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  1. High Grass Dog

    TomPetty.com on the Wayback Machine (image-heavy!)

    Haha martin, same for me. The Lox Lounge reminds me of checking for band updates when I should have been studying for finals!
  2. To really discuss and analyze Let Me Up, I think the following interview is a must-read: http://www.billdeyoung.com/archives/rednecks-in-space-tom-petty-mike-campbell-on-bob-dylan-the-heartbreakers-and-let-me-up-1986/ This was conducted after LMU was recorded but before it was sequenced and released. First of all, that is a must-read interview because I think it is the least guarded I've ever seen TP with a reporter. He may have had a few drinks or something, but whatever the reason, it's a side of him you just don't normally see in interviews! In any case, he enthusiastically describes LMU as "real rock 'n' roll ... real barrel-out stuff." He goes on: "It sounds better than the first album. It’s a lot more raucous than the first album. You know how they always say 'God, I wish he’d make a rock ‘n’ roll record like he used to'? Well, this is a lot better than the rock ‘n’ roll records we used to make." Wow! That is some high praise from the man himself! What happened? With the benefit of hindsight, the author puts it well: "The record wound up getting second-guessed and diluted with lesser, pop-oriented material." I think this was a classic case of TP overthinking things, getting in his own way, and being confused. A producer like Iovine or Rubin may have added some big-picture clarity to the decision-making process. But instead, the specter of missing "Boys of Summer," along with the distraction of his marital woes at the time, weighed TP down too much. I personally like LMU, but it feels too restrained. I can't imagine why "Ways to Be Wicked" and "Can't Get Her Out" were left off the final product. Those two are must haves. You can make a good case for "Make That Connection" and "Got My Mind Made Up" also. Those all fit the spirit of that album, more than something like "All Mixed Up." And who knows what else they recorded that we've never heard! The only beef I have with "Runaway Trains" is the line "like when something dies." I really think, if TP put his mind to it for more than a millisecond, he could've come up with something significantly better and more descriptive than that. Two quick examples: "like when true love dies" or "like when your dream dies."
  3. High Grass Dog

    Album and Tour next year?

    This is great, great news! But wait, the album is already done and in the can... and we will have to wait a full year to hear it?! 😣 Ahhh, that is going to feel like forever!
  4. High Grass Dog

    Would Nowhere have fit on Hard Promises or Long After Dark?

    Haha, you guys have covered a lot of ground in this thread. Here are my quick take thoughts: "Surrender" would've fit on YGGI. "Casa Dega" should have been on DTT. "Keeping Me Alive" and "Turning Point" would've fit best on SA, though they were initially recorded for LAD. "Nowhere" would've been best as a B-side. Not a bad song, but not strong enough to be an album track on DTT. "Finding Out" and "Deliver Me" fit well on LAD. MJ2LD said it eloquently -- that record was a better off as the rocking album it turned out to be, considering what came next for the band. LAD has a distinct feel to it they never really tried to recreate in subsequent albums.
  5. High Grass Dog

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Live at Fenway Park (2014)

    Man, those residencies were something else, weren't they? Such unique and amazing performances. I was so lucky to see two of the Vic shows in 2003. Honestly, one of the things I am saddest about, musically anyway, about TP's passing is the fact that there will be no more experiences like this. The stadium tours, as most diehard know, were played out. But runs like the Fillmore ("97 and '99), the Vic ('03) and the Beacon/Fonda ('13) represented under-explored terrain for the band to do more of in the future.
  6. High Grass Dog

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Live at Fenway Park (2014)

    I meant the 5-23-13 Beacon show. But an official release of Fenway show would be cool too!
  7. High Grass Dog

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Live at Fenway Park (2014)

    I will also use this opportunity to renew my begging for anyone that has a recording of this show to please share it if at all possible! Please and thank you!
  8. High Grass Dog

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Live at Fenway Park (2014)

    Wait, wait, wait... the Thursday May 23, 2013 show? That one is one of my while whales, because they allegedly played both "Nightwatchman" and "House on the Woods," two songs that didn't make it into any kind of regular rotation. As far as I know, there are NO recordings (YouTube or otherwise) of this show, and I have been dying to hear something for, what, five years now! Do you remember those songs being played? What were your impressions?
  9. High Grass Dog

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    This is really interesting to me. I wonder if the Heartbreakers did have this kind of business meeting at some point in the last few months. And I wonder if Mike did consult with Benmont, Tony D., etc. about taking the FM gig out of some kind of obligation/acknowledgement of the Heartbreakers as an entity themselves. Lastly, I wonder who is going to be the executor so to speak of the band's future plans and releases. Will Warner Brothers just decide what gets released? Will some combo of Mike, Ryan U, Tony, Dana and Benmont actually put together posthumous TP projects and get them to market? Who will be the creative forces and logistic managers of these projects?
  10. High Grass Dog

    Makin' Some Noise from 2005 question

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Though it's not quite as dynamic as the ITGWO tour/Take the Highway version, that rocked! It would've definitely made a worthy longer-term setlist addition. I'm glad I finally got to hear it.
  11. High Grass Dog

    Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance

    I think it's a good, crisp performance. I think it's Stan on drums, but can't say for sure. Like you said, seeing the video of this would be really illuminating with respect to the band's dynamics, Howie, etc.
  12. High Grass Dog

    Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance

    Wow, nice find MJ2LD! I have been looking for this version for years! This technically counts as Howie's last ever appearance and performance with the band. Since they only broadcast "American Girl" on the RRHOF show, footage of MJLD has never appeared, even though we know it was filmed (there was even a brief two-second clip of it in the RDAD documentary). I keep hoping it'll surface someday, but hearing the audio is great.
  13. High Grass Dog

    Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance

    I think it was just an oversight actually. The Live Anthology project started as a release built around the 2006 Gainesville concert before it mushroomed into the career-scanning mega package. My theory is MJLD was selected early in the game (I'm a Man, Oh Well, RDAD, Southern Accents and IGTBK all come from that same show) and simply never revisited when the project expanded. Missed opportunity for sure.
  14. High Grass Dog

    Best Live Version of Mary Jane's Last Dance

    There's nothing quite like that amazing Last DJ 2002 tour version of MJLD. This TV performance above, however, is a close second for me. The Gainesville 1993 performance is up there too. I always thought it was a shame they included the 2006 version of the song on the Live Anthology. It's not bad, but it's tame compared to earlier performances that I think better showcase the song.
  15. High Grass Dog

    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Hmmm, well this is interesting! I definitely did not see this coming, and I wonder how this came together because I can't see MC seeking this out actively. Knowing how close he and Stevie are, and their respective personalities (Stevie is a clear alpha and MC more laid back), I wonder if it was a case of Stevie asking him for a personal favor, and MC going along with it. It will certainly be a unique and new challenge for MC, which he will no doubt ace, and I'm curious to see it play out. I can't see him becoming a permanent member of Fleetwood Mac, if that's even a thing at this point. (They don't really record new albums, and they only tour sporadically.) This could definitely be a one-and-done situation, with the Dirty Knobs finally free to take a bigger role, hopefully with an actual album release, sometime later. That's all just my idle speculation anyway. In the meantime, best of luck to you, MC!