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  1. I think you can keep it simple re produce old tour shirts etc, I would rather an 1999 echo white tour shirt than what's came out, but still want tom petty and the heartbreakers t shirts
  2. it seems adria is really grieving and it's clouding her a little, it also seems she went to the press as her lawsuit which seems to have less meat, but is getting more national coverage (cnn, rolling stone etc) It also seems best of everything was delayed multiple times because of her why was her video just released three months after it came out (she does make great videos) Is merchandise either one of them isn't that just live nation (who younger tom petty would say older tom petty) sold out to running all that. I don't like the ads but I do want more TOM PETY HODDIES AND T SHIRTS I don't think anything is wrong with that. Bottom line is November is 25 years wildflowers all the rest should be released tom would have I believe if he was still with us. release that than decide the great future and let the heartbreakers be heard maybe mike and benmont should get a vote two Lastily adria seems to be struggling with why he died if you read the rolling stone interview and I agree how does a recovered heroin and cocaine addict get fenthyel with out at least a dr 24/7 supervison.
  3. Refugee that slow is kind of cool odd and so weird
  4. without reading it I'm not shocked by all the feelings and arguments, suden death of a loved one is going to bring up blame, pain anger it's all part of grieving, To argue over all the rest which Tom clearly was going to put out soon (although tom said a lot of stuff that never happened) And is with out a doubt the most popular and wanted album by fans and I would argue general public to, just seems selfish. Compromise put all the rest out and than take a break nothing for a year.
  5. Honestly if they are really arguing from the limited knowledge of the band put benmont in charge of all he really seems to be the one who acknowledges faults and all and would make good decisions it it's about money i don't care and Tom would be disappointed honestly the best of everything was unnecessary and sell out CD i side with who ever opposed that
  6. echo is tom petty to me I believe it's his only cd where his raw emotions come out songs are less vague he lets you into his pain I don't belong instantly struck a chord with me gainseville not really I was on a trip to wonderful san diego last week and I listened to American treasure on my 3 hour flight home always love surrender keep a little soul is a hell of a gem in the vault straight into darkness/you can still change your mind/rebels/deliver me/alright for now, the damage you've done/best of everything/ walking from the fire/king of the hill was a hell of a great 9 songs most of the general audience haven't heard I appreciated gainsville as it was very personal all of a sudden it wasn't vague it wasn't meant to have multiple meanings it was tom speaking of his past I don't belong was tom speaking how he felt currently. I have always loved echo it's the only album (in my oppnion) where tom puts his emotions conflicting as they maybe completely out there I hope there is a lot more in the vault.
  7. part of me thinks this is mikes retirement tour one more time for the big audience, and the money. reading the roller stone article stevie saying this will create a moment ( sounds disingenuious) to tom to my ears, let mike do something good coming/ running down a dream that would really honor tom. I love benmont chimera said it better than me
  8. 61 million gross is really miss leading (it sounds like tom became the artist from last dj) but that's tickets sold impressive, but imagine how much it cost to produce that tour pay everyone especially those who have been with you for 40 years. I'm sure tom made a lot of money but it was no where near that amount.
  9. same songs I love room at he top to echo to one more day one more night all sad songs but so much hope in between. On a different note thise two last photos by sings for french are a perfect way to end that other thread in my oppnion
  10. I heard a song on the radio during a crappy point of my life "life goes on way after the thrill is gone" not tom petty thought it was t on echo became an instant tom petty fan. Haven't listened to echo since his death. rip echo is goimg to be hard to listen to when i try
  11. It shows alot about his inner circle ( at least to me) and the loyality that nothing comes out before it's meant to about anything. 4 days till it would have been 67 th and a very different day, I'm sure the family will celebrate it and his amazing life.
  12. not sure if it has been posed but a pretty cool little tribute at the florida gators game today the songs will go on http://www.businessinsider.com/gators-fans-sing-tribute-to-tom-petty-2017-10
  13. Yes that's the article I'm bad with links on my phone I thought that was a good read
  14. There was a tidbit I read from peter Wolff that said Tom was riding a golf cart backstage and taking lots of pain medicine for it. There is also a good interview from the la times just three days after the tour ended.with Tom good read if you can find it. He said in that the band always go on some way or another unless one of them got sick or died god forbidthat would be the end. Oreally a throw a way line that now is so relevant
  15. Like all I'm shocked and saddened but fell really fortunate that as a late joiner i got 18 years and numorous concerts, that will always be with me, Really sad that it seemed tom was not done I'm sure wildflowers and the rest will come out soon but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to listen to it. Prayers are with his family friends and the band RIP tom.
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