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  1. At last a chance also for my country, hoping it's not an April fool
  2. I still can't believe it. Sad sad day!!! R.I.P. David.
  3. Happy Birthday NightDriver, hope you had a beautiful day!
  4. - Rebels (2013 live acoustic version) - Two Gunslingers (2013 live acoustic version) - Hard To Find A Friend - Wildflowers - Damaged By love - You And I Will Meet Again From weeks and weeks these songs running in my car everday.
  5. Happy Birthday Mike Campbell!!! Long Live Rock! I wait to see you in a great show with the band in Italy ASAP.
  6. I want to send my best wishes of an Happy New Year to all the farmers. Health & Happiness to you all!!!
  7. Happy belated birthday Rick, hope you had a great day!!!
  8. Paul McCartney in June - Verona Arena Crosby Stills & Nash in July - Brescia Hopening in 2014 TPATH again in Italy
  9. Happy New Year; Happiness, Well-being, Love to you all!!!
  10. Hi Farmers,I want to give my best wishes of Merry Christmas to you and your family. Peace to you all!!!:111: Greetings from Verona - Italy
  11. Happy belated birthday, i hope you had a great day!
  12. Very elegance & mighty Nurk,take fun on the road through your legendary Routes!
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