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  1. Very interesting. I agree that Mike, Ben and Steve playing is newsworthy, but I also cringe at the word "reunion." Regardless of the sensationalist headline, it is awesome these guys will be playing together, and i hope it is filmed in some way. As past of the house band, I imagine them like a new Booker T. and the MGs. Actually, way off topic here, but someday I would love to see Steve play drums with Booker T. and Steve Cropper. I remember an interview from last year where TP relayed that Booker T. was a big Ferrone fan, and said he was the best drummer out there since Al Jackson. Anyway, it's a little weird that Scott and Ron aren't included, but not that much. Mike, Ben and Steve were always the "gym rats" that popped up everywhere on the music scene, and they are the bigger names. Scott and Ron stayed quiet between Heartbreakers tours and always seemed more likely to "retire" so to speak.
  2. Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    I just think of it as an unpolished acoustic version. I have nothing against them, but, for example, the demos of "This Old Town" and "Big Weekend" didn't really add as much to the Highway Companion deluxe edition. If there were one disc of all finished tracks and a separate disc of demos and live tracks, that could work. I just wouldn't want demos to crowd out tracks like "Lonesome Dave" or "Confusion Wheel" or unheard tracks like that.
  3. Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    There are rumors of a 2018 release for this so, for the fourth year in a row, we can all anxiously wait for an announcement. In terms of tracks, I really hope this doesn't get watered down with demos and live tracks. Just stick to the unreleased original material, and maybe a few alternative versions. Demos are nice, but are a waste of space on a release like this IMO. In addition to the potential tracks mentioned above (and on that interesting Steve Hoffman thread), I remember there was talk a year or two ago of a song called "Harry Green" that I'd never heard of before. That one never gets mentioned. Here's hoping we hear more soon!
  4. I don't think it would ever happen, and there probably wouldn't be a big market for it, but I would personally love to see a Heartbreakers studio album. Mike gets to sing a few songs, Benmont gets to sing a few, a few jammy instrumentals, and maybe a guest vocal on a track or two (from a contemporary, not some random pop star). Again, I don't think there's much commercial appeal in that to the general public, but I think it would be cool. In terms of live performances or tours, I don't see a Queen with Adam Lambert or ACDC with Axl Rose type thing ever happening.
  5. Benmont Tench

    This is fantastic. I hope Benmont takes his show to Chicago someday — I would love to see it.
  6. Benmont Tench Solo Shows in NYC

    Still haven't heard a single peep about the show anywhere on the internet. I am really curious to hear some details about it as well!
  7. ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

    I think this is correct. Steve and Scott were not official, full-share-earning Heartbreakers until 2002. If you see any official credits from '95 through '01 (linear notes, etc.), it usually says Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (TP, Mike, Ben, Howie) with Steve Ferrone and Scott Thurston.
  8. Future Tom Petty Releases

    The realization that there will never be new Tom Petty music or Tom Petty concerts ever again is a hard one to sink in. TP spent a lot of time in the studio and took great pride in crafting a legacy of high quality releases, without a real stinker in the bunch. Even as the pace of releases slowed down in the past decade or so, the quality never waned, and I'm sure he had more irons in the fire for the future that will unfortunately never be realized. Luckily, or at least hopefully, there was quite a backlog of unreleased material that Tony D, Ryan Ulyate, Mike Campbell, Warner Brothers execs and whomever else can mold into very exciting and very worthy releases in the coming years. Here is my list of the top five projects I hope to see: 1. Wildflowers - All the Rest. We've heard the speculation and teases about this for so long, it had actually become a joke. I'm assuming it is complete, so this could theoretically be released at any time. I am hoping for as many unreleased studio tracks as possible, and not just demos and live versions. It's sad there will never be accompanying live shows like TP envisioned, but with so many "new" Wildflowers tracks, this still has the potential to be a very exciting album. 2. DVD of 2017 MusiCares performances. There was quite a lineup assembled to honor Tom Petty this past February. Classics like Randy Newman, Don Henley, Jackson Browne and Lucinda Williams as well as newcomers like Gary Clark, The Head and the Heart, Cage the Elephant and a lot more. It would be a shame to not see all the performances and speeches packaged together, ending of course with the Heartbreakers set and the stand out "Waiting For Tonight." 3. Mojo 2 and Hypnotic Eye outtakes. The Heartbreakers recorded a lot, a lot, of tracks over the past decade that were only represented in two studio albums: Mojo and Hypnotic Eye. I would be incredibly excited to see a package of all the finished tracks that didn't make it on those albums. It would start with Mojo outtakes ("Mystery of Love" comes immediately to mind), but concentrate on the aborted Mojo follow up album that TP described as "blues to another power." This would have been in 2011 or so. I believe they had a lot of tracks completed, but only "Burnt Out Town" ever saw release. Then TP changed course and decided to do a straight ahead rock n roll album with all new songs. Years later, Hypnotic Eye came out after being whittled down from dozens of new tracks to just 11. There is bound to be lots of great stuff in the Hypnotic Eye outtakes. "Looking For Daddy" might be among them. Putting all this together would be simply amazing to me. 4. Mudcrutch 3. It was stated in multiple interviews that TP and co. left eight or so finished tracks on the floor for the second Mudcrutch album last year. I would love to see all those tracks as a stand alone album, possibly packaged with "Special Place," the outtake from Mudcrutch 1 in 2008, or maybe with unreleased stuff from the original aborted Mudcrutch album in 1974 (or before). I supposed a Mudcrutch boxset could accommodate all of that, even if it gets bloated with live tracks and already released studio tracks. 5. Greatest Hits Part II. This seems like an eventuality as well, since Warner never put out a compilation of material from Wildflowers on. We've had some good discussion here on what could be included. It would be fun to see YDKHIF, Walls, Room at the Top, Saving Grace, etc. on the same album, even if all those tracks are already available elsewhere. There's bound to be lots of other stuff in the vaults as well! I remember an interview from 2006 in which TP said he had a "good 60 percent of a Heartbreakers album waiting to be finished." I'm pretty sure all the Mojo stuff four years later was completely new, so there should be some mid '00s tracks out there to hear. Plus, I'm sure a live album or DVD of the 40th anniversary tour is probably a sure thing. What do you guys think about these ideas? And what others would you add?
  9. I always wondered why they didn't include "Learning to Fly" on the Take the Highway video. They played it at the shows, and it was the big single at the time. Maybe TP just didn't think the live version was up to snuff? There isn't much footage of the original version of the song live online, minus this video from Europe:
  10. Remembering Tom Petty: Mudcrutch’s Second Encore

