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  1. Wildflowers Re-Issue & Tour

    Any news on this one? Last thing I read, was this here in David Fricke's Rolling Stone article "Remembering Tom Petty": One of the projects that had been put on hold when Petty died was an expanded reissue of Wildflowers – all of the tracks for the intended double album plus additional, unreleased songs – followed by a tour showcasing Petty's breakthrough writing on that record. "That would have been smaller-scale, away from the hits," Campbell says. But "plans for that somehow evolved into 'It's the 40th year. Let's do this tour first.' "
  2. Not sure, if this popped up here already, but it was new to me. Mike Campbell talking about Tom Petty after his death.
  3. All The Rest article from Rolling Stone

    20 Songs...great!! But DECEMBER???
  4. What are your top ten (or so) TP songs?

    Long Way From Home & Lost In Your Eyes would be on the list as well, if they were Hearbreaker-Records.
  5. What are your top ten (or so) TP songs?

    My dozen: Waitinig For Tonight Crawling Back To You A Face In The Crowd The Wild One. Forever Trailer Free Fallin' It'll All Work Out The Waiting Straight Into Darkness Walls American Girl Here Comes My Girl
  6. Photo of the Day Part III

    Some pictures here, I've never seen. It's the site of Photographer Rober Sebree. http://www.sebreephoto.com/copied-blog/2016/9/9/tom-petty-all-the-rest
  7. Fillmore meet up

    Does anyone know, if there are still tickets left for tonights show? I'm in SF and would love to see the show with my girlfriend. Can someone help?
  8. [Download] Mudcrutch Album Premier

    Pettys voice sounds really young on many songs as well!
  9. [Download] Mudcrutch Album Premier

    Absolutely loving "Dreams of flying"!! Best Petty-Song in many years to me! Hungry No More is dope as well!
  10. Trailer on Spotify

    It's on iTunes as well. Just bought it, though i like the "original" version better...
  11. Tom is Getting His Own Siriux/XM Station

    Anyone got any more information on Looking for Daddy? Is it a new song? Or an unreleased old one? If so, which year? Thanks!
  12. Men's Journal August 2014 : Tom Petty Still Won't Back Down

    They shared the whole story online now... For those, who haven't read it. http://www.mensjournal.com/magazine/tom-petty-still-wont-back-down-20151020
  13. Mannheim, DE

    If you're interested, here is my review with a photogallery of the concert in Mannheim. I'm trying to translate it as soon as possible... http://www.allgemeine-zeitung.de/region/kultur/musik/12150136.htm