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  1. OK! Just got lucky and heard the song in my car. Agree it is fantastic! Jangly, crunchy and catchy. If MC (and Jason) wrote 10 more like this, it's going to be a heck of an album!
  2. I missed it too but am eager to hear it. Supposed MC and co. shot a video for the song, so maybe it'll be up on their site or YouTube (or Spotify) soon. If anyone did get a chance to hear the debut, what did you think?
  3. That is interesting, and reasonable. Nice work. One point I would say about Highway Companion: Aside from any tracklist changes, the one thing that would elevate the album is the presence of a real drummer. It's cute and all that TP can play just enough to be pieced together with Jeff Lynne's studio magic, and the album holds together well enough as is. But I think bringing in someone like Steve Ferrone or even Phil Jones to lay down some real rhythms would've created a noticeable difference by comparison.
  4. Interesting takes here. I never would have thought to remove "Saving Grace" from the lead-off spot, but you know what, "Down South" could work there. I still think "Saving Grace" is too perfect of an opening track to mess with, even though it doesn't "represent" the rest of the album. And "Down South" feels like the heart of the album to me, so it works best in the third spot. Shelter, I don't know how anyone could remove essential tracks like "Turn This Car Around" and "This Old Town" from the album! I was a fan of Highway Companion when it came out, and I really don't think I would change too much about it. That said, there are a few tweaks I would make. Here's my take: 1. Saving Grace 2. Flirting With Time 3. Down South 4. Square One 5. Turn This Car Around 6. Big Weekend 7. Night Driver 8. Home 9. Damaged By Love 10. This Old Town 11. Around the Roses 12. Ankle Deep 13. Golden Rose Regarding the changes: "Jack" is just too weak of a song to hold up. Easy to let that one go. "Square One" never worked in the second spot. It flows better at 4. Adding "Home" and "Around the Roses" to the back half does enhance an already-very-good album.
  5. Yeah, that's what I was saying. TP was outspoken in not liking that song. There is no chance it was ever played live.
  6. Technically, I don't think it's an error. The two performances of "Restless" are almost certainly an entirely different Carl Perkins song of the same name, not the YGGI song. The performances are dated from the Fillmore run in 1997, which makes sense because the Heartbreakers recorded the song with Perkins around that time and Perkins himself probably made a guest appearance at those shows. TP didn't like the YGGI song, and it would be shocking if he took it out of mothballs to debut it 20 years later.
  7. Did anyone ever record this? I still haven't heard the whole song!
  8. Has anyone heard this song again on TP radio? I only get to listen intermittently when I'm in my car, and I haven't heard it again. I was hoping it'd become a part of the regular rotation.
  9. It's "Help Me," the Sonny Boy Williamson song you can hear them rehearsing in the Mojo minidoc. I got in my car just in time to hear the last 20 or 30 seconds of the song this morning. I love the song, and am excited to hear the full thing!
  10. Thanks for your take, mikemono. That's actually what I think as well. A one-off show in Mississippi of all places just seems too strange to be true. None of "Depending on You," "A Face in the Crowd" or "Even the Losers" were played on the 2006 tour (though the latter two did show up on the band's next tour in '08). I should know never to attempt to understand why anything gets posted on the internet, but who would make up such a random post? I don't know, I guess it's possible TP or someone in the band had some connection to a benefit or an event or a close friend and they felt it was worth a trip, but it seems very unlikely. There is no other mention of it I can find out there, so short of someone in the Heartbreakers camp confirming the performance, it will remain dubious. Apparently they did play that venue on the Dogs with Wings tour in 1995, FWIW.
  11. I was reading an article today that casually referenced a one-and-only live TPATH performance of "Depending on You" from a show in December of 2006, noted here on setlist.fm: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Jackson, MS, 11/26/06 I had never heard of this show or any performance of that song, and I am wondering if anyone else here has. The whole show seems weird since the 30th anniversary tour appeared to end a month or so before this date. Was this a one-off show? (In Mississippi?!) Kind of odd. I wonder what the story about this was. Anybody know? Setlist.fm is fairly accurate, but this could possibly be incorrect also.
  12. Do we know if there even are demos though? A lot of those songs were seemingly written on the fly with Jeff Lynne and recorded immediately.
  13. Full Moon Fever is a great album, but some kind of deluxe reissue would be waaay down the list of priorities for me. There's not much left to mine there that hasn't already been released.
  14. Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, this Fleetwood Mac tour, and MC's involvement with the band, can't end soon enough.
  15. Update: MC recorded a message for Tom Petty Radio this morning. He said he's working with a vocal coach and George Drakoulias to finish up the Knobs album. Sounds like it will be released this fall sometime. He reiterated that next year is fully reserved for a Dirty Knobs tour!
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