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  1. All I can say is awesome! I am so excited to have listened to Keep A Little Soul 💘
  2. I fear my heart is broken. I awoke to the tragic news of the terrible events of yesterday piling onto the suffering already underway for so many in this world. My heart was already heavy and now this. I am praying for all of Tom's family, all of the Heartbreakers and their families, all of the dear friends who make up that family, and all of us who shared the love of Tom and the Heartbreakers music. My heart aches for all of you. R.I.P. Tom. 😢
  3. Stopped into one of my fave spots for lunch today and they were playing ECHO on the stereo. Normally I eat and dash but not today! I found out my waiter was the one playing it so I left him an extra tip and told him why! He said it was his favorite Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers record so I asked him why. He told me that the songs just resonated with him and that he felt he was hearing the real Tom on this record more than any other and it just felt like truth to him. Pretty good answer.
  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I just saw this as I have been doing a lot traveling the last couple of months and missed checking in down here! I had a wonderful birthday and I appreciate the good wishes!
  5. I am more excited about Cheap Trick's induction than any other I have been in years! Can't wait for the performances that night!
  6. Pretty cool. The band is solid and fun to watch. But what is burning foremost in my mind is wondering if maybe, just maybe Keifer can talk his pal Jude Cole out of retirement!
  7. One of the absolute best covers by TPaTH. Quite frankly they are the only band other than ROCKPILE who could play this song!
  8. THIS is the reason a Sirius player is now at the top of my Christmas list.
  9. All I know is that it is the one album in my collection that has not been taken off of my CD player in the last 6 years. Always in the rotation.
  10. Wow. I will say I am shocked but not surprised. This certainly connects some dots for me regarding that dark period that Tom spoke often about. I know most of us here have experienced the loss related to addiction and it just completely sucks. I do not think less of Tom because of it and certainly it does not diminish him or his art in my eyes in any way. He is human and as frail as the rest of us. He is certainly a very strong individual who has weathered a lot of pain in his life. I am very happy to see that Tom has found his way out of that period and is still around for his family and friends. I am very much looking forward to this book and am proud of Tom for giving Warren total freedom to pursue his book with no "BS". Peace and love to Tom and all the Heartbreakers.
  11. I am very interested in this book. Glad to hear that Stan is in the mix for participating and I agree that Tom's story is a band story..
  12. Excellent read Danny Mac! Thank you for sharing the experience!
  13. Aaaahhhh.... Thank you for posting the pictures!!! What a lovely couple! I wish them much happiness in life!
  14. Benmont is such a cool human being.
  15. Loves me some Benmont!! I had this dream last month where I am sitting at the little pub next to Largo and in walks Benmont with a book under his arm and ready to hang for a few before he plays later that night. It turns out the only seat left in the place is at my table and he asks if he can sit with me. He introduces himself and we proceed to chat about music, Heartbreakers, and of course Mudcrutch. The dream ended way too fast and I do not recall any details of the conversation but it was pretty cool. Maybe if I actually start hanging out at Largo every night when they are back from touring it will happen?
  16. I will begin walking by every day!
  17. So I am wondering if anyone else has caught sight of any Heartbreakers around your town while they are out on tour. I know that they are currently staying in Seattle and flying out to their regional NW gigs. A close friend said he has seen Benmont. I saw Steve this morning at the best breakfast joint in the Jet City but did not want to disturb him as he was in a very engaged conversation. He saw me notice him and I received that famous Ferrone smile!!! Anyone else?
  18. This could be wicked awesome!
  19. Awesome seltaeb! Enjoy what is going to be a great show!!!
  20. normandi


    I am so happy for and proud of Benmont! He is a world class musician, songwriter, and a damn cool human being as well. :cool:
  21. This is a great question. I still have favorite bands where I listen to the albums when I can. TPaTH being one of those. But with the iPod those habits are diminishing as others have mentioned.
  22. Someone needs to tell Keltner we need more cowbell!!!!!! :003::003::003:
  23. Happy Belated Birthday Marion! Thank you for being such a great friend to all of us here on Mudcrutch Farm!!
  24. I just love flipping through all the photos everyone posts! Thank you so much! :cool:
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