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    Austin Show

    I like the sweatshirt but I must have made a mistake in my order. I must have ordered the "European" cut because it fits quit tight. :confused:
  2. chewse

    Austin Show

    More Austin show pics including meetup photo. Sorry Angie but I love the picture! http://s1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd382/chewse1123/Tom%20%20Petty%20in%20Austin%20on%205-5-2012/
  3. way tooooo negative! keep positive. Austin will be GREAT!
  4. I'm really sorry to hear that! The show will be one of a kind!
  5. Susan, let me know if you get tickets! Wendy and I are going if we can get tickets!
  6. I'm putting on weight just thinking about pies!!:085:
  7. Peach pie! How could I forget. Now where does good ole Georgia peach pie fit in my list? before blackberry, after key lime, before apple? oh forget the list, I love them all too much as evidenced by my waist size.:eek:
  8. OK - this thread is now about pies. My favorite pies are in this order: 1). Pecan 2). Cherry 3). Blackberry 4). Apple 5). Key Lime 6). Blueberry 7). Lemon Meringue
  9. Still technical issues at the tompetty.com forum. Seems the support guy should have fixed the issues by now.:085:
  10. Chewse is at House of Blues Dallas tonight to see Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Shawn Mullins opened and was crazy good
  11. Happy Birthday Tom! We look forward to your next tour!!
  12. Hey Marcia - Last night I had posted Wendy's and my Irvine pictures on the TP website. Don't know if you saw the photos yet. I also have a picture of the meetup. Here is the link: http://community.tompetty.com/gallery/album/137/36-irvine-tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers-show-on-10-2-2010/
  13. A post on the Tom Petty board said the show tonight is being postponed. http://tompetty.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/1426055511/m/901105755?r=781105755#781105755
  14. Hey SarahJo - I posted our Dallas concert photo on the Gallery at the new Tom Petty community site: http://community.tompetty.com/gallery/?
  15. chewse

    Phoenix Anyone?

    Hey Boss - Here is another thread with other TPATH fans going to PHX. http://community.tompetty.com/topic/38-phoenix/
  16. Nice pictures Refugee!!! I LOVE Mike's jacket.
  17. Hey Susan - just added you as a friend. I'm a novice to the Mudcrutch Farm forum. I'm going to be poking around here more; the regular TPATH forum seems to be getting a little "weird." Best Wishes, Chuck.

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