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  1. Greetings, long time - know sea! Just wanted to let a few of you know that I'm rehearsing tonight, meeting my surgeons Friday for pre-op measurements and fittings, voting Saturday, playing Saturday night, then going back under the bright-lights/sharp knives on ELECTION DAY up at Shands drive-thru surgical emporium in Jacksonville. Hopefully, I'll awaken a smilin' and free Democrat. If not, I'm gettin' mice-elf a dancin' monkey who can throw his own poop while I whistle McPain's favorite Vaudeville Malady, "Free Turd". Do the right - er, left - thang and vote like yer hiney's on the line, 'cuz IT IS! Have an Obama-Rama!!! Sincereously, Danny Roberts
  2. Dear Hugger of Gators, Yer correct, as Randall forgot that he was a drummer after we got signed, although several years later, he was in an excellent trio called "Code Blue", during which he realized that he was a drummer, started practicing, concentrated on good, strong and steady grooves. He and Marty Jourard, from the Gainesville/Motels era, came to Shelter Studio in Hollyweird and cut some little R&B grooves. Randall, by that point, was playing like a proper drummist, just several years too-late. Apparently T.P. did enough funny white-stuff to wipe-out his memory-banks of when he called me about an hour or two after I moved back to start playing with Phil Seymour. We went to the Roxy to hear the Alpha Band,who had T-Bone Burnett, David Mansfield and others who'd just quit playing with Dylan in the Rollin' Thunder Revue. We had an excellent time. And apparently Michael forgot about when he invited me and my wife over to their house for dinner. They were so busy sneaking away to do silly white-stuff that we sneaked out of their house and said...nada. Oh, and who did TP call when he realized that a very preggers Jane couldn't fit inside their little toy-car? Me. This is so silly. I just got over brain-surgery and what am I remembering? Some very un-important stuff that happened over half my life ago. At least the surgery seemed to have worked. Or, is it all just a hallucination? Let's just stick with the hallucination approach and have a little chuckle about it. Don't anybody say anything to T.P or the Homewreckers about this crap. They might get mad or leave me out of some other money-making scheme/scam they've got set-up for this year's Xmas stocking-stuffer period. I might've become an adult while in the hospital. And I must say, I REALLY miss JonJen, that good-natured bastard! I think of him/her/it every time I flush my toilet, which I've re-named my JonJen. What a guy/girl/thing-a-ma-bob. Well, must go start packing for the hurricane that's now approaching. Must pack several joints in a water-proof container, along with several lighters. Take Care, Danny Roberts Pee Ess-Thanks like a Bruther to Frankie. Hell of a singing bassist! Come to Florida some time after the stormy-season. I've got a studio in my home, which I just got into - AGAIN. Quite strong therapy for one with an extremely challenged brain. But it's all working. Just played a gig last night with a new combo. Went quite nice. I'll tell you more about it as we get it a little more prepared.
  3. Hey Mudcrutch, Whatever happened to JonJen, everybody's favorite arse-hole. I heard through others that he finally drove other people a little - let's say 'irritated', he doesn't seem worthy of much more than that -after his constant non-intellectualizing about things of which he knewith knot jack-B.S. I see that he disappeared about a month before my 'hospital adventure'. If you hear from him, hand him the middle finger on my right hand, or left, if that works for ya'll. I'd pay several Euros for his American address on a cold & dark night, just for one good opportunty to see if he/she/it has half the testicles that he/she/it seemed to have whilst seated behind a computer. But, to all others, good luck. You'll figure it all out some day. Me, I'll go back to my Zsa Zsa Gabor site and try to keep her legend alive. She was the greatest. You people have yer fun. I'm goin' fishin'.
