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  1. Thelonious

    1982 footage (great quality)

    I`m in Love will FOREVER be by my favorite Cover by them! They only played it 82/83, right?
  2. Thelonious

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    Thank you, NightDriver! Just preordered the Deluxe-4CD-Set there for 27,99 Euros. Super cheap!!! Another one for my brother, so we split the shipping costs (about 7,50). About 30 Euros for the Box. Can't wait!!!!
  3. Thelonious

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    Yes, shelter, talking about preordering from tompetty.com, cause I don't wanna order from the German Amazon-Site, since it's not even cheaper there, despite the shipping costs from thr US. But guess, i have to then... Thanks for helping.
  4. Thelonious

    TP Radio (XM) Special Announcement this week

    Anyone knows, if the Boxset will arrive much later than September 28th, when I order from Germany? Experiences from former Orders?
  5. Thelonious

    Photo of the Day Part III

    The Photographer has a homepage. She is also selling prints. You could just ask her 🙂
  6. Really interesting, thanks for sharing. But...what a terrible interviewer!
  7. Thelonious

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

  8. Thelonious

    Mike and his guitars.

    Thanks for the link! Just finished watching. What a great documentary, loved every minute of it. the Show kept me from working, but that was well worth it. Mike is one of the very best guitar players out there, as Tom was one of the best songwriters. It is so sad, we won't hear any new stuff by this perfect matching duo. Makes me think about how many songs will forever be unwritten.
  9. Thelonious

    Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Missing him the most on sundays...
  10. Thelonious

    Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    Have you heard Ron Blair singing Down South? Fantastic version! Didn't know, Ron had such a great and unique voice. Hope he will continue singing. Love it!
  11. Thelonious

    Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    They should start right away with Wildflowers Hoping for more studio stuff as well. Can't imagine, they'll put out 5 live albums...
  12. http://www.kesq.com/news/top-stories/exclusive-longtime-drummer-of-tom-petty-shares-experience-with-late-frontman/707682212
  13. Thelonious

    You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    You Wreck Me reached #2 of the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts but didn't make it into the Billboard Hot 100.
  14. Thelonious

    New Tom Petty book

    If anyone reads it, please tell me, what you think of it. I find it quite interesting, but shipping to Germany is more expensive than the book itself.
  15. Thelonious

    I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    Agree. I also LOVE Climb That Hill. Always wanted to hear that one live. Never happened, did IT?