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  1. Thanks so much for the bday wishes, they mean a lot! I haven't been able to log on, just got it figured out again! Love to you all, rock on!
  2. gladto see the resurgance of vinyl. I still get a thrill of going through the record store and finding treasures, and that newer artists are not abandoning it and releasing their music on it:)
  3. I am open, so whatever you decide is good for me. I am off work for the summer.
  4. I enjoyed reading all the posts and seeing the great pics! That sure was a small venue! Nice! I too read that tweet from Benmont, I am glad they are having a great tour! I think Ben has been wanting to go to Europe for a long time. So happy for them, and us!
  5. I too was so mad that Palladia didn't show them. Loved the youtube videos, so I feel better now!
  6. reading this makes me smile....so happy for you, what a magical night that you will never forget! Thanks so much for sharing it with us:)
  7. Hi, I'm Angie. I live in San Antonio, Tx. I am a busy mom of 5 who loves TPATH:) I love doing yoga and jogging. I am an avid record collector too. I love sharing my love for the band and making new friends on here. My husband and I love hearing live music together. This place has been a great way to meet some wonderful people! You know who you are:)
  8. I was excited there too until I read on.....
  9. pre ordered just now. Thanks for the heads up, another addition for the collection. Nice:)
  10. Sugar

    Austin Show

    Thanks for the pics Kira! It was so nice to meet you:) I had a glorious time at the show, the guys were all smiles and in top form. I was rocked to the core! My son who saw them for the first time said it was incredible! I am so thankful for my TP friends and the band the draws up together! It was a wonderful night!
  11. Sugar


    it's great to read all the great reviews of this and all the other shows. It makes me all the more excited to see them on Saturday. It will be my son JJ's first show, he had to miss Mojo tour and was extrememly bummed out about that! Can't wait to meet up with all my Texan Farmers:)
  12. I am a Mounds fan, but rarely eat a candy bar. I do partake in the Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares more often, hoping they are good for me:)
  13. sounds wonderful, so wish I could go, money is tight this year though....can't wait to hear all about it! So glad they are playing a gig for all who can go!
  14. sent in my pledge, love you girl!
  15. Nothing fun to report here....oh well, maybe next year:)
  16. wow, that's such a beautiful venue!
  17. I just love badminton....I love the feel of the birdy when it hits your racquet just right:)
  18. Sugar

    RAH 2012

    So glad you get to go Johni! I hope you are feeling back to your old self:) I could only imagine how wonderful it would be to see them in the Hall, wow...
  19. Cab Calloway...Roy Orbison, Elvis, John Lennon caricacture,wow, that's cool:)
  20. Sugar

    US Presales

    wow, that was a wild ride....I got my VIP one no prob, but the regular ones were tricky. You had to hit presale/promotion tab, to enter your code...which was wrong. My husband noticed the CH, HC reverse on the email, ACK!! my heart was pounding! My husband and two kids got seats off to the side and up, that's ok with them. I hope my seat isn't too far back, and close to some of you guys! Being short is making me consider high heels, even though they are uncomfortable!
  21. Sugar

    US Presales

    ok, found the MyLAA thingy. signed up, not sure what is all means yet, but when presale time comes, I guess I will find out.
  22. Sugar

    US Presales

    Lizze, what is a MyLAA, my head is spinning with so much info. I got the codes in the email and on the tours page. I think I want to buy me a package seat, but I guess I won't know where it is till I get there....hmmm. Hope it's by you guys. Jon and two of my kids are going too, but their seats will be further back cause they aren't as hardcore as mom.
  23. Sugar

    US Presales

    Do you think they are emailing presale codes again? Can't wait to see our Texas peeps too Lizzie!
  24. Kira, Angie Martindale here, friend request me and I can hook you up with a lot of other TP friends as well!
  25. Happy Holidays to all my Farmer friends! Let's rock it in 2012!!
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