  4. Dear Mudcrutch, along with MOST everybody else, I think you might've gotten it correct. Perhaps it was the drugs, like the heroin that seemed to be making the rounds a few years back, like when Howie checked-out. He wasn't the only one experimenting within the band. I never went that way. Smarter than that! I'm recuperating from an accident that happened back on May 2nd, where I died twice getting to the hospital, then again from a blood-clot in my left lung during 8 hours of brain surgery. Apparently not even THAT kinda crap can hurt me for very long, so if you think some small-minded thinking and yelping is gonna bother me, well...Sorry, but you've mis-identified my character. And I must've been one of the 'weak links' Denny Cordell was pointing out, since he moved me and my family out to L.A. AGAIN to play with Phil Seymour a coupla years after leaving Mudcrutch. Might've been simpler to have left me in Florida. But I'll let you wonderful peeps do the anal-izing. Funny, but I was led here to pick-up an Eeee from an old friend and stumbled upon this hefty turd. Be very proud of yerselves. I am. Danny Roberts
  5. Hey Dynabeat T & Everybody, Thanks for the kind words and welcome. Yeah, I'm pretty-well back, but I'm still having little brain-farts along the way back towards 'normalcy' and all. They're little remnants from having been 'brain-damaged' and having almost 8-hours of brain-surgery to remove glass and dirt from my computer. I had some of the most bizarre dream-sequences during that whole time. Then, on about the tenth day after that period, I had a heavy 'embolism' - blood-clot - in my left lung that could've taken me out, so I had to be moved back to the first hospital and dealt with there, so I was a real 'basket-case' while there. Comatose for a bit. When I started coming out of the 'coma' they'd put me into, I was on another planet. But then I started making a series of daily computer-upgrades, where my brain would re-install all sorts of stuff and in bigger doses on a nightly period. Every morning I'd get the feeling that I was getting another 'chunk' of my life back, so it was a real 'up-ward' type of recovery. I'd get more and more memories back in my brain, while getting little pieces of my left-hand back whenever I woke up each day. My hand's back to about 99%. A major nerve that runs between your elbow and hand got almost completely cut, so I didn't have any hand control when I first woke-up, but then got more back each day, usually 4 to 5% pieces per day. Same with my face, probably from brain-surgery. But all my doctors say I'm lucky to be recovering to this extent at such a fast pace, so I'm feeling quite 'lucky' at this point. Going through stuff like this makes everything else seem so minor in comparison. Stuff that appeared quite important prior to the 'wreck' all seems so trite afterwards. Makes you 'defrag' yer personal computer, perhaps do several 'cleanings' whilst sweeping out old stuff that doesn't mean very-much anymore. Kinda does the same thing musically-speaking as well. But it does screw with your sleep-schedule. That's taking a little longer to straighten-out. But it'll all work it's way back to somewhat normal, just edited a little, emotionally-speaking. It's good to be GETTING back, thanks. Thanks Muchly, Danny Roberts
  6. Greetings to All Ya'll, Just got back from down in Tampa, where a bunch of old friends of mine threw a little gathering to help me through the accident stuff. It was thoroughly over-whelming, as I saw alot of old buds and former accomplices. 4 teen-combos, plus a mass jam at the end of the night and I think people danced and it was a rainless gig, so it was a great gathering. I must thank Johnny G. Lyons and his band JGLB. He got it all together with everybody at "Skippers", the legendary blues-palace, where I've seen John Lee Hooker, Bobby Bland and a gazillion other blues-meisters. Many thanks to "Skippers". Big thanks to everybody that joined-in on the fun. Memories, indeed. Humbledly Yours, Danny Roberts
  7. Dearest Everyone Here At The FARM, I've been gettin' my arse ready for my first semi-serious road-trip since our little "accident", which was back on May 2nd. Seems like a LOT of doctor and therapy-sessions since I came home, but eveything's progresing nicely. Many thanks to all those who sent 'nice thoughts' my direction! I really can't seem to thank ya'll enough. Some really good old buds of mine down in Tampa are holdin' a "Benefit" at "Skippers" this Sunday, July 13th. Should be lotsa fun. I've been gettin' my callouses back where they oughta be. Should be quite the gathering indeed. At least NOW - if I have trouble with anybody's names - I can just tell them "I recently bumped my head-bone". I think I'll be using that little phrase quite-often! If yer in the area and have Sunday available on yer calendar, stop by. Three bands and a dancing-monkee act, plus I'll be doing a little intro on my 'soft-shoe act' that I worked-on during one of my psycho-therapy sessions. Should be big-fun! Big Thanks Again and Many Blessings To Ya'll, Danny Roberts
