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  1. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Man I am so sad this is really a bad day!
  2. I've seen reports that TP is hospitalized. I hope it's not true. Update - Official Statement:
  3. Hungry No More

    The new Crystal River LOL.
  4. Will Crystal River make the set list?

    I reckon Crystal River, Shady Grove, Wrong Thing To Do, Lover Of The Bayou, and Scare Easy will be on the set list if it was up to me. Hungry No More & Beautiful Blue might be the new Crystal River both clocking in at over 6 minutes. Good tunes. IMHO
  5. Are Mudcrutch Tour Tickets on sale yet?

    I bought two tickets for The Tabernacle ATL shows from Vivid Seats.
  6. I'll be living near Atlanta early in May after relocating from SoCal. Their playing The Tabernacle in ATL June 6th. I want to get tickets, but I'm not sure if they are available yet and I want to wait to buy tickets until I'm relocated to Woodstock, GA.
  7. 2014 Tour Setlists

    After hearing the ranting. TP should do what Elvis Costello, IIRC did. Have his 60 rehearsed songs on a spinning wheel. Spin it and win it, I say.
  8. Hypnotic Eye Tour Videos

    Sorry I'm not too technical about links and stuff. Search youtube for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live Chicago. There's video of every song that night.
  9. Hypnotic Eye Tour Videos

    Check out youtube videos by clubdoc. Awesome.
  10. Boise, Idaho 8/6/14

    What was the set list for Boise?
  11. Fender And Tpath

    To add to this they play a lot of Fender made Gretches. On Kimmel Mike had arguably all Fender current production amps. He had the Heartbreaker Excelsior, and possibly a Reissue Princeton Reverb (6 knobs) also, the Tweed amp was definitely bigger than his wide panel Deluxe. It could have been an de-badged Eric Clapton Twinolux judging by the size of it.
  12. San Diego Tonight!

    The video is much shorter than the performance of Shadow People. Tom took an extended guitar solo towards the end of the song.
  13. San Diego Tonight!

    I was there, it was a great show. The opening song was (So You Wanna Be A) Rock and Roll Star. They did 4 songs from Hypnotic Eye. American Dream Plan B, Forgotten Man, U Get Me High and a Killer version of Shadow People with an amazing TP solo, but without the acoustic ending. They did according to Tom, a seldom played Into the Great Wide Open. Free Falling, Learning to Fly, Refugee, Rebels, Spike, I Won't Back Down, Running Down a Dream, Mary Jane's Last Dance,a Killer version of I Should Have Known It. Tweeter and The Monkey Man. Encore tunes were You Wreck Me and American Girl. This is all off the top of my head they played for about 2 hours. The crowd was NUTS.
  14. Kimmel Live Tpath Wednesday

    Does anyone know somebody who was there? I wonder if they were fortunate enough to hear more songs than those three.
  15. Kimmel Live Tpath Wednesday

    Mike Campbell's amps were maybe new Fenders. Heartbreaker Excelsior, RI Princeton Reverb Amp and maybe a Tweed Deluxe (but it looked bigger, maybe an EC Twinolux.)