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  1. Just around the time when the Dirty Knobs are finally about to release an album, this happens. Thank you everybody on this board for keeping us updated on upcoming Heartbreakers related releases.
  2. Finally! I can't wait for the CD! But where is "I Sang My Balls Off For You"?
  3. Curt Bisquera is a great drummer. What albums has he recently been playing on?
  4. It's good to know that he's clean again now. Having gotten into Petty's music through the Wilburys, I was shocked when I first listened to "Wildflowers" as it was such a downbeat record to me. Only later did I find out about his divorce. "She's the One" is a film about couples splitting, and its soundtrack album includes quite a few "Wildflowers" outtakes. At the time of its release, I was wondering what had happened to his songwriting muse. "Echo" was another downbeat record, the 3rd in a row, but his songwriting muse was back. And he had remarried. Little did I know that he had had so much trouble during those years, and that's probably for the better. Here's hoping that the work on the book can bridge the rift that happened in the early 90s between Tom and Stan, and has helped them work things out.
  5. Thanks for the good news. Here's very much looking forward to the upcoming 2nd Mudcrutch album.
  6. Thank you for posting this great interview. Scott says he is always playing "the easy stuff". Knowing the album he co-produced with Jackson Browne, and played keyboards and guitar on, too, "I'm Alive", my guess is that Scott Thuston could do so much more musically than is necessary for his gig in Heartbreakers. After all, he is a great guitarist and a keyboard player as well. And the Heartbreakers already have Mike and Tom as guitarists and Ben as their keyboarder. So it's kind of revealing that on the question about finding his space as one of three guitarists, his reply is sometimes he just turns down the volume of his guitar. I feel Scott should record a solo album of his own songs one day. He sure enough has got the talent to pull that off.
  7. Thank you for pointing out it is Phil Jones. I love Phil Jones' drumming on "Full Moon Fever", Del Shannon's "Rock On" and Julianna Raye's "Something Peculiar". Isn't he drumming on Roy Orbison's "Mystery Girl", too? He is the guy I always pictured as the prime candidate for becoming Bev Bevan's successor in ELO.
  8. I think I remember a youtube video of Bob playing "Tweeter And the Monkey Man", too, in concert some time ago. It would be amazing if he and Jeff together could produce a Lucky Wilbury solo album, with Bob singing songs in the character of Lucky. Highly unlikely but I'd love that album a lot if it existed.
  9. Here's hoping Scott can find the time to write and record with Jackson Browne again. I really dig the "I'm Alive" album.
  10. Yannick

    Mudcrutch 2

    Here's very much looking forward to the next album by Mudcrutch. "Mudcrutch" is my favourite of Petty's recent albums.
  11. So there is Jason on the right, Blondie Chaplin is on the left, and James "Hutch" Hutchinson is the 3rd from the left. Might that 2nd from left be Waddy? Could that be what he looks like today? Who are the others? A great band. Have they been recording together lately?
  12. Well, apparently, Kirstin Candy has got an official facebook page for a while now: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kirstin-Candy/408878842550333
  13. The amazing groove song "Wobbly" has got a lyric in the booklet of the album but can be heard as an instrumental. Has a vocal version of the song, too, been released?
  14. "Into the Great Wide Open" was my 1st TP&HB album, having gotten interested in Petty's work through the Wilburys when I was a kid. It's still my favourite but I don't go back to it as often anymore as I used to. Lynne has produced another group besides his own ELO and the two you mentioned: Danish band Miss B Haven, whose drummer Mette Mathiesen also played on his solo album "Armchair Theatre". When you listen to Howie Epstein's own work as a producer, especially John Prine's album "Lost Dogs And Mixed Blessings", it becomes fairly obvious that he embraced Jeff's method of working in the studio a lot. That album is proof enough Howie was a student of Jeff's studio work. "The Missing Years" is, too, but "Lost Dogs" has a much cleaner sound even. And both are great albums if you like good songwriting and good production. Hats off to Howie for those two. I cannot tell Howie's bass playing apart from that of the other guys, but Ben's style on the keyboards can be pretty distinctive. That isn't always the case, though. On Ben's work with producer Don Was, especially the "Time Takes Time" album of Ringo Starr, you mostly cannot tell it's Ben if you wouldn't know it. So my guess is that there are some rhythm parts by Ben that run throughout "Kings Highway" and "Two Gunslingers", too.
  15. That is a really cool video. It's great from Jeff to actually allow the reporter to walk around his Bungalow Palace. Those gold and platinum records make me wonder if you can actually play them on a turntable or if the grooves in them are merely symbolical. And if they can be played, wouldn't a diamond or a metal needle easily render the gold discs unplayable because gold is much softer a material? I guess I would have asked him if he had ever tried playing one of those on a record player.
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