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  1. Highway Companions Club Mudcrutch Live 2016

    Nevermind! The club sent me a new link, so I have it now!
  2. Hi, My dad is a member of Highway Companions and he got the Fenway mp3's, but seems to not have gotten the Mudcrutch email. When did everyone get the email for it? I have sent an email to the email address listed for the fanclub for help as well. Thanks! Mike
  3. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    As promised, here is the link to Dan Stiles' website with one of the 2017 tour posters. He said OKC was the only one he has copies of. Kind of cool since it is signed (as the VIP ones are not, though they are numbered). $40 is a steal, frankly. http://www.danstiles.com/mainshop/tom-petty-co-2017-7eczh UPDATE: These posters are actually screened by Dan, as opposed to the digital offset printed ones that VIP got. Also, this is larger than the VIP ones.
  4. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Oh, I also confirmed that Dan Stiles, who did this year's and the 2014 Red Rocks posters did all 50 posters for this tour. He told me that sometime this week he will be putting up artist proofs for some of the posters. http://www.danstiles.com/
  5. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I'll admit that I didn't go back and review any setlists from any show this year or previous. I don't think that I've heard "Rockin' Around With You" in the recent years shows I went to (United Center for 2010 and 2014). I was happy to hear a track from "She's The One." He played "Walls" and joked that it was a request of his. As far as I remember he played "Angel Dream" in 2014. He said that they hadn't played "You Got Lucky" in a lot of years. Yes. I think they were a really great addition. Plus, their voices seemed to blend well with Scott's. Not familiar with the "bad rep" people are giving the singers. I'm not sure how you can think that the addition of very talented harmony vocals to the mix would be a bad thing. It's not like they were upstaging anyone. It is the Internet, I guess.
  6. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    My dad is a longtime member of Highway Companions, and he has been buying VIP tickets for my two brothers and me since the 2010 Mojo tour. It's kind of a "boys night out" we try to do once a year. It isn't always Petty, but it has been for the last few years. We had tickets for Des Moines Monday night. He bought 2nd row center seats for us. This is the 5th time I've seen Petty since 1987 (My dad's 7th time). Some quick thoughts about this show. It was probably the best Petty show I've seen-- with the Last DJ stop in Cedar Rapids being the next best. For whatever reason, the 2014 Hypnotic Eye stop in Chicago seemed a little low-energy from Tom. He seemed kind of tired to me. Still a good show, but Des Moines was a lot of fun. Maybe it's because he was deliberately pulling songs from other albums that might not get as much attention, and the block of Wildflowers songs. It could be that the audience in Des Moines seemed REALLY into it, and the band was responding to that. The addition of The Webb Sisters really pushed the show over the top in terms of vocals and even their running-dancing during "Refugee" was really great. I've got a lot of pictures and video that my brother and I shot that I'll be posting somewhere and linking here when I get around to sorting that out. The VIP goodies were pretty nice. The 40th duffel bag isn't as nice as the Hypnotic Eye army bag-- and I don't really like the 40th logo. There is a metal and enamel 40th keychain and an embossed wallet, too. The really nice bonus is the limited edition numbered lithograph (out of 250) that is unique to each stop. It is hand-numbered and not signed. Does anyone know who printed this or who the artist is? I'd like to add it to the expresso-beans database. Mike
  7. Live Mudcrutch 2016 on Tom Petty Radio

    You're right, it's probably fake news. I retract my initial response. In the words of Trump, "sad."
  8. Live Mudcrutch 2016 on Tom Petty Radio

