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  1. After reading the list, I listened to #39 Casa Dega, a song I had not heard before. I really liked Casa Dega. I also listened to #45 Waiting for Tonight from Playback, 1995. Both songs were new to me.
  2. I was looking for the release too, but couldn't find anything. So will wait for next year.
  3. Thanks Magnolia! Peacock Alley was definitely one of the harder Tom Petty locations to find. I collaborated with another member to find it, so it wasn't just me who found it.
  4. 1996 to __: Tom at Peacock Alley, Pacific Palisades A few photos of The Chicken Shack, as seen ~18 years after Tom was there.
  5. 1996 to __: Tom at Peacock Alley, Pacific Palisades See the photo:
  6. 1996 to __: Peacock Alley, off of Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades. Tom describes his bachelor pad as "the chicken shack." It took awhile to find this place, near Will Rogers State Park and Rustic Creek. Today, not the “rundown shack” in the woods that it used to be. I leased a house in the Palisades. The Chicken Shack. In this place called Peacock Alley, off of Sunset Boulevard. Kind of like a cabin more than a house. Very funky. Chickens in the yard. But I loved it. It was really green and overgrown. It was just a small house, and I was living there alone. I thought it was a great place. I had my little 8-track studio in the back bedroom....I stayed there for a few years. This kind of a log cabin kind of place that actually had chickens. Kind of very rural for being in L.A. Conversations With Tom Petty by Paul Zollo page 151
  7. Can't sell your soul for peace of mind.

  8. I like looking too! Its like a location biography. It could be a lot more invasive. If it's an active address, I won't show the address. But old addresses I think its ok to show. For instance, I read in the Valley. Well, the first thing I wanted to know, being a Valley guy myself, was where was the bikini shop?
  9. Tom Petty's Malibu Beach House #2 January 2010 - just down the street from his Malibu estate
  10. Tom Petty's Malibu Beach House May 2003 - Near Duke's Restaurant Malibu, CA
  11. tompetty9, The quote below was the 1st Malibu beach house I found. The 2nd beach house was purchased in May 2003. (I will post a photo later.) From what I can tell Tom is still the current owner of the 2nd beach house, but it looks like he sometimes rents it out.
  12. Magnolia, Wow, that's neat that you have seen Ron's house in the cup-de-sac! It confirms the research I did. I troll websites and other sources to find information. And, of course, was curious to see where all the Heartbreakes lived. I don't really do the searches now.
  13. I took a look at Duke's Restaurant 21150 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265. Duke's is just to the south of Tom's beach house, like just a few doors down. About two years ago I went to Malibu and photographed Tom's beach house. Tom bought the beach house in May 2003.
  14. I know of two of Tom's beach houses. One was sold and the other is current. I will take a look in my papers for it. That's right nurktwin, the beach houses are not big and fancy.
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