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  1. In case anyone hearkens back to the Tom Petty VOX Lounge days, This is "The MADHATTER" from eons ago. :-)

  2. BeltaneTREX

    Five Lettered Word Game

    Violent Imps Can Articulate Rarely CLOWN
  3. BeltaneTREX

    First Flash of Freedom

    Righteo, well...if anyone here doesn't have "First Flash of Freedom," I have a few more codes for the tickets I purchased if you'd like to have it (along with "Good Enough"). Just privately message me and I'll give you the necessary code. Happy to help you out. I think I have 5 more available.
  4. BeltaneTREX

    First Flash of Freedom

    Haha, yeah...no responses yet. It wouldnt matter if my stinkin Detroit tickts had gone on sale the same time everyone elses did, but they don't go for another week. I'm totally buying tix and the album the DAY they go on sale, so I'm not trying to shortchange Tom or anything, I just really want to hear this new song. It sounds extremely interesting.
  5. BeltaneTREX

    First Flash of Freedom

    "...And I'm much obliged to you for making it clear That I'm not here." -Pink Floyd Ah, never have words rung more true than here in this TP forum thread. :-)
  6. BeltaneTREX

    First Flash of Freedom

    Does anyone mind e-mailing FFOFreedom to me so I can hear it? Super stinkin' excited here! :-) rkersey2@hotmail.com -Ron
  7. BeltaneTREX

    First Flash of Freedom

    Agh! I cant wait to hear this song! :-) Can someone send an mp3 to my email possibly? I'm buying the ticket package deal on the 15th for the detroit show, (and the album when it comes out) but i really want to hear this!! -Ron rkersey2@hotmail.com
  8. BeltaneTREX

    First Flash of Freedom

    Oh my word, I have to hear this song! I am totally buying the ticket package on the 15th for the detroit show and the album, so my $ will be going into Petty's pocket either way. Are you able to e-mail a soundclip or mp3 of it, or is there a safety restriction on accessing it? My email is rkersey2@hotmail.com -Ron PS, Are there more lyrics and a more definitive chorus than what was on "Good Enough?"