanting one like that for years. Thanks for posting
  10. My son and I bought the Epi JL last july. Those Epiphone Riv w 3 pups are so cool. Ive played them at gtr center. Sharp looker.
  11. Timflyte


    I just found my flag holder yesterday and put the flag out but I must've missed that announcement or forgot it. I wondered why my neighbors had theirs out. Good to know thanks
  12. I have a hard time looking at those mixed models that Fender does . im so used to the normal ways. Its like seeing a Ford with Chevy hubcaps lol
  13. Your FG is a 310 ( it only has 2 pups ) but if thats a tremelo on it , its a 315. I also have a black 320 but no f holes on it. Hi gains pups too
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