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    Mikeyt reacted to Hoodoo Man in Flirting with Thyme and other Petty recipes....   
    In an effort to "Shelter"   the other topics, I thought I would start a new "master thread" for the Tom Petty Cookbook and other product ideas that we clearly don't want and won't buy.  Keep it whimsical, keep it real, but you don't have to cook like a refugee while you are learning to fry if you don't have dog's with wings.
    So here is my first contribution;
    Flirting with Thyme rice
    1 tablespoon butter
    1 cup uncooked white rice
    1 (14.5 ounce) can chicken broth
    1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice   On Sale
    1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves

     Step 1
    Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, and stir in the rice. Cook rice, stirring frequently, until browned, about 5 minutes.
     Step 2
    Mix chicken broth, lemon juice and thyme into the rice. Cover, and reduce heat to low. Cook 20 minutes, until liquid has been absorbed. Fluff with a fork before serving.
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    Mikeyt got a reaction from Shelter in B'Day Guitar   
    You have one talented bro.
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    Mikeyt reacted to Marion in Dirty Knobs Single - Bumble Bee   
    Steve Ferrone played this Dirty Knobs song on his New Guy show yesterday.  It sounds great to me!  Gosh I love the Knobs - The new line up and the old!  Check it out!
    Bumble Bee
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    Mikeyt reacted to nurktwin in Downloadmania   
    As you all know, none of us are getting any younger. As each day passes, we loose a friend, a loved one and even our idols. Most of us don't post movies or clips of our lives on the internet, but luckily, our idols do. When they pass away, a lot of those clips and concert films are taken down from the net. Most of us would love to have a 2nd chance to see those clips again and download them for the future. I have been downloading clips and concerts for years and they mean the world to me. What I want to do here is give you links to clips and concerts that may be gone in the future so you can download them now before they are gone. I know that most of you work for a living and don't have time to search the net for concerts hours on end, but I do. I'll try to find concerts from the past and up til today and post them here. Then you can download them to your PC and save them forever more. Here's a 55 minute concert you'll love.
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    Mikeyt reacted to nobodyinparticular in Question of the day 3/28/18   
    In a 1986 interview, Tom had this to say:

    I'm afraid this isn't much help, though.
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    Mikeyt reacted to Shelter in Question of the day 3/22/18   
    Little known fact: "tax", in Swedish means "wiener-dog".
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    Mikeyt reacted to WildflowerNJ in Question of the day 3/16/18   
    Don't really eat dinner. I have a late lunch. Just do not feel like eating, I guess.
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    Mikeyt reacted to Marion in My Husband   
    I think I mentioned this in another thread but I wanted to let you guys know that my husband, Pete had to have a double bypass surgery this past Friday.  It was pretty scary and recovery is tough but he is going to be okay.  
    So, I will be in and out here and if I’m slow to answer you I’m probably busy with him.  And believe me, none of you will be bothering me as I need will need the destraction sometimes!   
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    Mikeyt got a reaction from Marion in HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!   
    Than you x and by return.
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    Mikeyt reacted to Shelter in Happy Birthday   
    Neil - 72 years - Young, works at least. (About a month late for congratulations though... )
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    Mikeyt reacted to Marion in 2017 - Good or Bad?   
    I've had better years. This year was full of lots of ups and downs. My sister has been real sick and ended up in the hospital a couple of times. My husband is having some heart issues and had to have a surgery and  he is still trying to bounce back. He is just not doing well but the doctors insist it takes time so we are trying to be patient. 
    On the good side, we went on a fantastic road trip this year driving backroads up the east coast all away into Maine!  It was a beautiful trip.   And, I was blessed with a gift to see Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers play one last time at the Hollywood Bowl.  
    My heart was broken this year when we lost Tom.  💔  
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    Mikeyt reacted to Shelter in 2017 - Good or Bad?   
    Personally, it was alright. As for the world, it's a new level of low.
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    Mikeyt got a reaction from Shelter in Question of the day 12/21/17   
    Nothing can prepare me for the annual chaos that is Christmas in my home.
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    Mikeyt reacted to Marion in Mike's solo album   
    I hope with all my heart that he does!  He has got some great songs tucked away!  
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    Mikeyt reacted to MaryJanes2ndLastDance in The Last Dj---what works what doesn't   
    The Last Dj is the only known concept album TPATH have released but based on interviews and the finished album, it doesn't seem that coherent or successful as a unified whole which is different from its success as an album of songs.
