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    Hi all. Long time. It seems Facebook has taken up too much time for me. I was looking for a couple of photos I posted long ago, but couldn't find the "My Albums" anywhere. My own fault, but I wonder if there's a way to find them? Thanks a bunch Lotta
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    Forum last night

    Hi guys. Long time. I am sorry that I've been absent for soo long but life brought me in that direction. Last night I went to the Forum , Inglewood and saw TPATH again and like all ppl said it was the best show ever. I was very surprised I was allowed to bring my point and shoot cameras, but the only reason for that was I didn't have a car to put it back into. I had a ride.... SInce these honest blue promised not to use it (and was threatened they would be confiscated if I did and was caught) I kept my promise and no photos were taken. So I appreciate every little pgoto here, and all I can bring is the iphone ones taken from a looooong distance = nada.!! All in all - the music comes first and I had a wonderful time (almost forgot my very bad aching back) and the songs again just fab.
  3. I don't know how to post images anymore so here is the link to the Knobs at SOhO album
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