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  1. High Grass Dog

    Thoughts on Playback

    I've said this before also: How the hell did they pick "Depot Street" as a single?? It's the worst possible choice of anything from that batch. Not representative of the band at all. Not a radio type song. Not an example of Tom's best songwriting. Good album track maybe, but single?? I'll never understand that choice.
  2. High Grass Dog

    Get me away from this mud Palm Beach Pop Festival 1969

    Am I crazy or do the two guys in that photo look like Randall Marsh and Mike Campbell??
  3. High Grass Dog

    Your Favorite TP&TH Cover Songs

    Wow, thanks for that mikemono! I've always liked that Left Banke song and had no idea the Heartbreakers ever covered it. Very cool to hear.
  4. High Grass Dog

    Dirty Knobs

    The other thing is Ron was in the Dirty Knobs before he rejoined the Heartbreakers. Once Ron rejoined the Heartbreakers in 2002, I think maybe it kind of dawned on TP that the Dirty Knobs rhythm section was exactly the same as the HBs.
  5. High Grass Dog

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    Maybe I'm being inconsistent by preaching about the album's vibe but then leaving DCAHNM in there, but I think that one works as an exception. The song is too good to lose!
  6. High Grass Dog

    Let's Try to Make Southern Accents Great Again

    Hey guys, I am revisiting this thread to ask if any of you have actually played your re-imagined Southern Accents album. It's a great experience! Theoretically putting the tracks together in threads like this is a lot of fun, but, inspired by the American Treasure tracks, with everything finally available in one place or another, I actually put this track list together together today and played it through as an album. Wow, totally worth it. So, for reference, this is my tracklist: Southern Accents Re-imagined 1. Rebels (American Treasure version) 2. Trailer (original version) 3. Keeping Me Alive (American Treasure version) 4. Don't Come Around Here No More 5. Southern Accents 6. Casa Dega 7. Spike 8. Apartment Song (original version w/ Stevie Nicks) 9. Dogs on the Run 10. Turning Point 11. Walkin' From the Fire 12. The Best of Everything (American Treasure version) Guys, this is an amazing album! It just sounds right. The flow and style of the tracks works, and the quality is higher. I absolutely enjoyed this, and I feel like it would be a classic Heartbreakers release with a unique, organic sound that would stand up with just about anything in the catalog. It's not even a knock on the songs cut out (It Ain't Nothin' to Me, Make it Better, Mary's New Car), all of which can be argued to have some merit. It just feels of a piece like this. There's just the right proportion of horns, which was a bit cheesy and overdone in the original album but is just sprinkled for taste here, and it's a fuller (though not "complete") representation of the vibe and theme Tom was going for at the time. I highly recommend trying this out and listening all the way through.
  7. High Grass Dog

    2019 speculation

    I have no new info to add here, but I just wanted to say hope you are right chimera and the DK album is released ASAP in 2019! When Mike Campbell walked off the stage of the Hollywood Bowl on the last night of the 2017 TPATH tour, I can't image he thought he'd be this busy moving forward. Between the huge FM tour, the unearthing/producing/coordinating of the TP boxset(s), recording a DK album, and squeezing in DK gigs, his schedule has been and will continue to be packed to the brims!
  8. High Grass Dog

    Tom Petty called...

    That song really grabbed me, so I tried out the rest of the album on Spotify at work today. Not bad!
  9. High Grass Dog

    The firing of Stan Lynch

    That was a fantastic interview! Thanks for posting the link. It really gives you some insight into the tensions that simmered for years and eventually led to him becoming detached from the band in the late '80s/early '90s and leaving for good in 1994. Obviously, the topic of his firing has been discussed hundreds of times with fans taking sides on who was right, who wronged who, etc. For all the talk of Stan's performance in the studio or dedication to his craft, this proves he was a brilliant, meticulous drummer who was clearly interested in growing as a musician. He never really got that chance in the Heartbreakers — instead, his role actually diminished over time. In the distinction between the two categories of his dismissal from the band: 1. his attitude/personal relations with his bandmates and 2. his performance on the drums, he certainly didn't do himself any favors in the first category. He was a fight-prone man with unrealistic expectations and and immature, stubborn tendencies. But from a pure musical point of view, however, this article shows how Stan was stymied and ultimately got shafted.
  10. High Grass Dog

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    The fact that they chose to play "Free Fallin'" should tell you everything you need to know about the current Fleetwood Mac. They want to honor TP? Fine. They could have chosen dozens of more appropriate songs. Mike Campbell wasn't all that excited about performing "Free Fallin" night after night before TP died. He specially told the other members of FM that he was uncomfortable with that song and didn't want to do it on this tour. His new bandmates could have honored his request and showed him respect by instead letting him pick a song. They could have performed a song that he cowrote, like "You Wreck Me" or "Runnin' Down a Dream." (Neil Finn, after all, is allowed two spots for songs he wrote in the setlist.) They could have simply selected a different Heartbreakers song like "I Need to Know" or "Stop Draggin My Heart Around." But instead they went for the easiest, most obvious choice, the one that would garner the most adulation, even over the objections of the only guy in the room who actually has a claim on the song. I really wish Mike would have stood his ground on this one and been firmer in asking the band to go a different direction. But then again, I really wish he just politely declined their invitation to join the band in the first place. It just never felt right. And now Lindsey is suing the band. What a circus. I think Mike is getting a firsthand lesson on how less dignified, more superficial operations than TPATH operate.
  11. High Grass Dog