    It's interesting that Tom aimed for something different and for whatever reason, didn't see it through.
    The Last Dj---this is a strong beginning and lays out the theme of the album, the purity of the artist, the visionary loner against the slimy  corporations and their corruptive influences on artists and those who listen to the music. I really liked this song and still do, but when I read someone's opinion that it should've been electric, the riff ringing out with distortion, I agreed and feel it sums up the album itself, while good overall, it doesn't reach its potential.
    Money  Becomes King---the lament of the artist who has become corrupted. A very enjoyable song and unique in that there's no chorus. I like this song quite a bit but find the placement odd, again, not as an album of rock songs but with the theme of the record; it starts out defiantly with the first track but we're already at the corruption of an artist. Maybe it's meant to be a striking juxtaposition but it feels a bit off here.
    Dreamville---A nostalgic look back at purity, a nice song. To keep from repeating myself, I'll just address the themes of the songs and their strange placement for a concept album later on.
    Joe---I go back and forth on this one, sometimes I'm in the mood for it, sometimes it's too jarringly unpleasant. Certianly does a good job of lambasting the corrupt executive.
    When A Kid Goes Bad---Another one I like though it seems a bit odd to have two songs related to children on here. I guess this one is more abut the bad influence that Joe pushes. Musically I like it I guess.
    Like a Diamond---anotehr nostalic innocence song, maybe that's what Tom went with, a constant back and forth between innocence and  corruption, which is a different approach for a concept album.  Except, putting two songs related to corruption back to back Joe and Kid dismisses that idea. I like this song but it touches on the weakness of the record, the plethora of slower paced, almost sleepy songs.
    Lost Children---I like it though the riff reminds me of that one riff in Mary Janes at the end of the chorus. But it's good to have something a bit uptempo here and it was good they'd stretch it a bit in concert before it was relegated to the forgotten songs pile.
    This next stretch of the album is very bland and boring for me. These four songs just sink this album.
    Blue Sunday---I don't care. Another slow draggy number.
    You And Me---to contradict myself right off the bat, I do like the jaunty swagger of this song. But it doesn't feel connected to the Last Dj concept at all. Aside from the romance of the open road.
    The Man Who Loves Women---ugghh. I really dislike this song. Just bland, boring, I don't care that it's a tribute to George Harrison, I just don't like it. Don't like the melody. Blehh. Seems like nothing to do with the concept, etihter.
    Have Love Will Travel---sometimes I think the title is so corny as to be stupid beyond belief and other times, I think it's so corny but revels in that corniness that it actually seems cool. Either way, I don't like this midtempo mush. Seems like a would be anthem that never took off, esepcially with the line about the women loving the song or something, you know the line, it would sometimes elicit a cheer when they'd play it in concert; felt like pandering to the audience the same when Girl on Lsd did. What the hell does this have to do with the concept? I don't know. Maybe it's the sonic blast from the artist that wasn't corrupted, that remains pure and connects with the audience. Too bad it's such a shitty song.
    Can't Stop the Sun---A good way to end the album and possibly the strongest closing number on one of his records since Zombie Zoo! I like this one quite a bit, though it has a very strong Beatles influence. It definitely connects to the theme of the record. A really nice solo from Mike at the end, this one should've been played during the Mojo tour, it would've fit right in.  Anyway, after so many songs I don't care for or slooooooowwwww the pace of the record, this number is one final hurrah, a defiant dreamy blast of music in the face of corruption and a great way to bring the album to a close.
    Leaving aside talk of hypocrisy,  ticket prices, Highway Companions mishaps and  the set list rut and how they relate to Tom, looking back at the album as a whole, as a concept depicting the battle between pure artistry, what do we have?
    These seem to directly deal with the theme:
    The Last Dj
    Money Becomes King
    When A Kid Goes Bad
    Like a Diamond
    Lost Children
    Can't Stop the Sun
    I think this makes for a more linear concept album:
    The Last Dj---lays out the theme
    Dreamville---the nostalgic look back at innocence before the corruption
    Joe----enter the evil
    Money Becomes King---the fan's lament after the effect of Joe
    When A Kid Goes Bad---the result of Joe's corruption on the artist
    Lost Children---the lament from the Last Dj about the innocents corrupted
    Like a Diamond---using "she" as the muse, the internal summoning of strength in the face of corruption, beyond the caustic insanity of Joe and the sorrow of the lost children resulting in:
    Can't Stop the Sun---the return of the defiance of the Last Dj a bit more mature having gone through everything and an upbeat ending to the album.
