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  1. Im pleased to hear this...throwing this VHS i taped was a huge regret
  2. pettybreaker

    Poll of the day 1/22/14

    Its 14 here in the UK down south but drizzle rain
  3. pettybreaker

    Happy Birthday, Pettybreaker!

    Thanx guys for the wishes...i got locked out of the farm yesterday with password probs!!!
  4. pettybreaker

    Happy Birthday, Mike Campbell!!

    Happy birthday Mike .x
  5. pettybreaker

    The Best of Everything live 1980

    Fantastic...come back to the RAH soooooooon
  6. pettybreaker

    Happy Birthday, Pettybreaker!

    Thank you for my bday wishes...yes Beth am waiting for my visa waiver...cant wait to see you.xxxx
  7. pettybreaker

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers RAH June 20, 2012

    (((Beth))) it was so great to meet and hang out with you:heart:...This was by far one of the best concerts ive seen. It was so cool that Mike spotted you and also the Pattie, Steve etc experience....living the dream...great to meet Jonnie too.xxx
  8. pettybreaker

    RAH 2012

    Wow what a great show and lucky Beth to watch SW perform standing next to Patti Boyd, she is a lovely forgotten women..cool that the drummer Steve Ferronie is from my hometown:)..having a great time more to come.x
  9. pettybreaker

    Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival at MSG!!!

    I just may join you:))xxx
  10. pettybreaker

    Dame Daphne Sheldrick at the AMNH in NYC May 8th

    YAY...you met her...you look spell bound.xxxx
  11. Hi guys...ive had a superb Van the man weekend in Brighton and Bournemouth UK....and my RAH TP tickets came :cool:
  12. pettybreaker

    Classic Rock Video Of The Day

    Genius...ty Nurktwin.x
  13. pettybreaker

    Classic Rock Video Of The Day

    [ame= Bill Broonzy - When Did You Leave Heaven - YouTube[/ame]
  14. pettybreaker

    Classic Rock Video Of The Day

    How do you put a video up please??
  15. Ive decided to wait till Friday although RAH told me TM had the best seats through the fan club.....