  8. JJ, Stan was originally in a band called "Road Turkey", which also included Marty Jourard (who eventually went on to play keys & sax in "The Motels", and guitarist Steve Soar, along with my one-time room-mate, Carl Patti. We used to play double-billed gigs with them all over Gainesville. We (Mudcrutch) once taught a 5-day class in 'Rock & Roll 101" at the high-school where Stan was a student. Me, TP, and Mike, blackboards and pie-charts. The final-exam was a concert in their auditorium, where we cracked the ceiling. It was quite fun! Stan's teacher was none other than Jeff Calder of "Georgia Music Hall of Fame" band, "The Swimming Pool Cues". He got a letter of reprimand for booking the gig that cracked their ceiling. But JJ, I know you're gonna try to turn this into something accusatory or negative, so you go right on ahead, if it makes you feel any better. Sincerely, Danny Roberts
  9. Dearest,Non-Gender Specific JonJen, Lay off the Red Bull! I just got my Valium, Prozac, Paxil, Thorazine and HGH prescriptions filled. I'd be glad to front you a few, as it seems yer a little tense! There's a 12-step program out there for you somewhere. You've just got to take it one day at a time and everything will be alright. You just need to open up and don't hold anything back, dude, or dudette. Are you feeling powerful yet? Really, come on over for brunch or 'pancake day'. Nothin' like some pancakes fresh offa the griddle! Then we could go fishin' or lookin' for sea-shells. JJ, where were you back a coupla months-ago, when I actually might've given a rat's-ass? You are one analytical non-gender specific mystery-dude/dudette! Please, tell me more. I'm really intrigued at gettin' to know the real JonJen. Like, who ya supporting in the Democratic race? Your Friend, Danny Roberts
  10. Dear Farmers, This is getting funny, and I mean that in a pathetic way. And JonJen, it Did collapse. It was Benmont who brought the guys back together under the auspices of Benmont having studio time and a certain group of people showed-up. Shit happens. Oh, and you forgot to include whether offices in the 70s used rotary phones or had switched-over to the easier on the cuticle 'touch-tone' system. Had the water-cooler yet been replaced by the micro-wave oven as the place people would gather to spread gossip and lies? I think this thread has become a 'virtual water-cooler', and your own lives are somewhat lacking in purpose, if ya'll are latching on to this line of bullshit. JonJen, please share some of your rivetting stories on YOUR adventures in the record business when YOU were 22 years-old. Oh, and the guy at London Records, Raul Abeyta, who wanted to possibly sign us, had us make a demo of covers, including "Your Mama Don't Dance", (TP singing), "Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin'", (me singing), along with 3 or 4 songs that don't come to mind right now. He was gonna book us at a club in the valley so that we could support ourselves while doing the lawyer/negotiation thang. So you guys have fun imagining how things worked back then. Oh, and I wound-up dating the girl at Shelter Records that thought we were 'cute' for about 6-months, Tom's 'life-long friend', Andrea Starr. And she didn't summon her 'boss'. A few months later, Tom and I were in her office the day that Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour brought their demo in and left it with her. Andrea played about 7-8 minutes of it, she got it to Denny, who signed them, shortly after-which they scored a top-40 hit. We saw the whole promotion team lose interest in us and put all their resources into 'Twilley'. And Mudcrutch, who are those that are trying to say that Tom wouldn't have made it without the list of numbers? Hopefully, I'll have made a 'salient' point by now. I'll say it one last time, I'm happy for their success and wish them well. But you guys are starting to operate in some sort of fantasy-land, non-parellel universe. You Just Weren't There, so all your yammerin'-on is nothing more than bullshit. You're trying to create the rock & roll equivelent of an 'urban legend'. Calm down, Sincerely, Danny Roberts Pee Ess - Ya'll are invited to my house for brunch after church this coming Sunday after church. Pee Ess Ess - RIP, Buddy Miles