    I'd prefer a stand alone disc of just new stuff, as opposed to packaging it with already released stuff or live tracks or anything. But adding in some old '70s Mudcrutch stuff would definitely be interesting.
  11. Remembering Tom Petty: Mudcrutch’s Second Encore

    I will third this! I definitely hope all the leftover Mudcrutch tracks get released as a new album.
  12. Discussion of a Possible 'Greatest Hits, Volume 2'

    It's interesting because studio tracks from the MCA years (debut through Mary Jane's Last Dance) have never been on the same collection as tracks from the Warner years (Wildflowers on). The Greatest HIts, Playback box set and Anthology Through the Years have all been composed of only MCA tracks. I wonder if they'd even be allowed contractually to put them together on a new release.
  13. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I've been thinking a lot about this over the past week. It's hard to know what was really going on behind the scenes, and maybe we'll never know. TP was such a private person, and kept extremely tight reins on his image and public persona. He was incredibly shrewd — much more than he ever gets credit for — at presenting only what he wanted in the public sphere. Think back to his divorce or heroin habit or temper or depression. None of it was public knowledge; it was always kept out of the public's eye. He was also really good at hiding pain. He just knew how to present himself publicly. Not phony mind you — he was never phony or anything but authentic. But he knew which notes to hit. He knew that his natural charisma and a well-timed broad smile told a story that dovetailed with his reputation, even if there was pain or turmoil behind the scenes. That's why, it's easy to say "Tom Petty was all smiles at the Hollywood Bowl;" it's true, but it doesn't tell the whole story. He was the quintessential performer, and never let his fans see behind the curtain. To a casual onlooker, he probably came off as the same ol' SoCal super cool rock star TP as ever. It's only super obsessive, overly observant fans who have studied the man to extreme degrees for years and years that would dig deeper to get a different vibe. I don't for a second believe he "knew he was going to die" or was "ready to die" or anything like that. At the same time, I would not be surprised at all if more was going on that nobody knew about, whether it be emotionally or physically or chemically or what have you. Granted, I didn't attend any shows on this tour in person. But from everything I've seen and studied in depth, he did seem a bit off to me, a little unsteady, a little unfocused. The performances were fine. But he could do them from muscle memory. It was like he was reading from a script, for fear of losing his grip if he ventured off. Gigantic mega tours can create that feeling. I was really looking forward to what he had to offer once he wound himself down and was back in a comfortable, relaxed environment, and I am very sorry and heartbroken that we'll never get to see what lay ahead. But there's no doubting he put 100% into whatever he did, including the grueling tour this summer. We may never know what toll that took.
  14. Rolling Stone: Remembering Tom Petty

    "I'm just so sad," Campbell says now, "to think that I'm not going to play those songs again." It's been two weeks, but this is still not sinking in.
  15. Rolling Stone: Remembering Tom Petty

    Very nice, detailed article. It's the first we've heard publicly from Mike Campbell.