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  1. That's awesome Susan!! Congratulations!!!! Don't forget to breathe.
  2. Thanks Marion! You always take care of us:)
  3. R.I.P. Carol Carol was always so giving. She gave me a couch to sleep on years ago in a hotel room near Red Rocks (offered before ever meeting me), upgraded my Bonnaroo ticket so I had access to the VIP campgrounds and early entrance to the stage so we could wait all day, offered me an expensive Rolling Stones ticket once.. and probably a dozen other things I'm forgetting about... all without ever wanting anything in return.
  4. Poor Mike. If someone captured this event on video.. I hope they're classy enough to keep it off the internet.
  5. What do you know.. they can fit things into their busy schedule of getting that album done.
  6. For some reason I'm not really angry about this, but I feel I should be. I did have an awesome front row seat. But at least I haven't lost any money... other than $4.00. Although this offer is better than nothing.. I still think it kinda sucks. Here.. you can't go to the show you wanted to, but if you buy crappy seats to this other show that you didn't want to go to.. you just might win the front row seats that we held back so that another loyal fan would pay $300/$600 to sit in the second row when the tickets first went on sale. They should just let any fan who got screwed on any of the postponed shows.. enter into a drawing.. without spending more money on shitty seats. Just my opinion. (They should actually do a hell of a lot more than that) I guess the part that really irritates me, is that the credit card that I used to buy my Louisville ticket.. is now no longer good b/c I had fraudulent charges a few weeks ago... so now I have a new card. Looks like I get to spend a whole day trying to find someone on the phone that can help me. Also.. this is the third cancelled TP show I had planned on attending. And the last time I only attended two shows in a tour.. was in 1999... the year I started.
  7. Congratulations to those who were upgraded to the A list. Maybe they finally realized it was wrong to tell everyone not to renew their membership.. then punish those who listened to their advice. Good luck to everyone! Remember if you don't get your tickets now.. Tazzy Fund is coming soon with their Rock The Dogs auction. Patty.. in 2008, I'm thinking Philly went through some weird site.. etix or something?? I don't remember.. I just know for some reason it was different. Hopefully they'll get that link up for you soon.
  8. Come on Nurk.. don't give up. Yeah.. this sucks. It's definitely not ideal. Some of us have lost sleep, pulled out hair, punched walls. etc.. but, you know it's totally worth it. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be so freaked out right now. Picture yourself right now at the concert (hopefully front row), and tell me you're still going to be mad about this when Mike comes out smiling and gives you that salute, or throws you a pick. Or Tom gives you that welcome back look. Stressful now.. awesome later. Trust me.
  9. I don't know why everyone is freaking out.. it's pretty simple. Tomorrow morning, approximately 15 minutes before the presale begins, you will receive an e-mail from a new address that half of you won't see because it will end up in your junk mail folder. In that email will be a unique code that you must post on the wall of TPATH's facebook page. If "TPATH" likes your post, they will go to your myspace page and comment on one of your pictures. In that comment will be a special link to a v.i.p twitter where you will get a new code and again be re-directed to a livenation page that directs you to a ticketmaster page where you enter your phone number to receive a text meassage that tells you you're shit out of luck. But for your troubles.. fanfire will send you $2000 worth of coupons.. but they will be 2000 $1.00 coupons that cannot be combined or used for shipping.
  10. This could be a mistake, but ticketmaster is currently showing two shows in Noblesville, IN... 7/10 and 7/11.. interesting.
  11. Aww.. thanks for checking in on me:) I'm doing well, I visit the farm when I can.. but don't usually have much to say. I just bought my first home and have been spending a lot of time trying to get all settled. It's very exciting and also scary. I hope all is well with you. Love to hear that you're still enjoying the dvds.

  12. As a food service worker, we use the extended 15 second rule. And then you don't even have to season it!
  13. I hope everyone who goes has an amazing time. For those of you needing to travel: Southwest is offering a sale that expires 10/29/09 at 11:59pm PST Good for flights between - Dec 2, 2009 ~ Dec 16, 2009 - Jan 5, 2010 ~ Feb 10, 2010 One Way Prices Up to 374 Miles - $25 Up to 549 Miles - $50 Up to 999 Miles - $75 1000+ Miles - $100 http://www.southwest.com/
  14. That stinks Marion. I'm gonna be positive and predict that some how, you'll get it resolved. Maybe try ticketmaster again? Sometimes I find that when you try talking to someone else, they know a lot more than the first person (or 10) you talked to. I don't see why they don't just give you another code.
  15. Thanks Ryan, good job. The prices that you mentioned for the pre-ordered sets... those are discounted prices for tour members, right? Does it happen to have the regular price on there too?
  16. Thanks Mud. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sit this one out and then just go crazy with the 147 different package options come November. I'll check out the free preview or whatever tomorrow and then your video.. maybe you'll change my mind.
  17. Happy Anniversary! Thank you Ryan, and everyone else who makes this place rock!
  18. I'm not voting on anything until I have full details on whether Ryan will be keeping his pants on. For now put me down as undecided.
  19. That must have been a really cool experence Marion. Danny Mac is the man.
  20. Very cool! Finally something to be excited about and look forward to in the TP world.
  21. I have my tickets... this is the only concert I'll see this year.
  22. Edit: Everything I had offered is now taken. This thread works great Ref!
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