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  1. I find that list very interesting too, but I think it's in chronological order of when they were recorded, so it doesn't have anything to do with the proposed 25-song track sequence for the double album. It does solve the mystery of the three-song change TP made for the new version: "Girl on LSD," Lonesome Dave" and "13 Days" out, "Somewhere Under Heaven," "Harry Green" and "Climb That Hill Blues" in.
  2. I noticed that too in the article and wondered if it was revisionist history or not. It's true Howie didn't participate in the Wildflowers sessions as much as Benmont, so maybe he did have some issues dating back that far.
  3. Finally! Here's the full tracklist: 1). Wildflowers Wildflowers You Don’t Know How It Feels Time to Move On You Wreck Me It’s Good to Be King Only a Broken Heart Honey Bee Don’t Fade on Me Hard on Me Cabin Down Below To Find a Friend A Higher Place House in the Woods Crawling Back to You Wake Up Time 2). All The Rest Something Could Happen Leaving Virginia Alone Climb That Hill Blues Confusion Wheel California Harry Green Hope You Never Somewhere Under Heaven Climb That Hill Hung Up and Overdue 3). Home Recordings There Goes Angela (Dream Away) You Don’t Know How It Feels California A Feeling of Peace Leave Virginia Alone Crawling Back to You Don’t Fade on Me Confusion Wheel A Higher Place There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel) To Find a Friend Only a Broken Heart Wake Up Time Hung Up and Overdue Wildflowers 4). Wildflowers Live You Don’t Know How It Feels Honey Bee To Find a Friend Walls Crawling Back to You Cabin Down Below Drivin’ Down to Georgia House in the Woods Girls on LSD Time to Move On Wake Up Time It’s Good to Be King You Wreck Me Wildflowers 5). Alternate Versions (Finding Wildflowers) [only available on 9-LP and 5-CD formats] A Higher Place Hard on Me Cabin Down Below Crawling Back to You Only a Broken Heart Drivin’ Down to Georgia You Wreck Me It’s Good to Be King House in the Woods Honey Bee Girl on LSD Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version) Wildflowers Don’t Fade on Me Wake Up Time You Saw Me Comin’
  4. I think Adria said recently that her dad definitely did not have "Girl on LSD" in the 25-track running order. She then said that the song would still be part of the new release in some way.
  5. This probably makes the most sense. However, it leaves open the question of whether B-sides and alternate versions will be included on a 4th disc. That would be stuff like the acoustic "Cabin Down Below" and "Only a Broken Heart," etc. We know "Girl on LSD" will be included, since Adria confirmed it, but will it be as part of the second disc or a fourth disc of B-sides? TP didn't consider it part of the final 25 when the album was conceived. The B sides/alternate versions will be nice, and home recordings are going to be great, but the true headliner of this project is going to be that second disc, tracks 16 though 25. At first I was hoping the songs would be integrated into the original running order of the full Wildflowers. Now I am ambivalent and wouldn't mind the 10 tracks all being on a second disc. Here's hoping we get a track list soon!
  6. I agree this is a little ridiculous. Considering everything going on with the pandemic, why is Mike so hellbent on coordinating the album's release with a tour? Just put it out already! You can do a traditional album-tour release for number 2!
  7. I thought the song was very good. Reminded me of Neil Young (it's probably the "Heart of Gold"-ish harmonica). Definitely worth digging up, and I wish TP brought it to Benmont so he could have pleaded for a full-band recording!
  8. And the album release is delayed too. 😕 I hope MC recovers quickly from whatever is ailing him. This is definitely a bummer though. The Chicago show was less than a week away, and I was getting excited. Double punch to not get to hear the album until the fall too!
  9. Ha, that's interesting because, to me, it's exactly the opposite. I would prefer Heartbreakers album where Mike/Benmont/Scott/Ron sing to some kind of "all-star" assortment of guest singers like Eddie Vedder, etc. Obviously nothing will have the commercial cache or potential appeal of an album with TP on it, but I'd rather let Mike, Benmont, Ron, etc. shine on their on than see them play someone else's songs. In that same vein, the very last thing I would want to see is some kind of all-star concert of celebrities singing "I Won't Back Down," "American Girl" and all the hits we've heard to death with the Heartbreakers. Mike doing DK stuff with some HBs tunes mixed in? OK. Benmont doing solo stuff? OK. Heartbreakers reconvening to play new material or deep cuts themselves? OK. But a greatest hits show/tour with outsiders feels totally unnecessary to me, and I fear that's what the powers that be will think the masses will want.
  10. Wow, that's a truly rare one. I don't think I had ever heard that song before! Pretty darn good, especially the ebow stuff going on. Thanks for posting!
  11. OK! Just got lucky and heard the song in my car. Agree it is fantastic! Jangly, crunchy and catchy. If MC (and Jason) wrote 10 more like this, it's going to be a heck of an album!
  12. I missed it too but am eager to hear it. Supposed MC and co. shot a video for the song, so maybe it'll be up on their site or YouTube (or Spotify) soon. If anyone did get a chance to hear the debut, what did you think?
  13. That is interesting, and reasonable. Nice work. One point I would say about Highway Companion: Aside from any tracklist changes, the one thing that would elevate the album is the presence of a real drummer. It's cute and all that TP can play just enough to be pieced together with Jeff Lynne's studio magic, and the album holds together well enough as is. But I think bringing in someone like Steve Ferrone or even Phil Jones to lay down some real rhythms would've created a noticeable difference by comparison.
  14. Interesting takes here. I never would have thought to remove "Saving Grace" from the lead-off spot, but you know what, "Down South" could work there. I still think "Saving Grace" is too perfect of an opening track to mess with, even though it doesn't "represent" the rest of the album. And "Down South" feels like the heart of the album to me, so it works best in the third spot. Shelter, I don't know how anyone could remove essential tracks like "Turn This Car Around" and "This Old Town" from the album! I was a fan of Highway Companion when it came out, and I really don't think I would change too much about it. That said, there are a few tweaks I would make. Here's my take: 1. Saving Grace 2. Flirting With Time 3. Down South 4. Square One 5. Turn This Car Around 6. Big Weekend 7. Night Driver 8. Home 9. Damaged By Love 10. This Old Town 11. Around the Roses 12. Ankle Deep 13. Golden Rose Regarding the changes: "Jack" is just too weak of a song to hold up. Easy to let that one go. "Square One" never worked in the second spot. It flows better at 4. Adding "Home" and "Around the Roses" to the back half does enhance an already-very-good album.
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