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  1. I got my copy! Nice reading some of the old interviews from past editions that I don't have a copy of, and of course LOVE the pictures. I think 'The 50 Greatest Songs' piece favored the singles a little too much.
  2. Here are some pictures I took on my little backup camera, since I can't bring my Canon to concerts.
  3. What a great night! If your group picture was just an inch to the left, you would have seen me because I was a row behind the lady with the red hair, but I got lucky that all the seats in front of me ended up being empty so I didn't have anyone blocking me. Pretty sure Mike and Tom smiled at me, and I'm really sure Scott waved at me while I was waving my lighter.
  4. "I like to move on sure and easy. Like a cat creeps through the grass." "Who's gonna come and take this badass down?" And basically any line from Plan B.
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    That's what I thought, but they had them listed for 10:30.
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    Who's gonna be there Saturday? I live an hour or so away, and they didn't announce single day passes after I bought my ticket to Raleigh, so I thought I wouldn't be able to swing it. Turns out I can now, I've just been trying to figure out if I can go later in the day so I won't have to miss work. I'm going for TPATH, and since they won't be on till 10:30, I don't mind getting there until after 6 or so. Anyone have any idea if that will work? I'm so close to buying the pass.
  8. THANK YOU! I had been looking for a link to order it.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the latest Billboard with Tom on the cover they could spare? I have looked everyone around here and can't find a copy of it!
  10. I had to order it over the phone this morning, which was very annoying, but I got my ticket for the Raleigh show! Section 106! Who else is going?
  11. Less than an hour until I try to order my ticket! Let's hope this works out.

  12. I'm currently trying to find a good seat for the Raleigh show using the same thing.
  13. I loved it! Jimmy didn't quite get Tom's voice down but it was great nonetheless.
  14. Nope, we've had a couple snows but nothing more than a few inches this winter.
  15. Freezing rain and approaching winter storms.
  16. I'd definitely want to be a poltergeist because then I could get back at some people.
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