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  1. Timflyte

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I just heard the radio advertising for FM appearance in Detroit. With FM's hits ( non Buckingham ones ) the announcer says each name...with Mick Fleetwood, etc. , Etc. And then finally Mike Campbell....no mention of heartbreaker guitarist , etc. This may bring his name out more than ever. .there may even be some who don't know he was with Tom Petty....I think this could proove to be a good move for Mike .
  2. Timflyte

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    There are days I'd love to have a hologram go to work for me !!!!
  3. Timflyte

    Tom Petty holding a Les Paul guitar

    No that's a gretsch duo jet. Same shape though.
  4. Timflyte

    Which Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Song Are You?

    Here comes my girl which is cool cause I just recently sent the link for this song to my gf in Akron. And I'm sort if living the song at this moment in my life .
  5. Timflyte

    Photo of the Day Part III

    150 guitars ? Or photos ?
  6. Timflyte

    TP Question

    Great...I use to have FB but deleted it for personal reasons.
  7. Timflyte

    TP Question

    I can't wait to see the archives please let us know when you get it going or pm me.
  8. Timflyte

    Photo of the Day Part III

    I own 3 ...a 12 string like George Harrison used in a hard days night , a 320 , 3/4 neck like John's but no tremelo , and a Ric bass 4000 dot neck with added neck pup to make it a 4001. I love my Ric's .
  9. Timflyte

    Tom Petty holding a Les Paul guitar

    Well that certainly looks like one .
  10. Timflyte

    Photo of the Day Part III

    In another forum I'm in someone is looking for a picture of Tom holding a Gibson Les Paul....if you have a picture like this please post . Thank you.
  11. In another forum I'm in , someone is trying to find a photo of Tom playing a Gibson Les Paul model. If anyone has seen one please post. Thank you.
  12. Timflyte

    TP Question

    I liked both books...and I have the running down a dream book too. I own the conversation one , it's a great read for song info as is the booklet in the box set . The biography I read from the library , along with another one that I can't remember who wrote it. Anyway to me it's sad , to think Tom was so low on depression and anxiety , but pain can do that to you. As will health problems , which he certainly had,but hid well. It always amazes me when I read about someone I admire is as depressed as myself.
  13. Timflyte

    Photo of the Day Part III

    Pictures with the guitars are my favorites.
  14. Timflyte

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I'm just guessing , but the heartbreakers , must've had a business meeting. Such a tight outfit , just doesn't say , we lost our singer, writer ,let's give up. Maybe take a break , do some solo stuff , and regroup in a year or so. Or maybe they did decide , it's over. A long run , but let's go out on top. Mike seemed happy in the news report. Only time will tell. Maybe FM will be bigger and better than ever ? Who knows.
  15. Timflyte

    Do you listen to live shows in their entirety?

    I prefer to watch live shows that I've downloaded or have the DVDs of. There's something about all the different guitars that get me.