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  1. I think, I remember reading or hearing somewhere, that his problems started during the ITGWO-Tour.
  2. Thank you SOOO much!!!! Fantastic!!
  3. Damn, that sounds more interesing than half of the Box-Set to me. But I can't subscribe to Sirius XM over here in Germany 🤬 HELP!!! Marion, maybe...?
  4. Ryan Ulyate just wrote that over at the Steve Hoffman Forum: Believe me, there was a LOT of material to choose from regarding the alternate takes ("Finding Wildflowers") disc. This is designed to be a great album, that has an arc to it and tells a story (as TP would have insisted). It is by no means the "bottom of the barrel" . If you want to hear some of the more lighthearted outtakes from the Wildflowers sessions, listen to my show tonight on TP Radio, 7PM Pacific 10PM Eastern, (GMT-7). ... All new material. Jams, made-up songs, covers, funny bits recorded "between the takes" Would love to hear that, but don't have TP Radio. Anyone!?
  5. I'm happy with it. Think it's one of his best songs.
  6. Can't shut the forum down now... No way!!! 😄
  7. For Tracklists, go there: https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2020/music/news/tom-petty-wildflowers-all-rest-project-october-fall-outtakes-deluxe-boxed-set-1234741286/amp/
  8. I guess November 1st. The original release date was the first question of the quiz...
  9. Anyone else hearing some similarities to Turning Point? Love the song. His songwriting was sooo strong during this period.
  10. Thanks! Damn, I was hoping there is a full band recording of it...
  11. Would love to know, what Benmont said about it. Did anyone record it?
  12. New Song THERE GOES ANGELA (another Wildflowers-Demo) - this way: https://www.tompetty.com/quiz
  13. Waiting For Tonight The Waiting (PUTP Live Version) Free Fallin' Trailer (84) Walls Crawling Back To You Runaway Trains Here Comes My Girl Dogs On The Run American Girl
  14. For those, who want to stay in touch with each other in some way - whoever wants, can put his Mail-Address here: Mine: syeman@gmx.de
  15. They could as well just release the whole thing finally 😉
  16. Great Interview, really enjoyed hearing from Stan and very looking forward to Part 2 (hopefully).
  17. In the Interview with Dana, she tells, that TP just started writing his biography shortly before he passed. Now THAT sure would have been such an interesting and fascinating read. So sad.
  18. Wildflowers Full Moon Fever Damn The Torpedoes Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers She's The One Echo You're Gonna Get It Into The Great Wide Open Southern Accents Long After Dark Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) Hard Promises Mojo The Last DJ Hypnotic Eye Highway Companion
  19. When I listen to the Outro of the extended version of Here Comes My Girl or the live version of "Kings Road" ( The Forum, Inglewood, California, June 28, 1981) both from "American Treasure", I'm stunned how damn good and fitting to the band and the songs Stan was. Such a shame I never got to see the Band live with Stan. To me, he was the perfect drummer for them. I like Steves drumming, but Stans was so unique, one of a kind and had this certain feel and personalitiy in it.
  20. From the Goldminemag-Interview: BT: We have so much unreleased material that’s fantastic. Completely unreleased. The demo tapes from my parents’ living room with Mudcrutch live on two tracks that got us the record deal in the first place. We have that and I’d say about a third of that is really stellar. We have almost an entire alternate record which is from the same time as Hypnotic Eye. We have stuff all through that period. That’s the purpose of American Treasure. Did you ever hear the song “You Can Still Change Your Mind”? Did you ever spot this song version deep in Hard Promises, or the Wildflowers album? I don’t think that there would be An American Treasure 2. My hope would be to do something that pays attention to a certain period of the band. I don’t know what anyone’s plan is for that kind of thing. It’s just a dream of mine. I know that there’s a lot that had to be left off of American Treasure. With (Best of Everything) there had to be a comprehensive set. Everyone deserves one. The years we were with Shelter and then MCA, those years are pretty much bookended by the first album with “American Girl” and “Breakdown” and the Into The Great Wide Open record. The Warner period begins with Wildflowers and ends with the second Mudcrutch record. That’s a lot of stuff!
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