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    I'm brazilian, and I'd like to say that see the Olympics in my country was absolutely fantastic! And was very cool see the world's positive reaction, because everybody was worried with the problems, about the Brazil's political crisis, the Zika virus and the water pollution. And finally, the best part for me as a big soccer fan, see the Brazil's national soccer team win the gold medal for the first time, on the penalty shootouts, on the legendary MaracanĂ£ stadium, was great! I would like to say and express much more about this experience, but my english speaking is very limited, so I hope you can understand... hahaha
  2. They performed 'Lay Down My OId Guitar' in the 1999 Fillmore residence (Irving Plaza and Rockpalast too). I think this is a Delmore Brothers song from late 1920's.
  3. 1. Strangered In The Night 2. Too Much Ain't Enough 3. Refugee 4. A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) 5. Finding Out 6. It Ain't Nothin' To Me 7. Needles and Pins (feat. Stevie Nicks) 8. Knocking On Heavens Door, Like A Rolling Stone or I'll Remember You (from 1986 Bob Dylan tour) 9. Think About Me 10. Love Is A Long Road 11. Makin' Some Noise 12. Something In The Air 13. Crawling Back To You 14. Can't Get Her Out (from Playback box set) 15. Supernatural Radio 16. Counting On You 17. Swingin' (from High Grass Dogs: Live From The Fillmore, because it's impossible to choose only one song of Echo!) 18. Waiting For Tonight 19. Money Becomes King 20. Mary Jane's Last Dance (that badass live version from Live At The Olympic) ENCORE 21. Thirteen Days (JJ Cale cover, from Soundstage) 22. Saving Grace 23. Don't Pull Me Over 24. All You Can Carry But I still feel I missing many other songs ...
  4. I'm 19 years old, and I'm from Brazil. I like TP&HB since I was 13. I heard TP for the first time when I was playing video-game, the song: Runnin' Down A Dream. And since I turned 18, I'm trying to earn money and get a passport to see TP live.
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