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  1. Yes, I thought they might have played insider too, or I need to know.
  2. it was brilliant, ditch igtbk though, goes on far too long Stevie Nicks would be incredible if she was 50, never mind 70
  3. Seeing them next week in London, Gutted Walls has been dropped for ITGWO , might have been a concession to the Lumineers Agree with the above, Breakdown and something from the 2000's in for IGTBK and Yer so bad, and it makes a more rounded show. I'd take one of the 2 yous from Wildflowers and replace with a track from YGGT. My bugbear is I wont back down and Free Fallin played back to back. Why play maybe your 2 best known songs back to back?? I wont back down at 3. Move YDKHIF to the long jam spot, Free Fallin to start the encore and 1 or 2 of Swingin/Here comes my girl/Don't do me like that (which being their first top 10 single should be played) in their place
  4. To me it seems an obvious thing which would improve the show, put Free Fallin' in the encore
  5. Tom actually looked like he enjoyed that They should throw in a different cover each night
  6. Ron is the forgotten man!!
  7. I hope walls comes back but it is nice to see different songs, Wouldn't be surprised if a live album was in the plans. A couple more of the regulars could go too without any grumbles from the first timers (IGTBK and Yer so bad for me) Edits: Easier to play different songs without the video screen, though suppose if they do want to play different songs the screen can just show the band Learning to Fly sounds more like the Bridge School Benefit version, that might just be that its not the mass singalong here that it normally is
  8. it's a shame, would it really kill to put songs like Breakdown, The Best of Everything, Have Love Will Travel, It'll All Work Out, Out in the Cold instead of the Wildflowers stuff (lose yer so bad too, no idea why he feels it's a must play), those aren't even getting too deep!! Mix the order up too, put Free Fallin or Learning to Fly in he encore, they are perfect sing a long songs for the end of the night
  9. something different , of course it was another off wildflowers though
  10. An impossible question really, 30 of so maybe easier for me 1 and 2 are definate, the rest could easily swap around 10 Fault Lines 9 When The Time Comes 8 Running Down A Dream 7 To Find A Friend 6 Yer So Bad 5 Rebels 4 The Last DJ 3 American Girl 2 Listen To Her Heart 1 Walls
  11. my choice: Walls likely choice: Listen to her heart outsider: American Girl
  12. was hoping this was going to be in the 2 week gap at the end of June think we can take it as read that this will be the only show
  13. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/tom-petty-40th-anniversary-tour-might-be-last-big-one-w454754 the above article seems to think they are playing at Hyde Park in London, so there must be a good chance they are coming over Toronto been announced for July 15th
  14. seems a bit bored now, less songs and no change up
  15. though toronto wasn't full, it was far more than half, i'd say about 85%. BJ's vs red sox at the same time just down the road probably didn't help
  16. the sound failue only added to the show wonder what they skipped to go with the 4 song encore
  17. seems to me to be basically general sale but for $4 more than it is in 3 days time frustratingly the toronto show only availble to purchase for US and Canada billing addresses (unless you have an amex)
  18. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCW73LOtQMY]Tom Petty Bonnaroo 2013 - YouTube[/ame]
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