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  1. vincanity23

    Steve Ferrone: Six or seven albums to come

    Has anyone found a place to download/buy the Mudcrutch Live 2016? I can't find it anywhere, been looking for months. Wish I could just buy the Highway Companion membership and be done with it
  2. Caught one, You Got Lucky from Red Rocks...sounded great
  3. Would anyone with the Live Mudcrutch album want to trade or be willing to sell it to me. I just picked this bad boy up, Mojo 2012 DVD. Never heard of it until I saw it at this random record store I went to on vacation, but it is pretty cool...has highlights from Isle of Wright, Jazz Fest and the Super Bowl. I could rip the audio and send it to you or something. Send me a message if interested
  4. Really enjoyed the concert, Other Side of the Mountain has a long jam at the end that is great, Crystal River is great as always, Hungry No More and Trailer sound great live. House of Stone and Knockin on Heavens door are a surprise, Here is the track listing: Shady Grove Orphan of the Storm Scare Easy Trailer This is a Good Street Lover of the Bayou Beautiful World Save Your Water Hungry no More House of Stone Knockin on Heavens Door Other Side of the Mountain Hope Victim of Circumstance Wrong Thing to Do Crystal River
  5. Tom Petty radio has been promoting the debut of the Live Mudcrutch album for tomorrow at 4p (EST I think)...guessing they are going to play the whole album
  6. vincanity23

    Tom Petty Named 2017 MusiCares Person Of The Year

    I was listening to TP radio the other day and whichever host it was said they usually release these shows on PBS and later on dvd, so he said there is a good chance the Tom Petty one will be too, they did it for Springsteen and James Taylor. May just be a guess though
  7. vincanity23

    Mudcrutch on NPR - live performance

    http://www.npr.org/sections/world-cafe/2016/06/17/482526490/mudcrutch-on-world-cafe Mudcrutch interview and live performances of 3 songs : Hope, Hungry No More, and Save Your Water
  8. vincanity23

    What time soes Muscrutch go on?

    Chicago tickets said 8, the shelters started around 810-815
  9. vincanity23

    What time soes Muscrutch go on?

    It was about 930 in Chicago
  10. vincanity23

    wildfowers deluxe album???

    Has anyone heard any updates on this? Earlier in the year it sounded like it would be coming out around this time but i havent seen anything?
  11. vincanity23

    2014 Tour Setlists

    Still no Fault Lines which is sad, also no Angle Dream...so glad they played that in Chicago
  12. vincanity23

    Set List Song Requests.

    Room at the top, definetly
  13. vincanity23

    Your H E Fav

    1.Fault Lines. 2.Forgotten Man. 3.America Dream Plan B. 4. All You Can Carry 5. Red River. 6. U Get Me High. 7. Shadow People. 8. Power Drunk. 9. Playing Dumb. 10. Burnt Out Town. 11. Full Grown Boy. 12. Sins of my Youth The top 6 change daily, but I think Fault Lines is my favorite
  14. vincanity23

    Got Hypnotic Eye In The Mail

    Got the single vinyl in the mail today...from amazon, sounds great!
  15. vincanity23

    Got Hypnotic Eye In The Mail

    Did anyone get the regular Vinyl or is that delayed also? Amazon is saying it may be August.