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  1. It could be concert footage with tracks dubbed over or something. Maybe 400 Days might have something, can't confirm that thogh.
  2. Does the highway companions club still give you good seats if you purchase tickets after the presale date? Tickets go in sale in a few days and I will be buying my tickets 2 days after they go on sale, just concerned lol
  3. Hey, as a 23 year old heartbreakers fan I can tell you I went through the same a few years back, if you haven't read the article on here from the Milwaukee newspaper about Howie. I went to my first heartbreakers concert last June and it kinda bugged me that I'll never get to see howie. Go on sugarmegs and listen to some old concerts, that helped me. Howie was so amazing live
  4. I called in from Canada, was on hold 45 mins but so worth it lol
  5. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/blogs/alternate-take/tom-petty-plots-intimate-summer-tour-theres-no-telling-what-well-do-20130228 I am so stoked to finally see The Heartbreakers live, I have waited 4 years but this year is a go. It's a great article and discusses the 2014 album a bit. I was kinda hoping for a rock album compared to another blues album:confused:
  6. Dogs on the Run for sure, I always wanted to hear letting you go live.
  7. Are there songs that you have heard somewhere that Tom and they boys have made that you really want that haven't been released? what are your lists? And about RDAD documentary, there is a concert version of free falling that I am not sure what concert its from. I know it has planets hanging above the stage and all I know is that its between the mid to late 90s. But my list for unreleased songs are: Wildflowers from RDAD - the one with Tom and Benmont playing, it sounds so beautiful to me. Letting you go demo from RDAD Sonny Boy Williamson Help me cover Any versions of Learning to Fly with the whole band playing. Thanks and I am interested in your lists!
  8. Thanks you so Much!!!!

  9. Lonesome Sundown for sure; But somehow sailing by Christopher Cross always makes me shed a tear or 2.
  10. I can look tonight, not sure if I have it.

  11. Hey are you Ryan? I was wondering if I could maybe get the 1991 oakland concert from you? I love it so much.

  12. 1. Do you wear contacts or glasses? I Wear Glasses 2. Do you get easily embarressed? Sometimes 3. Do you buy lottery tickets? Nope 4. Have you ever ridden on a motorcycle? Nope 5. With the exception of your computer, what can you hear? The Wind 6. Fill in the blank: I should have ______ yesterday. Slept more
  13. It was to my friend who lives far away, I haven't seen her in months. We were talking about maybe hanging out tonight for a bit. I haven't heard from her in a few hours. It doesn't look like its happening tonight; it breaks my heart </3
  14. Ted Mosby from How I met Your Mother.
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