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  1. This song showed that they could blow any punk pretender off any stage, any time, while delivering great songs, A to Z.
  2. The mix on this seems to give Mike lots of room on the left, with Toms vocals slightly right. Toms guitar seems to be hard right, but not sure. Very interesting and compelling performance and recording. Love it
  3. As. Much as I like and respect Ferrone, watching this video just st solidifies why Stan should still be there.......
  4. Great show opener. In my college band this was song one, set one. We had the audience in our hands after. Ours to lose if we sucked, but for the most part we held our own. American Girl and Insider (my sister sang Stevie Nick's part) were also part of our shows.
  5. Wow, way too much made out of a song lyric. you know what, back in the early 70's there were a lot of crazy people out there with knives and guns, white , black and purple. A guy like Petty and his band mates would typically face crazy black men (and white) with knives as they gigged at crappy road houses all over. I was gigging in a band and going to rock shows at that time. I remember some crazy ass people who were pissed off for racial and other social issues. Back then, Black Musicians in R&B bands experienced the same from the crazies around them. Black and white. We got to stop thinking in racial terms. There's good and bad out there of all kinds, and there always have been! That won't change but we have to change our minds!
  6. If I recall correctly, the record company wanted at least one original song to be included in the "Greatest Hits" package they were planning. From the recent biography, it seems that the company was starving for TPATH material at the time, and Tom was not in a good place at that moment to put out a full album of new material. So the company said we want to put out a greatest hits plus one new one to promote it. i could be wrong, (I seem to remember reading this somewhere), but Mary Janes was recorded very informally, like in someone's living room or their "clubhouse". Its sound maybe due to that, plus every once in a while a band as good as they were/are will absolutely nail a song. Always starts with a GREAT song but you get a band that is good behind it, you get a monster smash. This is one of my fave TPATHs
  7. This is probably my favorite time for TPATH. I think that their output from the first record through Long After Dark is just incredible. Certainly as a live band. Not that I dont love what followed, but 70's - 80's is the filet mignon
  8. it was recorded by the "cool" FM radio station WBCN boston was one of the few US markets that embraced TPATH when the first album was released. Maxine Sartori was a DJ there and promoted their music. I have this live performance of Breakdown in the Playback boxed set.
  9. live recording at Paul's Mall Boston i was planning to go to that show with my buddies, but had a date with a really good looking girl who wasn't into music that much. What a freakin idiot!
  10. older thread but just got to it. Myth and Craft really great job and great questions. Mike seems like a really nice guy and it must have made your job easier, but I've never seen a journalist do such a good job making an artist comfortable.
  11. The great thing about Mike is that everything he plays is for the song, and is perfect for the song That makes all his solos my favorite. Can't choose
  12. Damn the Torpedoes Tom Petty and the HB Hard Promises You're Gonna Get It Long After Dark Can you tell I prefer the Lynch years? Best of the post Lynch years: Hypnotic Eye Can you also tell I like the "band" recordings much more the the solo stuff? Also, the Lynne produced stuff is meh. It would be interesting to re record some of those records
  13. The new high res releases are mostly direct transfers from the first generation masters created when the records were recorded. (There are a couple where the first gen master tapes were unusable). There is little to no compression at the mastering stage, and as Ulyate states, the intent is for you to hear the recordings as they sounded in the studio control room. I bought Hard Promises, and the recording that followed (can't think of name right now, You Got Lucky is on it) and the last DJ. Hard Promises and its successor are really special, in particular if you listen with a good set of headphones. Lots of detail never heard before, it's really a great pleasure to listen. The Last DJ sound "hard" to me. Likely the way it was tracked and the tone of the songs, but the sonics are very good. I have to admit, I really prefer any of the recordings that Stanley was on. I hope that Petty keeps supporting Hi Res. I'm hope he does more 5.1 releases as he did with Damn the Torpedos and Hypnotic Eye. They sound REAL good
  14. Well, Tom and band are always great live! I saw them live in 2005, and I have a number of their DVD performances, including the Filmore residency and the anniversary Gainesville gig (which I think is spellbinding). One of my greatest regrets was deciding to go chase a girl I liked at a local disco. Same day, my buddies tried to drag to me to Paul's Mall in Boston, where they, and about 50 other people saw TPATH that night in 1976. These are the same buddies that I introduced to TPATH! Crap! What the heck was I thinking!!!!!! If you have ever heard the recording of "Fooled Again" from that night, it sums up how cool and great the band was, and what an appropriate song to describe the outcome of my night at the disco! LOL! There is a DVD of TPATH at the Santa Monica Civic Center New Years 1978. That is my favorite TPATH concert. It shows the power, intensity and promise of a band that has lasted over 40 years! Give me Lynch, and Blair rocking out and Benmont singing back ups! Petty is simply not to be denied, snarling and spitting out the lyrics well beyond the model that his hero Dylan gave him. This was a time just before Damn the Torpedos was released, and they were breaking the songs in. Absolutely wonderful stuff
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