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  1. A deluxe reissue could include Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger too... Remember the DTT only added one new song Nowhere, the rest had already been some other release, an alternate outtake or live... you know if they release it, we'll probably all buy it.
  2. I recall when Susanna Hoffs was on Tom Talks to Cool People what Tom mentioned he was going to add Waiting for Tonight to Full Moon Fever, I don't recall him saying it was en lieu of Zombie Zoo. I'm hopeful it's an extended Full Moon Fever like Damn the Torpedoes and not a song swap like the greatest hits.
  3. The last "exclusive" I heard was a live version of Girl on LSD.
  4. I had browser problems too. I had 3 tabs open, every so many attempts it kept saying to try again later and wouldn't work until I closed out the browser. And that "I'm not a robot" stuff got annoying fast. Not the stressful part is over and we just have to wait for the shows.
  5. I saw Mudcrutch at Bunburry, they played their full set, short of being an intimate small show it was really good.
  6. I got tickets for Cincinnati (Sec 2 Row Q), Columbus (Sec 2 Row S), and Indianapolis (Sec C Row U). I got greedy early on and threw back some really good tickets and ended up a lot further back than I was hoping for. Looking at the seat map it looks like most the better seats appeared to be for the premium ticket packages. In 2014 I went to 4 shows and had front row for 3 of the 4 and was hoping to get similar.
  7. They had a promo the other day saying there would be a new song soon. Also not necessarily now but as far as I know they are not available on any release but played on some TV show in Germany... "Call me the Breeze" and "Lucille".
  8. Got my copy too, also picked up the Mudcrutch Trailer 45 too.
  9. Yeah, I'd say Crazy World and Beautiful World are 98% the same song.
  10. ^yes, as far as studio tracks. I've heard some more obscure tracks not in heavy rotation, all of which have been on some official release. The only other thing I've heard In rotation that I don't believe to be on an official release is Call Me The Breeze, I believe the recording is from a TV special. Initially Tom said there would be a new song every month, or two or two and half, I'd expect something else soonish.
  11. I want ahead and bought VIP tickets... Ouch $$$... But I was planning on spending more if I had to travel to see them. I have to assume they are playing festivals to help finance the tour.
  12. http://www.bunburyfestival.com/ This is almost in my backyard... I'm not to keen on Festivals but I may have to make an exception to see Mudcrutch.
  13. Thanks Marion, Anyone catch that Benmont is getting his own show on Tom Petty radio? I think it's starting Wednesday.
  14. Thanks Marion, now I only need 2 minutes to be home to download it (been very busy between work and kids activities). I believe it's from the Jim Lad radio special for Mojo. If I recall they said it wasn't finished in time to be included with Mojo but would be released sometime in the future.
  15. "I think the general public has no idea what roadies do. Bless 'em all. I just play the song." -Tom Petty
  16. Generally speaking most of the song are on an official release it's in the shuffle. I've heard some more obscure releases like Take Out Some Insurance, Dog on the Run, Route 66, I Fought the Law, many acoustic and live versions from b-sides... In the car today I heard Call Me the Breeze, I don't think this is on any official release, but maybe recorded on a TV special. I still need to make a recording of Mystery of Love.
  17. Just listening to Tom Petty Radio and they played the "new" exclusive "Mystery of Love", I'm glad to see it finally released, this was a Mojo outtake and I remember them playing it on a radio special for Mojo and Tom said it wasn't ready in time to be included with Mojo but would eventually be released. Btw, I lost my copy of that Mojo radio special, anyone know where I can find it?
  18. Well done! Hopefully we'll see the Mudcruth album sooner than later, excited to hear everyone sing on a track. Glad I held out on buying the HDTracks, sounds like we'll have some extended albums for the 40th anniversary.
  19. I'm already a subscriber but had to upgrade my plan, other than Lookin' for Daddy there hasn't been anything obscure that I don't already have in my collection (frankly I could put my collection on random and have more content but without the commentary) the most obscure track I've heard so far is Jaguar and Thunderbird. Although I enjoyed the live at Fenway park I was disappointed it wasn't the full show. I'll probably keep my plan upgraded but negotiate a discount. To make it worth it I really hope the dig deeper in the back catalog (not just tracks from Playback) and release more exclusive tracks.
  20. http://blog.siriusxm.com/2015/11/20/what-youll-hear-on-tom-petty-radio-muddy-waters-slim-harpo-the-beatles-the-kinks-more/ Rock icon Tom Petty is curating a brand new channel on SiriusXM called Tom Petty Radio (Ch. 31), which plays music from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Petty’s solo career, the Traveling Wilburys and Mudcrutch. It also features unreleased studio and live recordings, exclusive to SiriusXM, as well as unique cover versions of Petty’s songs and rare live performances from Petty’s personal vaults. In fact, the channel is kicking off at 6 pm ET with a two-hour guest DJ session by Petty himself, that starts with a world debut of one of his songs and more specials. The channel will also host world premieres of upcoming new music recorded by Petty. “I’m a little nervous because every month or so, maybe every two months, 2 1/2 months, we’re gonna bring you a brand new record that we make in the studio and you can’t get it nowhere but here on Tom Petty Radio,” Petty said during his debut DJ set. “And we are just having a ball doing this.” The first song he debuted was Looking for Daddy, which Petty described as “a new bag for me.” In addition to exclusive Petty tracks, the channel will feature Petty’s favorite songs from The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones as well as influential R&B and blues tracks from Muddy Waters, blues guitarist Slim Harpo, Memphis soul singer Anne Peebles and many more.
  21. I think it was more the Napa venue, before the show a host came out and asked the audience to keep their conversation to a whisper. When Mike came out he made a comment that he didn't know there would be tables. Overall it was a good show but not my favorite of the three.
  22. Here is a copy of the tour set list, this one is from The Winery but they used the same one each show, Mike deviated from this a lot and was calling out songs as they went. Here is a copy of a signed flyer from Moe's Alley. Sarah took the pictures, I'll post them after she has a chance to go through them. The Coffis Brothers opened at Moe's Alley and Sweetwater, they were really good, we bought both their CDs and are really impressed.
  23. I'll actually be at all three shows next week.
  24. I wonder if missing bonus tracks will be included with a future deluxe Bly-Ray release. Also missing are the bonus tracks from Highway Companion. I'm hopeful for a deluxe reissue similar to DTT with all the b-sides and outtakes from the album.
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