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  1. I'd just be grateful for a new LP! Personally I'd love to hear something half way between Into the Great Wide Open and Hypnotic Eye - something classic, familiar and also modern.
  2. 'Refugee', 'Cool Dry Place' - too many to name . 90% of my love for TPATH comes from Tom's vocal delivery of the songs. No one does it as sincerely and naturally and with as much humour as he does. The best of Tom's singing for me is 'Alright for Now'.
  3. Definitely back in time. I'd love to see all my favourite bands when they were at their peak or even just starting out. Seeing the future sounds good but it would be awfully boring to come back to my own time and already be aware of my own future!
  4. Fantastic! This will be the highlight of my year, I can't wait! But what about the Bungalow Palace acoustic concert? Shouldn't that be included too?
  5. Today I'm having a Procol Harum binge with the Exotic Birds and Fruit album. Speaking of fabulous Fairport, I hear Ashley Hutchings has been awarded the MBE.
  6. Wow! I want one of those! I hope they are available in the UK. They should do a George Harrison figure too .
  7. In many shops now you don't get a bag for your purchases unless you pay extra for one. It's supposed to help the environment because apparently plastic bags are causing a lot of problems. This is all very well so why not instead move to paper bags and let customers have them for free? Many charity shops now charge for carrier bags but what's wrong with recycling old carrier bags for free? I can live with this but what I can't live with is the shoddy service you get sometimes from assistants who just screw up you're newly bought expensive clothes and throw them into a bag without even attempting to fold them up.
  8. There's a lot of great tracks on the show - I could easily go for Dylan's 'Positively 4th Street' or the Kinks but I'm having a bit of an Emitt Rhodes fixation so I'll go for The Merry Go Round's 'Time Will Show the Wiser'.
  9. I've not been to a concert yet but things I'd like to see sold are - good quality keyrings and badges - quality posters, not of album covers but of the band - bags; a good quality bag to use everyday - I know there are Beatles ones but I'd love a TPATH version
  10. I'm off to Great Yarmouth this week - I suppose that will be my summer holiday. But I'll be going for a weekend to London in June; hope to see Trooping the Colour.
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