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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Thinking about Tom today. I don’t post very often but I’m a huge fan and like all of you, I am feeling very sad today. Most of the bands I liked growing up had been around since I was a little kid. But with Tom I always felt like I was there since the beginning. I just wish the end didn’t come so soon. This is a picture I took (and messed around with) back in 2013 Thinking about his wife and family. God bless Tom!!!
  2. Here is Blackberry Smoke in studio recording their cover of YGL with special guests Amanda Shire & Benji Shanks.
  3. Hi all, I don’t post often & it’s been a while since I did. I hope this is ok to post this here. If not, please just delete it with my apologies. I love the band Blackberry Smoke and like all of us, they absolutely love Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. They like to throw in a cover of an artist they admire into their setlists and I have seen them cover TPATH several times. They have a new EP coming out this month and the only song on it that is not their own is a TPATH cover. They played 2 shows at Irving Plaza in NYC in September and did an interview and short acoustic show at the Cutting Room too. I filmed them at the Cutting Room playing an acoustic version of You Got Lucky. Hope you enjoy it.
  4. I love listening to Tom talk. 😁
  5. This is a prized possession for me. First Petty show my wife ever saw. I took these pics of the Beacon marquee.
  6. The girl explain the first poster to me from the artist’s point of view. The horseshoe shape is the shape of the Forest Hills venue. But the design of it is meant to represent a heart breaking & bleeding as love drifts away.
  7. They also have limited addition posters for each individual show on Tom‘s website. I have no idea how many they are limited to but I wanted it.
  8. Generally speaking, I not much of a collector other than the music. But I was at the Petty show at Forest Hills, NY and my wife & I were walking around before the show and enjoying a few adult beverages. I walked by a booth & they had this little booth with posters on it for a bunch of different shows. It would’ve been very easy to walk right by but I noticed somebody in the booth and went up and talk to him. Apparently Forest Hills has posters made specifically for each artist who plays there. The poster for the two Forest Hills shows was limited to 50 numbered copies & you couldn’t even buy it that night. They just gave a website address to me. The poster wasn’t even available that night. Several days later it finally popped up on the internet. I wasn’t able to get #1 of 50 so I asked if I could get #40 of 50 in honor of the tour being the 40th Anniversary of TP&THBs. This is the poster.
  9. I have always loved music since I was a kid. The Stones really grabbed a hold of me. I think it was their raw energy. And being born in the mid-60s, I grew up loving all the classic rock bands and classic rock songs. All of those bands had really been around my whole life. But there I am in late 70’s and I start hearing this band called Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. They were new and it felt like I was discovering them as they were still in the very early stages. I jumped on the train and never got off. I’m sure there are others on here who could marvel me with the amount of shows you have seen or members you have met or TP&THBs items you own. And I am sure I would be a bit envious... in a good way. But for me, this loss has hit my musical part of my soul. I think it’s because I felt in my heart that they were my band. I heard the band from the beginning and first saw them in the early 80s. And though I wasn’t a regular here, I keep popping by because I know that you’re all hurting at least as much as me. It’s nearly 2 am and I can’t sleep. My mind is stuck on Tom. Sorry for the ramble. I just needed to express the feelings again. Have a Happy Birthday in Heaven Tom Thanks for leaving part of you behind for all of us to enjoy. God bless. 🎩💔
  10. I know I’m not a regular here but I know you all feel what I am feeling. I could not sleep last night. It was an emotional day with the senseless tragedy in Vegas and as we tried to process that, we got hit with the news of Tom. I did a lot of praying yesterday. I don’t think there are words that can truly describe what music does to your soul. I liked his music from the very first time I heard it. Some artists just reach inside you and imbed themselves right into your very being. Tom did that for me and for that, I will be eternally grateful. When I first heard the news, the line that popped into my head was the line from Walls and I put it on the picture I posted yesterday... Some things are over Some things go on Part of me you carry Part of me is gone I see the beautiful artwork above by Liberty and I guess that line struck a chord with both of us because it rings so true. Part of Tom may be gone but we will carry part of him for the rest of our lives. 💔 Thank you & God bless you Tom.
  11. I am so sad. I can’t sleep. Rest In Peace Tom & thank you for your music and just being you. We will all carry part of you. I put his lyrics to this picture. I thought they fit so well today.
  12. Hi all... Like everyone here I am floored and praying for a miracle. Tom has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I’m praying for Tom and his family. I’ve been listening to his music and watching some videos. I watched the Walls video and it gave me chills. Tears in my eyes.
  13. They are playing Safeco and that holds 45K for concerts. I have not been to SPAC in ages. It's a beautiful venue. I gotta get up there again one of these days.
  14. I haven't been to the Forest Hills tennis stadium in Queens (NYC) for a concert yet. They remodeled it back in 2013 and I've heard it's a great place to see a show. Plus it's a quick train ride so we won't have to deal with parking.
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