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  1. If anyone is curious to hear the whole show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_kkKTfcRic
  2. Mike, Ron, & Steve (with Jason Sinay) will be performing together this weekend for the Imperial Ball Duesenberg Charity Concert! Last year, he played there with the dirty knobs... can't wait to see what he has in store this year. A few tix still available if you're in LA: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs8VhpuhwfJ/
  3. Was lucky enough to be at this show.... and just have to say this was probably my favorite Knobs show so far. They took the stage just before 10 and ended up playing for a solid 2 hours 15 mins.. maybe a bit more. Mike was on fire. The band was tight. We got some new songs and old knob classics. As excited (and happy for Mike) as I am about Fleetwood Mac... it's a little bit of a bummer that the Knobs are going to be on hold until after that long FM tour, especially considering Mike said they cut 20 tracks "live on the floor" at his home studio that are ready for release. Would love for them to keep playing and growing as a band. But can't wait for the next show, whenever it is!
  4. Have a few Knobs bootlegs that are older, but haven't heard the Telluride shows. Sounds awesome with soundboard... Is there a way to share a download link? Would love to check it out. Manyt hanks in advance.
  5. It's definitely coming! Check this out, Mike says they cut 20 tracks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlNi1dB4Vjc
  6. Hey Guys, For some reason I noticed the Something Good Coming Video randomly starts towards the end. Make sure you rewind all the way to the top to catch Mike's intro!
  7. Hey Guys, Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet... but just wanted to say how AMAZING Mike & the Knobs were last night at the imperial ball. They broke out some classic & older Knob songs like Loaded Gun, Mama Told Me, Shake These Blues and the obligatory Humdinger cover! Mike was in great voice and his guitar playing was as impressive, tasteful, and mind-blowing as ever. Beyond the great, rocking Knob content there were two other surprises/highlights: 1.) Stephen Stills!! Towards the end of the show, Mike told us a special guest would be coming out who "is the shit". They launched into an extended intro for Hey Joe and as soon as that iconic Hendrix intro riff started Stills strolled out and joined the band with some ripping guitar solos. After Hey Joe, Stills carried the vocals for a cover of "Born Under A Bad Sign". A little shaky at first, but they soon got their grip and it turned into a hell of a jam. The place was going wild. Next came "Love The One Your With", with the crowd singing along for the chorus. Great solos from both Mike and Steve. 2.) Mike's Tom petty Tribute. Very moving and heartfelt, some people around me actually in tears. For the first time ever, the knobs played 2 Heartbreaker Songs (after a special speech from Mike saying how they never play these songs but he wanted to play it for his friend one last time). Something Good Coming was up first. It was mesmerizing. Delicate, perfect for the occasion, and some nice improv. slide playing. Then came a rocking' Running Down A Dream that culminated in Mike's iconic solo. Standing ovation from the crowd. Mike was genuinely grateful and thank'd us, though we were all beyond honored to be there Below are youtube links I found of Mike's intro/something good coming & Running Down A Dream. I didn't want to do a full summary of these moments so you can see for yourself. All in all an incredible night of music! Thank you Mike!! Hopefully some more Knobs shows are on the horizon...
  8. Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated.
  9. Hey Guys! As luck would have it Tom & the boys will be in Boston on Thursday and I'm traveling there for a wedding on Saturday. Changed my flight to arrive earlier that day and got some tickets, super excited. It might be a little tight, so was wondering what approximate time the band has been taking the stage? Tickets say 7:30 but Peter Wolf is opening, so is it safe to assume TP&H will hit the stage around 8:45/9? Any insight is much appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Hi Everyone - I was traveling when tickets went on sale for this... If anyone has 2 extra tickets they would be willing to sell please shoot me an email! Dying to go this year. Thanks! http://www.troubadour.com/event/993197-4th-annual-merry-minstrel-los-angeles/
  11. Lotta's review was dead on. At first when I showed up (I was lucky enough to buy tickets online during the "public sale" -- I guess they only sold about 100 non-invitation tickets through that ticket site I posted earlier) I wasn't sure what to make of the event. Located at a catholic all boys high school with religious statues everywhere. Then there were hot-rod cars (sponsor of event), a girl throwing up on the front steps (small bar, but long line), and a interesting/weird crowd that was part industry people, part sponsors, and part random fans of either Depp or Knobs. The theatre was cool and the sound was great. Knobs were rockin. Though I'd prefer Mike on his non-dussenberg guitars, he played his Red signature model for 90% of the night (only other guitar was the six string Rickenbacker). Obviously because Dussenberg put together the event. Knobs played for about an hour. Highlights for me were Rusty Cage, a cover of the Dead's "Deal", and the closing blues medley. The crowd was seated for the Knobs but other than a few noisy sponsors who were just there to drink and mingle, the crowd was very appreciative and enthusiastic. The way Mike eneded the set, we all thought that the Knobs would be back with special guests. But when the curtain when up, they weren't anywhere to be found, but Johnny Depp and a new band had taken the stage. After a cover of the Stones "happy", Marilyn Manson came out and did 3 songs. Then Alice Cooper did 3 songs. Then Steven Tyler did 3 songs. Then Cooper, Manson, and Tyler all came out and closed the show with the Beatles "Come Together". The crowd was on their feat and cheering/singing along from the moment Manson came out to close. Was an interesting (and pleasant) surprise. I went to see Knobs though and they were great. Have to say I thought the show at the Joint in October was a little bit better, but probably due to crowd and venue (and an awesome cover of JJ Cale's Mama Don't that opened that show and I'm still trying to find a video of!). That's my review!
  12. That was my confusion. everyone said it was a private show, but from that article about the show there was a link to buy tickets for Saturday night... So is it private minus a block of tix released to public? I got 2 tix when they went on sale.. and the tix say imperial ball 8 featuring Mike Campbell,etc Thanks.
  13. Didn't see anything on the Knobs site, but came across this: http://anaheimblog.net/2014/01/10/january-25th-concert-featuring-mike-campbell-of-tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers-johnny-depp-others-at-servite-high-school-theatre/ Assume since tickets are available for purchase this is a confirmed gig? Sounds awesome and interesting venue.
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