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  1. Very Excited , Dear Mr. Fantasy play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything, take us out of this gloom Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy
  2. Im hopeing I get to go to the Nashville show, Its been too long . Ive heard a few songs off the new album Totally amazeing! Congrats TPATH on the number 1 album... I love all the albums !
  3. Come forth thy music and let my heart rejoice !
  4. To one of my Dearest Friends Happy Birthday Sharbaby I hope You have a fabulas day today and always Muchco Love !!!
  5. Happy Birthday Tom Thanks for the music & Thank You for bringing Dear friend togeather in the name of Rock & Roll much love
  6. The dr said I put on 4 pounds
  7. If You go to bonnaroo You have a place to stay if You want
  8. I hate that I had to go to two funerals in a week. sighhh
  9. I'm moveing into my house 1st of Jan ! What a way to start the New Year !!!
  10. Just like old Times LOL I could see people chatting but I couldn't post Happy Birthday Tom I love You !
  11. LRED

    I Love.....

    Congrats Barb there's nothing like it ! I love I finally got aim on my phone !
  12. That was cool , Thanks for posting the clip !
  13. Happy Birthday Barb , I love YOU !!!
  14. me too even though I wasn't there lol I remember the time I was...
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