    You could always swap Like a Dimaond and Dreamville, in which case, at the number 2 spot, Like a Diamond is about the purity of following his muse and Dreamville the sentimental look back with the black diamond guitar strings, and this is used to summon up the energy for the defiance at the end.
    You could also slot in Have Love Will Travel in the second last spot, serving the same purpose as I mentioned above, so you go from a look back or reconnection to the music (Dreamville/Diamond), then the rousing number to the music fans (Have Love Will Travel) before the final defiant anger at the corrupt music companies.
    You've got about a seven or eight song concept album.
    As released, I don't think it works as a concept album and it doesn't work that well for me, based on the number of slow songs and the pacing of the record but I still enjoy the highs of the record overall.
    I'm curious what others on here make of this record.
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    Mikeyt reacted to Timflyte in Mike's solo album   
    I just finished the Zane's bio.  Toward the end they talk of Mike's solo CD ,that never came out , cause Mike sounded just like Tom, and Tom said he told Mike he would be " pissed " if Mike released it because people might think it's a petty/hb release .  So Mike never released it.  I'm wondering if he might release it now ? 
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    Mikeyt reacted to Shelter in Question of the day 12/6/17   
    No.. but I got all my Christmas love all about bundled up and ready to be given free and wide..
    Besides, considering where I risk ending up.. chanses are I I'l shop when I'm dead. All in good time, in other words..
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    Mikeyt reacted to Softanimal in Question of the day 10/24/17   
    I only have three concerts to refer to, so it's narrowed down...
    Going to America! I have always wanted to go to America, and now there was a reason... Getting to see new places and experience something...
    Getting close to Tom! I was crazily in love with that man. 
    Yeah, that was crazy. Not so much for the music, more for the experience and the thrill of it all.  
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    Mikeyt reacted to Szafira in Question of the day 10/14/17   
    None. Until the end I believed in European tour.
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    Mikeyt reacted to WonderingWaitingWorrying in Question of the day 10/14/17   
    Pretty sure the number is 17 (the late 80s are a little fuzzy)
    - includes 3 Mudcrutch shows / 2 at the Troubadour (2008) and 1 at Webster Hall (2016)
    - includes 2013 where I saw shows just 2 weeks apart at the Beacon Theater (NYC) and then at the Fonda Theater (LA)
    While not a live show, I also attended the premiere of Running Down A Dream at the New York Film Festival (I was hoping TP would show up and take questions)

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    Mikeyt reacted to Shelter in Question of the day 10/14/17   
    That would be my answer too, had I only lived in America some 10 or 20 years before I did
    Either way, that is a number (without being a number) of jealousy!
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    Mikeyt reacted to Mudcrutch in Question of the day 10/14/17   
    My best estimate... More than 30. Less than 50.
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    Mikeyt got a reaction from Shelter in Question of the day 10/11/17   
    Boss works for me. That doesn't sound right, does it?
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    Mikeyt reacted to MaryJanes2ndLastDance in I Feel Like A Forgotten Song   
    Finding Out----great rocker, never played live in concert.
    When The Time Comes---catchy riff, good heartfelt lyrics, a sense of hope and purpose and optimism.
    You And I Will Meet Again---perfect mix of pop-rock, psychedelic, and heartfelt lyrics. Good imagery too. "Red winged hawk is circling..."
    It Ain't Nothin' To Me----unique call and response song with lots of attitude, exploding into a heartfelt chorus.
    All Or Nothin'---one of their heaviest riffs
    Something Good Coming----just heartbreakingly sweet and gentle and all the more powerful for it.
    The Criminal Kind---slinky riff and attitude really work well here
    The Same Old You---another song with attitude and some great playing, a sweet midtempo groove
    Luna----another unique song of theirs, simple, moody, atmospheric.
    Fault Lines----what a groove!
    I'll stop there for now.
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    Mikeyt reacted to WildflowerNJ in Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017   
    I am blessed to have met him. I remember every second of it, too.....every....second.
    God bless you, Tom....thank you. 
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