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  1. High Grass Dog

    New interview with Benmont

    Thank you for posting that! That interview was simply amazing! I could really listen to Benmont talk forever. Very happy to hear he is planning to record a new solo album this fall. Besides that, some really cool (and some really sad) stuff about Echo, TP's passing, rehab, Stan vs. Steve, and much more. One thing I learned is that Benmont really likes to refer to people as "cat." 😄 Benmont, if you're reading this, one request: WRITE A BOOK!
  2. High Grass Dog

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    An experimental album would have been really different and interesting. "Lookin' For Daddy" could have been a first step in that direction. I loved the way they jammed "Melinda" live, but I also thought a studio version of that song would sound cool with a tricked up, experimental vibe. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers doing a Yankee Hotel Foxtrot would have been fascinating! Speaking of which... I like most all versions of Wilco, from country rock to singer-songwriter to experimental to whatever "Spiders" and "Art of Almost" are!
  3. High Grass Dog

    Were the '81 and '91/'92 tours the best they played with Stan?

    Just judging by the setlists and the YouTube videos out there, I think the '92 leg of the tour may have topped the initial '91 run. Lots of setlist variance with new songs and a looser jamming vibe. Maybe it was just because they were in Europe, I don't know. Overall, I really like the uniqueness of the Touring the Great Wide Open shows, although Stan just seems miserable in the Take the Highway video. I wonder if that was an isolated moody incident or if he was checked out the whole tour.
  4. High Grass Dog

    the Southern Accents/Wildflowers Theory

    Good point. A big difference between Southern Accents and Wildflowers is the sheer amount of material. The final product of SA was only 9 songs long — and three of those were pretty much throwaway/filler tracks: "It Ain't Nothin to Me" (sorry MJ2LD!), "Make it Better" and "Mary's New Car" — after years of recording. Now, we know some cuts happened along the way for various reasons — "Trailer," "The Apartment Song," "Sheets," now we can add "Walkin From the Fire." But still, that kind of songwriting (and recording) output simply pales in comparison to the abundance of Wildflowers-era material. Maybe it was as simple as having a producer there from day one, and if Iovine was there to start the Southern Accents project, it would have been more guided and productive.
  5. High Grass Dog

    the Southern Accents/Wildflowers Theory

    This was interesting and well thought-out. Nice work, MJ2LD. I see the parallels you are drawing, though I never tied these two albums together in that way before. I do find it funny that Southern Accents, Let Me Up and Wildflowers were all supposed to be double albums at first before they were trimmed down. I wish the record execs out there would have just let TP release a double album at some point in his career the way he clearly wanted! 😄
  6. High Grass Dog

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    I really, really liked Hypnotic Eye when it came out, and I still play it all the time. Four years later, and I don't think it ever left the CD player in my car! It's a top tier album top to bottom. The only regret is that more of these songs were never aired out live. I do wish "Playing Dumb," which is a killer tune, had made it onto the standard album. I would say the single song I am most looking forward to hearing on the new box set, if I had to pick just one, would be "Bus to Tampa Bay," just because I can't get enough of new material from this era of the band. It's definitely ending a career of recording on a high note.
  7. High Grass Dog

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    Interesting speculation, and after considering it, I think I agree with you. After the bombast of Mojo and Hypnotic Eye, I think TP's next new recording would have had a folkier, slightly more acoustic bend. I don't mean "I Forgive it All" style solo acoustic. I pictured it more like "Orphan of the Storm" or "To Find a Friend" — band songs with tempo, but breezier and folkier. It would have been a project probably years down the line. I would guess a new TP album (not counting Wildflowers All the Rest or compilations) wouldn't have been recorded and released possibly until 2020. But at that time I would guess he would have sought out something a little different.
  8. High Grass Dog

    'Llamas hold each other tight' and other mondegreens.

    Even as a diehard fan, it took me years to realize this one wasn't right: Here Comes My Girl And then she looks me in the eye and says, "We're gonna last forever, you know I came together darlin'"
  9. High Grass Dog

    Tom Petty Wishlist

    Speaking only of new music releases, a little while ago I started a thread about projects I would like to see: My top five were: 1. Wildflowers - All the Rest 2. DVD of MusicCares performance 3. Mojo 2 and Hypnotic Eye outtakes 4. Mudcrutch 3 5. Greatest Hits Part II I would also add: 1. Fillmore 1997 boxset (audio would be good, video would be great!!) 2. Beacon/Fonda 2013 collection 3. Making of Hard Promises behind the scenes documentary 4. Extended version/delete scenes from RDAD documentary 5. Unedited, longer version of Zollo and/or Zanes biographies Some non-Petty projects: 1. Dirty Knobs album 2. New Benmont Tench album 3. New Heartbreakers album: three instrumentals, two songs with Mike on lead, two songs with Benmont on lead, one song with Scott on lead, one song with Ron on lead, one song with Stevie Nicks 4. Heartbreakers record a studio album with Paul Westerberg Apparel-wise, the one thing I always thought would be cool would be a black baseball cap with the Mojo logo in white on the front:
  10. High Grass Dog

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    I agree with this. This is a pretty dramatic promotion, it would be a letdown if it wasn't for a significant new release. I hope it's for Wildflowers ATR, and as many mentioned, the image is from that time period, so that's my bet as well. Would be cool if it was an announcement of an even bigger project, like some kind of Playback 2 of new material. But anything new will be great.
  11. High Grass Dog

    What songs would you include on an updated studio compilation?

    Nice list RC. I would just add "Drivin' Down to Georgia" somewhere in the middle and "Nigh Driver" somewhere near the end. Maybe throw "Dreams of Flying" in there too.
  12. High Grass Dog

    Was Good Enough a Dirty Knobs song originally?

    WOW. I had never heard the Knobs' version of this one before. That is amazing! Thanks as always, Marion!
  13. High Grass Dog

    Ugly Olde Homecoming Queen

    I always liked TDIHWTUOHQ — plus that's maybe the best acronym for a song ever! Obviously, it was a more off the cuff style style song. I don't think Tom and/or Mike (my hunch is Tom wrote the lyrics and Mike the music, though it's not certain) were going for "It's Alright Ma I'm Only Bleeding" here, so what others might see as "sub standard" lyrics work fine for me. In fact, I actually like the lyrics! No, maybe they weren't studio album worthy, though "Candy" and "Little Girl Blues" aren't exactly beacons of literature either and they were both recorded and released. I think TDIHWTUOHQ is actually stronger overall than both those songs actually. "Bride of Frankenstein" is really good as well, with Mike and Jason jamming on a bit more, though I think I prefer the original version because I like the vocal better and Benmont's playing.
  14. High Grass Dog

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    Ah, thanks nurk. I actually think the song was in another radio commercial as well. As cool as it would've been for an unreleased Dirty Knobs song to be getting all that exposure, I guess it makes more sense that it was the original version, and not the Knobs cover version.
  15. High Grass Dog

    The Dirty Knobs - Rumble

    Thanks for the link Marion! Within the first few seconds of playing it, I knew I had heard this song in a radio commercial before, from about a year ago. I just can't place it. Anyone know what I'm talking about?