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  1. http://www.tompetty.com/?frontpage=true
  2. You can skip the countdown by going here: http://www.tompetty.com/?frontpage=true
  3. Can someone please confirm: Is that talk about an etching on side 4 of the records Echo and The Last DJ just a wish or fact? Thanks!
  4. Hey, I saw this on Rolling Stone and thought you’d be interested in it: "Earlier today the Aerosmith leader released "Red, White & You," a laid-back ode to curing the summertime blues with a pretty companion by his side. While it may feel early for Fourth of July references, Tyler is all in on the sunny tune, which pays tribute to another classic rocker, Tom Petty, and American girls." Read more and Listen: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hear-steven-tylers-polished-new-country-single-red-white-and-you-20160122#ixzz3y9jfle4H
  5. "Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers closed out the night with a set of hits" at the annual fund-raiser Help Haiti Home Gala last Saturday Picture from: http://wwd.com/eye/parties/gallery/sean-penn-friends-help-haiti-home-gala-2016-leonardo-di-caprio-justin-bieber-10309468/#!5/help-haiti-home-gala-benefit-los-angeles-america-09-jan-2016-5/ More about the other stars that attended: http://wwd.com/eye/parties/sean-penn-friends-help-haiti-home-gala-2016-madonna-leonardo-di-caprio-10309366-10309366/
  6. Is there any page (torrent e.g.) where non-US fans might be able to get the dvd from? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Happy belated, birthday,, Marion! Thanks to you I spent a lot of hours with great music! Take care and go on like that!
  8. Now it does work, it just didn't show the latest content from the before the update.
  9. Looks good but the "New Content" link doesn't show me any new content since my last visit here.
  10. Promising, thanks for posting! Could be a premiere, could be just Somewhere Under Heaven. Unfortunately the New Noise At Nine doesn't seem to be a show available to listen again afterwards, here are the podcast shows: http://wxrt.cbslocal.com/audio/station/wxrt/ I hope someone is gonna record it and (if there's something new on the program) gonna share it here.
  11. Wilbury Twist, Wilbury Twist, Wilbury Twist! :D
  12. Good question! My favourite cover is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1976) (pure Rock'n'Roll!) VERY closely followed by Echo (1999) (great shot, perfect fit to the mood of the album)
  13. For a Texas history series Kris Kristofferson sang I Won't Back Down: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/hear-kris-kristoffersons-somber-cover-of-tom-pettys-wont-back-down-20150423 The start reminds of Johnny Cash's version a bit, tender, a bit fragile, but his phrasing is far behind the one of Cash, in the second part, when the orchestra dominates, it gets much better, still I prefer Cash's version (and the original) much more. What do you think?
  14. Great suggested tracklist! I like the rare bonus tracks but after I wanted to represent each album in the adequat way I found no space for such but ended with 20 tracks in total! Plus (not sure if that was mentioned in the posts before) I wouldn't call it "Greatest Hits" after TP didn't have that big single chart entries - a "(Even) More Of What's Best - Part II" would fit more imo. So here's my 20 songs (in chronological order, that's how I usually like my history compilations) that I would play to someone who didn't know TP was making music after Last Dance With MJ: Wildflowers You Wreck Me Wake Up Time Walls (Circus) Angel Dream (No 4) Room At The Top Free Girl Now Swingin' The Last DJ Dreamville Like A Diamond Saving Grace Flirting With Time Turn This Car Around Jefferson Jericho Blues I Should Have Known It Good Enough American Dream Plan B Fault Lines Forgotten Man
  15. Cool. He did HANDLE WITH CARE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBEMnV2I3K8?t=54m20s
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