    On Facebook they say, "Own the complete 16-track collection as a member of the Highway Companions Club." So that means that the upcoming Mudcrutch live collection is 16-tracks. Unless they do a 2-LP version of this, I don't think this will be an RSD release (though, I hope I'm wrong-- a 2 LP Live Mudcrutch release for Kiss My Amps would be very nice to have!). I suppose they could do a 1 LP version, since they cut a track off of the last Live collection for Highway Companions to make it fit on one LP for Kiss My Amps.
  9. It's the concert as aired on the cable special. 1. So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star (Live at Fenway Park) 3:44 2. Mary Jane's Last Dance (Live at Fenway Park) 6:25 3. American Dream Plan B (Live at Fenway Park) 3:27 4. Forgotten Man (Live at Fenway Park) 2:57 5. A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) (Live at Fenway Park) 6. U Get Me High (Live at Fenway Park) 4:16 7. Shadow People (Live at Fenway Park) 7:31 8. You Wreck Me (Live at Fenway Park) 5:23 9. American Girl (Live at Fenway Park) 5:29
  10. I got the Fenway download yesterday. Very happy to have this in mp3 and FLAC. As much as I appreciate the person who ripped the audio from the video, this version sounds a lot better. That isn't the uploader's fault since the source was cable TV and there was likely a lot of compression going on before it made it to his TV. It has some cover art that is unique to this release, but kind of generic.
  11. Yesterday the sign-up for Highway Companions went up at http://www.tompetty.com/become-member They mention two live concert downloads. Based on the Kiss My Amps vinyl series, I'm guessing one or both of these might become the April 2017 RSD release. MUDCRUTCH LIVE AUDIO: 2016! Digital audio download of live performances from the 2016 Mudcrutch tour, selected by Tom. (Expected availability mid-December 2016/early January 2017. Members will receive an email with download instructions as soon as available.) TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS AUDIO: FROM THE 2014 FENWAY PARK CONCERT! Digital audio download of live performances from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at Fenway Park August 30th 2014—previously released only as a broadcast video. (Expected availability mid-December 2016/early January 2017. Members will receive an email with download instructions as soon as available.)
  12. Since I did some looking into this release, I did a post to my blog about it and quoted the Petty biography part about leaving MCA: http://www.playbsides.com/upcoming-release-tom-petty-the-heartbreakers-1993-greatest-hits-reissued-on-2-lp-180g-on-7292016/
  13. I happened to stumble over this today at Amazon. They are listing a 2 LP version of Greatest Hits. It uses the Geffen 2008 cover, but uses the 1993 tracklist. Meaning: It does not have "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," but does have "Something In The Air." Odd sort of change, but I suppose they would have had to license it from Nicks. https://www.amazon.com/Greatest-Hits-LP-Tom-Petty/dp/B01GGJV5VQ/ The Editorial description calls it the 1993 version. Either way, that is pretty cool. Mike
  14. Kiss My Amps Live Vol II

    I've seen happening across the board and it seems to be tied to the relatively loose copyright enforcement in certain areas of Europe that still have vinyl pressing plants. I'm seeing two variations of this going on. The first one is what you're seeing-- FM broadcast being released as a grey area recording. There is a kind of loophole in European recordings that I don't have all of the details about, but seems to surround whether the recording ever came out as a copyrighted release. So, I've seen this really great Nirvana Live in Brazil 2 180g LP boot for example that is notorious for the band teasing, but never playing "Teen Spirit." I've also seen a Talking Heads early show in NYC, a Soundgarden show and a few others actually in the racks at Half Price Books! These releases are often 180g and are packaged really nicely. The second thing I'm seeing are what are what I think are "pirate" recordings-- these are original label recordings reissued by European labels with names like "Jazz Tracks" or "Jazz Wax" or "52nd Street Records" but all obviously are from the same plant. These are released under the aegis of being public domain since they are over 50 years old. They seem to be using the most recent CD remastering of the albums (Like the Blue Note "RVG" reissues done through the last decade). I know this because they have the same bonus tracks. Oftentimes they use a modified version of the original cover art (taking the original label logo off the cover of Round Midnight by Miles Davis, but keeping the red and black original art for example). But, I'm also seeing other non 50-year old pirates coming out. I picked up what I thought was a legitimate reissue of Velvet Underground and Nico at HPB a couple of years ago, and got looking on Discogs to figure out what I had and discovered it was a pirate release. If you know about VU and Nico, there are a few variations of the official release, and the one I bought was a reproduction of the banned cover, often refered to as the "torso cover." It sounds as good as any copy of this album I've ever heard All of these examples are coming to the US as imports in large numbers, but the crackdown is starting to happen. Just recently there was a huge bust. Pitchfork did an article about bootleg resurgence : http://pitchfork.com/thepitch/932-the-new-explosion-of-bootleg-vinyl/ It reminds me of the 80's and 90's bootleg market a little bit, but the releases are a lot better these days. I was a rabid collector of R.E.M. bootlegs back in the day and the quality was pretty awful usually-- many times sourced from crappy audience recordings. I have a couple that sound pretty amazing, to the point that I consider them essential parts of the R.E.M. catalog-- "So Much Younger Then" and "Down South" are from 1980 and 1981 and are really great snapshots of the band. Back then, they used to ship the covers and the records separately, and the center labels would have fake band names and titles.
  15. Kiss My Amps Live Vol II

    I wrote up an article about this release for my blog. I usually write up articles for RSD releases I think are interesting enough to do a deep dive. http://www.playbsides.com/?p=5114