  11. Dearest and All-knowing JonJen, You should try yer hand at psychoanalysis or fictional writing, or maybe go to work for the Republican Party. The 'flat ass' book story is me trying to laugh at something that wasn't very laughable. Pompous? Inflated ego? The photos posted here are almost every photo you can even find of mice-elf. I RUN from cameras. There are 3 photos of me during my whole school-career. I'd run and hide on 'picture day' for high-school annuals and the like. Most other photos of me are of my back-side, as I hated having my picture taken. Man, you need to get a life of yer own or become a camp-counselor to troubled teens. Or you could become a Rock and Roll Dr. Phil! You come to a lotta conclusions to a lotta stuff that you have no idea about which you dispense a lotta 'psycho-babble'. Please tell me more about my ego and pomposity. As fer close relationships with my fellow band-mates, I guess moving to another city (G'ville), sleeping on Tom & Jane's couch, hanging out day-in and night-out, writing songs, putting the dream together, helping get everything ready to take it to the next step doesn't amount to much either, according to your rather wordy and in depth analysis of something about which you actually know very little. As for your perceived 'insignificant find', that being the phone-numbers leading to the Holy Grail, they were quite significant, in that they by-passed the secretaries to the secretaries to the A&R departments of the various record companies. Before that 'find', we were looking up 'Record Companies' in the Yellow Pages and weren't getting too far using that approach. So no matter WHO found that sheet of yellow legal-sized paper full of names and numbers, it was quite the find. Saved a lotta time and paper-cuts from thumbing through the phone book after drinking too much coffee! As for yer assumption that I'm envious of TP and the guys' success, I gotta tell you sumpin'. A few weeks-ago, I was channel-surfin' on a day that all this was actually buggin' the B'Jesus outa me, when I came across the local PBS affiliate (out of G'ville, natch) broadcast of the RDAD concert. I immediately stopped what I was doing and sat down and watched it, which I hadn't done before that. After watching the whole thing, I came to the conclusion that the only thing I was envious about was perhaps Tom's checkbook. I became a musician at 7 years old. I didn't become a musician to become a 'RockStar". Everything that happened along the way just happened. I didn't think Tom looked too comfortable during that show, for whatever reason. Yet he was under a lot of pressure to be 'The Man'. I was there, about 15 rows back, waiting to see sparks fly, but I didn't see them actually make that connection that so many people were there beggin' to be part of. I wasn't jealous in the least. I WANTED them to do the show of their careers, but it seemed like just another show. They looked like they were having more fun during their Super-Bowl halftime show performance, which made me feel proud and happy for them. TP looked like he could look people in the eye during that performance, whereas I don't think he was in any shape, for whatever reason, to look people in the eye in G'Ville. As for the other band-members recollection and cherished moments about the trip, they weren't there, so that's about as good as an 'artists rendering' of what went down in the grand-scheme of things. JonJen, as for yer ego and pomposity assumptions about mice-elf, you seem like a pompous, self-important, know-it-all asshole. But that's just my humble opinion. Thanks for yer input, though. I'll file it in it's rightful place. The waste-basket of my mind (LMFAO!). Keep those cards and letters comin'. Yers Truly, Danny Roberts
  12. Miami Steve, Yer GOOD! Could you please tell me what I've been doin' for the rest of my life?!? Are you a forkin' detective or somethin'? (LMFAO) No, but seriously, thanks a million! That was a very chaotic time in my life. I had just moved back to Florida from L.A., got married, went through reverse-culture shock, and then Denny calls, AGAIN. So I made the pilgrimage to LaLaWood, AGAIN, jumped right back into the thick of it, AGAIN, and was having a ball, AGAIN. But then my older brother Freddie, who was about to move out to L.A. to stay with me and my wife, was killed in an auto accident back in Lakeland. So, I went back to Florida for 3 weeks, and when we came back to L.A., we started falling apart and had no-one to hold onto, so we packed-up and moved back to the Sunshine State. So, as you might imagine, that whole period of time is kinda like one big blur. Add to that the fact that I hooked-up with Robert Nix, a writer/drummer, producer for the Atlanta Rhythm Section on the day of my brother's funeral and then moved into Ronnie Van Zant's house, which Nix had just purchased from RVZ's widow, and you might understand that things got REALLY crazy for a coupla years immediately there-after! Whew! That's a hard one to get through. WAY too many memories! Sometimes I wish I didn't have quite so many of 'em! But THANKS to Miami Steve. Are you originally from Miami? I was born there. Mo Later, Danny Roberts
