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    The Last DJ--Or Mojo--Not sure, I love them all. Full Moon Fever is incredible!
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    Drawing; Obsessing Tom Petty; Obsessing Dwight Yoakam; Collecting things.

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  1. Yeah... but for some reason on the 'guide' they wrote "Musician Tom Petty and his son" I found it when I was searching Tom by his name. I don't watch Today so I had no idea! At least it was for a good cause though... I just wish they would of got there facts straight on the guide!
  2. Yep... I was so eager to see him with Dylan... then they went and changed it to KYLE Petty. >.<
  3. Nevermind. I was just told the CHANGED the info to Kyle Petty and his son! Ugh! I hate the TV... They always get my hopes up! [Can't Delete Thread]
  4. It said Tom was supposed to be on the Today show with his son today.... So what happened? My TV was supposed to record it and didn't I'm really sad now I waited all week for it... If anyone can point me in a direction to see it I would be so grateful...
  5. Hey it's okay, I understand. I assumed it was something like that... If I can wait 4 months I can always wait longer ;D
  6. I'm not sure... I would like to talk to her again and know if she's sent it yet or whatever, I could give a new address or something!
  7. LOL, well like I said, I'm very patient and understanding and believed that it was just a mistake.... thanks for all the responses though! It's really made me believe I will get it eventually Cos I still really want one!!
  8. I ordered mine in December for 25 dollars and never received it or got any word about why... I've been more than patient I think and wanted to know why...? I kind of want to get my money back at this point if I'm never going to receive it... Sarah Jo
  9. Hi Linda :) Was curious if my DK vinyl was ever shipped out? Still haven't received it yet :o ~Sarah Jo

  10. Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a great day

  11. Happy Birthday, Lisi!! <3 Hope it's a good one

  12. I never heard anyone say that... but... he doesn't refer to his band as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Steve Ferrone... So I guess that says all lol!
  13. That's alright, Linda! I understand.... I would hate for the 45 to come and it be broken into pieces... As long as I know it's coming I can wait for it! :) Thank you for the quick reply though! Sarah

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