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    Hi all. Long time. It seems Facebook has taken up too much time for me. I was looking for a couple of photos I posted long ago, but couldn't find the "My Albums" anywhere. My own fault, but I wonder if there's a way to find them? Thanks a bunch Lotta
  2. Hi guys. Long time. I am sorry that I've been absent for soo long but life brought me in that direction. Last night I went to the Forum , Inglewood and saw TPATH again and like all ppl said it was the best show ever. I was very surprised I was allowed to bring my point and shoot cameras, but the only reason for that was I didn't have a car to put it back into. I had a ride.... SInce these honest blue promised not to use it (and was threatened they would be confiscated if I did and was caught) I kept my promise and no photos were taken. So I appreciate every little pgoto here, and all I can bring is the iphone ones taken from a looooong distance = nada.!! All in all - the music comes first and I had a wonderful time (almost forgot my very bad aching back) and the songs again just fab.
  3. I don't know how to post images anymore so here is the link to the Knobs at SOhO album
  4. Absolutely, if the date is one I can go.
  5. I worked the Viper show but SOhO was great. will post pics soon and I apologize for the wait...
  6. LA for me. Maybe San Diego too depending the pice. I would like to bring my two friends coming from Sweden to get a TPATH experience
  7. It was different this year. The theatre was seated. No standing like the Imperial Ballroom. Professional cameras were banned. This was clearly stated on the ticket so no one could miss it. A bummer, but rules are rules. I brought two small point and shoots instead. After a warm up trio, and they sure rocked, the Knobs came on stage and blew the crowd away. The guys were on fire once more. When they left I was sure they'd get back after the break, but to my surprise there was another band, and I didn't recognize one single guy in the band. Thinking hmmm… now the guests will appear before the Knobs return? Wrong! This was Johnny Depp's band and he was up there with them. However it took me almost all evening to get that. *insert foolish face*. Marilyn Manson came on stage. After him Alice Cooper… and after that Steven Tyler! Steven also played a song he said he never sang on stage before and never would. He sat down and played a nice 12string. Not until the very end I got it! Johnny Depp had been there all the time. Blonde with a bangs hanging over his face made him unrecognizable to me, but I eventually found I had a few shots of him as well. As for the photos. I certainly know which camera works best from a distance. I was in the far back of the venue shooting this and I am surprised some of them came out as good as they did. Glad you liked them
  8. HA ha. I am on it now Patience please ;-)
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