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  1. I'm way out of the loop. What's the story here? Does any one have a tracklisting?
  2. No setlist is up. Hopefully someone will let us know.
  3. Any chance anyone can update the "Mystery of Love" link, I have not been able to hear it. I noticed that right after "the Woods" premiere TPR played "Looking For Daddy," it was great to hear. Does anybody know where one can hear it again? I'm hoping this is building a new rarities set--I can't track down the acoustic version of "Cabin Down Below" and "Sweet William" (I haven't been able to find those either). I have the acoustic version "Only a Broken Heart" as the B-side to "A Higher Place." It's really quite good. (I'm sure were all waiting for that Wildflowers reissue!) Thanks!
  4. I managed to catch it today. I really enjoyed it! I hope it turns up somewhere soon.
  5. I was curious whether or not Mudcrutch ever played outside of Florida and the South in the early days? The NY tag could just be a gig in NY, or hoopla. Could there really have been two Mudcrutches? That to me sounded less likely, but who knows? Someone out there must have the answer! Anyone know the Susquehanna hotel in the 1970s?
  6. I found two ads for Mudcrutch gigs from page 18 of the Naples Daily News Fri 22 Sept. 1972 & page 18 Williamsport Sun Gazette (PA) Fri. 23 Apr. 1971. Anybody know any more about these tours?
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