  13. Hey Ya'll, Here's one of those 6 degrees of separation kinda things. After dumping all the stuff I have from my alleged stint with 'that Damn Band' (LOFL), I went on a binge of sorts, digging out all sorts of stuff I've been draggin' 'round with me for eons. Right now I'm in the process of dumping a cassette of two shows at the "Hong Kong Cafe" from when I played with the late-great Phil Seymour, who alot of you might recall from his days with 'Power-Pop Meister' Dwight Twilley. They sang backing vocals on TP&THB's "Breakdown" and "American Girl". Denny Cordell moved me back out to Hollywould around '77 or '78, I have to do some detective work to figure that one out, so I'll have the date figured out in a few days. Anyway, this is some pretty hot power-pop! At this particular gig were TP and most of the HBs, most of the Knack, Dwight Twilley, Phil Spector and actor Robin Williams. I even have an old funky pic of Phil and Robin meeting. So, I have about an hour & 1/2 to go through and do a little tweaking. Like I said, this is on a cassette that I've had since shortly after the gig, so it's not exactly audiophile quality, but it should clean-up real nice! It's a rather spirited coupla shows, I was playing lead-guitar and singing harmonies, and the band is really caught-up in the spirit of the moment. Phil was actually asked to be the drummer with TP at one point when things got a little rocky between Tom and Stan. Phil and I did some studio stuff and he was the first guy I ever worked with that could go in and play a perfect drum-track, singing the song in his head, then I'd go in and lay down bass and guitars. I cut all the demos for his first solo album at a sleazy demo-studio I had in a former one-stop porn factory at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Ah, those was the days! Mo Later, Danny Roberts
  14. Knebworth, No, I found the sheet blowing across the sidewalk about twenty feet away, walked over and grabs it, said "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Then we started dialing THOSE numbers. DR
  15. Yeah. That's the one. You must have it. Cool, eh? How's the audio-quality of the stuff you've got? We did that spot one day, Denny Cordell, his lovely lady-friend, Evelyn (I think, that was a long time ago), myself, Randall and either Tom or Benmont. It was such a spur of the moment thing, and we did about 10 takes, getting crazier with each successive take. It's the only cool stuff I have to remember Denny Cordell's personality and wit by. He was such a great cat! Really, the difference in the audio-quality, compared to everything I've heard, is a gazillion times better, especially considering that that tape has traveled many miles all over the world with me. I've got a full suite of mastering software, as well as an Alesis Master Link 9600 Master CD mix-down machine with it's mastering software too. So I can tweak quite a bit, when needed. I knew the night that I made the copy before leaving L.A. that I'd be dragging it out somewhere WAY down the line. Y'know, after everything that's transpired over these last few months, it's kinda like, if I was simply TP's driver out West, as my role has been re-written, what am I doing with all these tapes, with all the songs I'm playing and singing on, all these photos and stories, the original contracts, Leon Russell's contract, which they let us use as a sort of template when we went attorney-shopping, etc, if I wasn't in that damned band? (LOFL!) It's all kinda laughable to me now, as I can't imagine that somebody in their organization thought this was a good idea. When you hear certain people in the RDAD moovie tell the story about the trip me, Tom and Keith took out West with our demo, they don't know what the phuque they're talking about. THEY WEREN'T THERE! I WAS! Even Tom seems to have forgotten a bunch of details. There was no phone-booth. It was one of those little pay-phones that were bolted to the wall with a phone-book on a metal chain hangin' off it. It's all a HOOT! Thank God I moved away from Hollywood. People pay to get their star in the Walk of Fame, start gettin' real serious about the number of awards they can collect, and get WAY too cosumed with their self-importance. Who'd have ever imagined Ozzie Osbourne would turn into the E channel's Rock 'n' Roll version of Ozzie Nelson. That's Hollyweird 4 ya! Anyway, I'll leave it there. I wish I could just put it in a little box and put that inside a drawer somewhere and lose it for awhile. Sounds like a good idea. Mo Later, Danny Roberts
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