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  1. Thanks Shelter! Maybe I'll get lucky and some kind soul will post a link to the discography that was shared on this form. Discogs is a great site for sure, though.
  2. An internet search turns up ... Nothing. Well, nothing remotely close to complete. Looking for everything that has been officially released, both studio and live,. Albums, b-sides, compilations, VHS and DVDs, fan club releases, even "gray area" stuff like the King Biscuit Flower Hour shows sent to radio stations If it's by Tom Petty or Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers., I'm trying to chase it down Has anyone compiled the list of all lists? I would be so appreciative for the help in finding out what I'm still missing!
  3. 1. Echo 2. Thing About You 3. Dogs on the Run (full band electric version) 4. Supernatural Radio 5. Have Love Will Travel
  4. Anyone heard this? Does the recording still exist somewhere?
  5. Thanks to the original poster for this topic! I had to dig up my password just to comment on this absolute masterpiece of an album. If I could make just one request of TP&tHB— ... it would to play the title track live. Drop in about the 4 minute mark ... Can you imagine what Mike could do with this live?!?!?! The GREATEST TP song ever -- how has this not been played live? C'mon guys ... Just once ... Please ...
  6. So I just renewed my membership, downloaded Live 2013 and can't wait to get in the car, drive home and let 'er rip ... I've added these songs to a live compilation in my iTunes library — and hoping someone here could tell me the exact dates on each of the songs from the Beacon and the Fonda. I'm hoping someone here has heard all the shows and would have this info. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply, nurktwin. As you suggested, I've got the songs loaded to my Mac. From the setlists I've seen elsewhere, there were a half-dozen or so songs that weren't included on the DVD. I was hoping to get a soundboard-quality copy (if it's out there) of the entire show on March 15th and/or 16th of 1999 at the Fillmore.
  8. This rookie apologizes in advance if this thread is in the wrong forum ... Just wondering about the High Grass Dogs live DVD from the Fillmore in 1999. The DVD is apparently a compilation from the March 15 and March 16 shows. Anyone here know which songs are from which nights? Also, is there an audio recording available of either show in its entirety? Thanks
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