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    I don't understand why people here think this is such a travesty. It's just a greatest hits release. What's the big deal with this being released so close to An American Treasure? I for one am glad they are speeding up the timetable on releases, getting something like this out of the way now so 2019 can be devoted to Wildfowers All the Rest and maybe a Fillmore box set or whatever else they have in store that is actually interesting. How frustrating would it be if they "saved" this greatest hits release for next year, ostensibly to not interfere with the American Treasure box set, which would then cause the Wildfowers, etc., releases themselves to wait another year? There's no point in doing that! I guess they could have announced this release concurrently with American Treasure (for symmetry and transparency), but I'm also glad they focused all the recent marketing/publicity efforts on the much more interesting release. There would be no reason to hold in-depth interviews with Mike Campbell about "Free Fallin" or "Refugee" or have an album release excitement over something that everyone here has heard thousands of times and owns several times over. It's such an easy decision not to buy this (again, as long as "For Real" makes its way online), that it's a no-brainer. This kind of project isn't targeted to us. I just don't see why anyone here would care. Again, you could argue the actual composition of this release (I HATE that its not chronological, and that some key songs are left off), but the concept of the release itself is totally legit and justifiable.
  12. High Grass Dog

    WTH??? Best of everything 11/9/18??

    Whoa, I haven't even made it all the way through my thoughts on An American treasure yet! At first blush, here are my initial thoughts about this: 1. I don't see this as a big deal. It's just an updated greatest hits. It's a little odd to announce and release it so close to the new box set, but I don't think it's a greed thing or anything bad. It's just a packaging of the hits everybody here has and has heard a hundred thousand times. An easy one to ignore/not buy for me. But how is this a bad thing? For a casual fan, this could be considered the definitive greatest hits. It's a worthwhile project, and there's no overlap -- or at least not enough overlap -- with other rarities type releases to see this as a string-bet style cash grab. I'm OK with it. 2. That said, including two "new" tracks is a marketing eye-roller. But in the long run, I don't really care. As long as the two songs make their way to Spotify (one already has!) or can be purchased individually, what's the big deal? This isn't 1993 anymore, where you have to buy the whole album to hear one song. 3. I do however hate that the tracks aren't in chronological order! Maybe that's just me. The mix tape approach worked for the Live Anthology, but I really think a greatest hits package like this is much better in chronological order, allowing you to see the progression of the band and its sound over time. If I were buying this, that would be a huge turn off for me. It literally ruins the whole thing, IMO. 4. Missing tracks: No excuse to leave off "A Woman in Love," "It's Good to Be King" and "Swingin'" for sure. "Change of Heart," "Rebels," "Free Girl Now," "Have Love Will Travel," "Good Enough" and "U Get Me High" could all have cases to make it too. You could totally make room for those, as there are tracks here that don't need to be. For example, it's weird to have three tracks from Mudcrutch 2, when there's only one each from the three albums that proceeded it. 5. I'm really looking forward to "For Real"!
  13. High Grass Dog

    Remembering Mindbender - 25 Years Later

    Ha, great work! I love the historically accurate attention to detail in the interview, and the answers totally do sound like TP. I am also fascinated by this period of the band, and of course I can't resist constructing "lost" albums. For the record, this would be my potential track list for a Heartbreakers album culled from this era: 1. Mary Jane's Last Dance 2. Waiting For Tonight 3. Travelin' 4. You Come Through 5. Lonesome Dave 6. God's Gift to Man 7. Driving Down to Georgia 8. Lost Without You 9. You Get Me High 10. Come On Down to My House Some of those tracks date back to previous sessions (I drew the line at 1988, since anything recorded before that would be in the Let Me Up universe), but they all had no home as of 1993 and all fit the off-the-cuff Heartbreakers nature of this potential project. (Some of the LMU outtakes would surely fit the vibe here too, but I didn't want to go back that far.) Judging by Benmont's recent comments about "Lonesome Dave," in which he indicated the "barnburner" track was more of a Heartbreakers track than a potential Wildflowers cut, I added that on here, as it is will likely suite the vibe. (Can't wait to hear it in a few weeks!) You could also add any number of covers here too — "Baby Let's Play House," "Wooden Heart," "Blue Moon of Kentucky," "Something in the Air," plus whatever else they recorded for fun that we don't know about, but TP never put anything but originals on studio releases (minus the Mudcrutch and She's the One aberrations), so I did not. Fun project to think about!
  14. High Grass Dog

    New interview with Benmont

    Thank you for posting that! That interview was simply amazing! I could really listen to Benmont talk forever. Very happy to hear he is planning to record a new solo album this fall. Besides that, some really cool (and some really sad) stuff about Echo, TP's passing, rehab, Stan vs. Steve, and much more. One thing I learned is that Benmont really likes to refer to people as "cat." 😄 Benmont, if you're reading this, one request: WRITE A BOOK!
  15. High Grass Dog

    What do you think of Hypnotic Eye four years later?

    An experimental album would have been really different and interesting. "Lookin' For Daddy" could have been a first step in that direction. I loved the way they jammed "Melinda" live, but I also thought a studio version of that song would sound cool with a tricked up, experimental vibe. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers doing a Yankee Hotel Foxtrot would have been fascinating! Speaking of which... I like most all versions of Wilco, from country rock to singer-songwriter to experimental to whatever "Spiders" and "Art of Almost" are!