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    I also wanted to pass along that they appeared to hit the stage before 9PM, Super Catherine and I were enjoying some cool refreshing beverages on a bench outside the seating area (It was HOT) and at 8:45 we went back to our seats and shortly thereafter the lights went out. My better half said that she looked at her watch and that it was 8:50 PM when they came on stage. Previous professional reviews in print stated that they started the show at 9PM promptly. (Of course they also confused Benmont with Scott Thurston too.) Fair warning, better be in your seats by a quarter to 9PM
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    Fantastic show. Loved the set list, highlights for me were the JJ Cale song, and the Mojo Songs, they tore it up. A very welcome return of Here Comes My Girl which had the whole crowd singing, makes you wonder why it hasn't been played in so long, the crowd LOVED it. Big highlight for Super Catherine was Something Big. Tom was very chatty and clearly having fun, they are all on top of their game and it was so refreshing to see. The band was flawless. Huge props to the new Amphitheater in Alpharetta, 1st class facility that was jam packed but for whatever reason there were no long lines anywhere, when we left we out of the parking lot and on the road at 11:06, phenomenal. I hope each and every one of you can get to experience what we experienced tonight. Good night all!
  3. Obviously, I was in the minority...... This was an abbreviated show given to fans of TPATH who got the shaft from LiveNation and had been waiting since May for their rescheduled show. I'm wise enough to realize that hoping for a little extra from a band to make up for the inconvenience caused by a cancellation/postponement is to engage in wishful thinking, but an abbreviated show?? We didn't even get the full setlist. The show started late and ended early. (Kudo's to the reviewer for recognizing the parallels in the 2006/08 set list, not only is it the same set list, but the songs are in virtually the same order) Maybe I was hoping for a little too much, but I at least thought an acknowledgment of the postponement was in order, but I heard none. This was a workmans type effort by TPATH, and what I mean by that is they looked like they were punching a clock. Very little banter by Tom, other than "We're going to get right into it". Tom looked tired, frail, and did not appear by his actions to be 100%, that's not to say he wasn't giving 100% sometimes when we feel bad, our 100% is really more like 30%, but we're still giving 100% and that is all that is required. "Oh well" was the song that really betrayed him, I don't think he smilied at all when he was walking around from side to side shaking the maracas, then when they went MJLD he flubbed the opening licks. I just don't think he felt good. Thank God for Mike Campbell, he put the band on his back and carried them. The man is amazing. Benmont really wasn't given much to showcase his incredible talents. He did do some nice improvising during Free Falling. I thought the 5 song, excuse me, the 4 song MOJO set (That was cut down too) was invigorating for the band and was the most vibrant moments of the show. However the crowd disagreed with me, they love the hits, they were loud and they were appreciative. I'm happy for them, but after having first seen TPATH during the Damn The Torpedoes Tour, I know what they are capable of, and what I saw Sunday Night in Charlotte was uninspiring. What's next for Tom? I don't know, but if touring is taking a toll on him, I would be all for a strategic run of shows in larger cities in famous 1st class venues, or a deal with a casino in Vegas that allows him to perform for a period of time and stay close to home. Just make sure the Heartbreakers are there and I will come to you. The guy is an American Treasure and I wish him nothing but the best......thanks for all the fond memories.
  4. I posted this at the other BB.....Been lurking here for awhile, I know some of you........It was originally posted in the context of a discussion about the non refundable fees on Ticketmaster. The thing to remember is that Ticketmaster and Live Nation are one in the same. I was told once that how Live Nation approaches a tour is that they sign a band for a lump sum, the lump sum is guaranteed, and Live Nation handles every aspect of the tour for the band. So for example lets say Band X is signed to do a summer tour for $20 Million, Live Nation will figure out how many dates are needed based on past attendance figures, multiplied by a ticket price to be determined, with the sum being a healthy profit over the 20 million dollar investment, minus tour expenses. The Bands like these contracts because they do not have to worry about how the tour sells. They are guaranteed their payout. Live Nation knows that the people who will pay the most for tickets are the hardcore fans, thus you have jacked up ticket packages, and numerous presales, marketed towards the hard core fans with the knowledge that they will purchase tickets immediately, and at a premium price, to ensure premium seats. This is an effective means for Live Nation to get there hands into the pockets of the scalpers, they are getting the scalpers mark up with these packages. The band has nothing to do with it. Not the dates, not the ticket prices, not the venues, unless it's stipulated in the contract. Live Nation handles the tour. Live Nation has each show insured to guarantee that they do not achieve a loss on the aforementioned "lump sum" example, so if shows that are not selling well are canceled, they can take the insurance payout and break even. It is quite possible that these tour dates were rescheduled to allow more time, and higher ticket sales based on the June release of Mojo, but, it was Live Nations call to do it. The fact that Ticket Master does not refund it's service charges, based on the fact that they (LiveNation/ticketmaster) were the ones responsible for the rescheduling of the tour, is indeed, a load of horse crap. It's free profit that pads the bottom line. I wonder if they will refund my $20 VIP Parking for the rescheduled show that I can not make? Somehow I doubt it. And it may have been covered before but.... Will there be a refund for the fan club fee, which I purchased in order to obtain the tickets that I cannot use? Because that "fanclub" fee, is not doing me a damned bit of good now. It has been rendered useless. All the presales were front loaded, within a 2 week time frame, well before the tour commenced, undoubtedly to gauge the attendance for the tour by the hardcore fans, and to create the bottom line. I remember fanfire being mentioned when people were trying to determine if they were Group A or Group B Do you know who FanFires daddy is? www.fanfire.com That's right Live Nation. $40 more towards the LiveNation bottom line for the TPATH 2010 Summer Tour. So thats 4 dollars in service fees, 20 dollars in parking, and a $40 dollars in fan club fees for a show that I cannot attend. Still think that $4 isn't a big deal? It's a big deal to Live Nation.
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